Sorry Broncos Fans

We lost a game with two special teams TD's!! How does that happen? This should have gone down as a historic game for Trindon, instead will be forgotten. The pro-Tebow people are already saying Tebow is 1-0 in playoffs at mile high against a team they were heavy underdogs against, and Peyton is 0-1 on Mile high in playoffs against a team we were heavily favored to beat. John FOx- that's why you go for the win on 3rd and 7!! Either way there was gonna be enough time to was 1:15 seconds left. He should have called a bootleg, tell Peyton if they sell out to stop the run and he's wide open throw it. If its not open, fall on the ball and take a sack and keep clock moving!! Go for the win!!

Prater is a pig...I knew it all year...he's a mental case....speaking of prater...that was a poor job by manning and coaches before the half not running the clock!! We rushed to the line instead of letting clock run down...we had two time reason to rush...after we missed that FG there should have been 15 secs for ravens to kneel on ball.

Where was our pass rush all game? No one came to play. Champ got exposed. We had not one turnover created or sack. The fumble was all Flacco fault. No one created one turnover. No one ha sack until over time.

Refs kept game close. After Holliday first score...we have 3rd and 8, and Flacco throws incomplete and they call pass interference on tony carter. They would have punted from the back of their end zone with Trindom standing at mid field. We had shot for 14-0 lead and start of a route!! Refs were trying to keep close all first half. The decker is mugged on their pick 6 and no call????

Anyone see the pass interference call on Bailey late in game? Are u kidding me refs?

Rahim Moore- great season kid....but come on man? Really?

Offense scores 21 points in over 5 quarters of football. Not good enough. Trindon scores offense only scores 21....can't let Flacco out play Peyton. Only 7 points in last 3 quarters.

Anyone see the hold on kuper on 3rd and 1 to kill a drive? Come on.

Peyton don't check to a run on 3rd and 6...please.

And I don't ever want to have a bye again...give me 3 or 4 seed.

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