No trust + No fire + Playing NOT to lose = An early exit from the playoffs

I haven't posted in a long time but I am heart broken like the rest of bronco fans and just can't believe that the broncos are out of the playoffs. It all looked so promising. We played with speed. We played with desire. It was different from the days that we would play down to the level of our opposition. We beat teams we were supposed to beat and struggled in the beginning like we were expected to. But enough rambling... down to my thoughts of yesterdays game.

Coaching: I thought our coaches were too conservative and coached scared. There was no killer instinct! Kneel the ball down with 37 seconds left and more than one timeout?! 3rd and 6 and you run the ball?! It's been said over and over but I don't understand why you go through all the trouble to bring in Peyton Manning, pay him 20 million, and not trust him to put the game away. I kept telling my wife during the game that it seemed like Denver kept trying to give the game away. What concerns me the most is that our coaches did not seem to trust in the players when the game was on the line. Too many times they seemed scared and unsure that we could convert and take this game! The last straw for me was when Fox elected to kneel the ball after they burned us for a touchdown. We have timeouts! We have a killer no huddle offense! we have a strong legged kicker, who despite laying an egg earlier, could come out and kick the game winner. But no trust. We dared the ravens to beat us... and thanks to bad coaching... they did.

Offense: Chris Kuper was getting man handled. No adjustment. Hell, even try throwing in Ramirez to see if he can do any better. too frequently our tackles would get pushed back into manning. And to me, manning looked like he was playing scared too. He looked indecisive. immobile. Where was the manning that would roll around in the pocket, jump over would be tacklers and throw a dart to a receiver? Where was the manning that would audible from a run play into a pass play and convert that impossible third down. Where were those passes to Thomas that gave him the opportunity to go up for the ball?! Especially that last pass for an INT... he through the INT and just walked off the field like "Gosh... well there goes that." I don't like Tom Brady when playing against him, but I like his fire! He yells! he gets pissed at himself! Peyton reminded me of Orton... just kinda went through the emotions. Not letting it fire him up or get him angry. We played Kyle Orton ball. We dinked, we dunked, we let their defense impose their will because we looked like a team that lacked fire and trust. We didn't spread the field or attempt a long pass to our elite receivers!

Defense: Champ bailey. I was super hyped for this game. I love watching him play. As the game started i went right to my closet and threw on my Champ bailey jersey and was ready to go! But when he got burned on the first TD pass I was confused. There was no punding on the floor.... no going back to the side lines throwing the helmet like "damn man... i'm better than this!" It was just like he didn't care. Even after the second TD pass he got burned on the camera followed him to the sidelines and he just walked casual, no sign of anger... just sat down like a defeated man. I've never seen that from Champ before. Never!

I don't understand why on 3rd and 5 to 7 yards, our DB's would sit back over 10 yards from the receiver. All that tells me is you're scared. Scared that you cant keep up. The ravens would take the short passes all day when our DB's would back off on coverage.

In the beginning of the game I was looking for von miller. Waiting for vonDoom to impose their will. But to my suprise they started him in coverage. WTH?! As a defensive coach, I would think our mindset should be "Lets go after Flacco from the get go and beat him up.... get him on the ground!" but we seemed all too happy to rush 3 to 4 guys and give him all the time he needed.

Mike Adams played a pretty good game. Chris Harris was ready. Most of our linebackers did a steady job. Rahim Moore was playing pretty well until he had a complete brain fart! I like the kid and hope that he continues to develop. Tony carter was neither good or bad but seemed to get lost and our defensive line was not able to get pressure on Flacco and he had a lot more time than carter seemed used to staying with his guy.

Special teams: Besides prater... LIGHTS OUT! Trindon Holliday is our return man! Blockers set lanes and Trindon did the rest. Even on punts and kick offs we didn't allow their explosive returner to do any damage! Keep this unit intact!

All in all, I think we played like we were scared, didn't trust each other and dared the ravens over and over to take this game from us. And sadly, they did. I'm broken hearted and still to this second, can't believe our season is over. I just hope that going into next year the players and coaches learn to develop that killer instinct! Know that we are the better team and that we can be unstoppable! But most importantly, PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! Trust in your 20 million dollar hall of fame QB! The NFL has 8 more months until they see the Denver broncos. And if I were any other team... I wouldn't be too thrilled to face this team. Until Next year, Peace to my fellow broncos fans! It's been one hell of a ride!

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