Takeaways from the Western Slope

First off, I wanna thank everyone at MHR for another great year. I enjoy reading the posts from everyone and chiming in (though infrequently).

Holliday: You single handedly kept us in this game. I would see your run backs and tell my buddy, "That was nice, but we still can't stop them!" You were the best pick up during the season. You are a game changer and I am glad you play for the Broncos.


Manning: You played well but you have to prove that you are more than an elite QB in the regular season. You have the most losses of a QB in the playoffs which means you get there but struggle in them. During the regular season you looked great and during the first Raven game you were throwing balls more than 10 yards down the field. Saturday was all dinks and dunks with no real testing of the secondary. They were sitting on those short routes thus 2 interceptions.

RBs: Knowshon, you proved me wrong this year. You came in and were exactly the ruynning back we needed. Though like every other year, your durability is questioned. I want to see you succeed but think we need to get another back in there with you and Hillman. McGahee is getting up there in age so he isn't going to be a #1 back for much longer. His fumbles are also getting under my skin. I am still waiting for that "home run" that Elway, Fox have been talking about with Hillman.

WR: Decker, you were definitely interfered with on the pick 6 on Saturday. Thomas, you were a non factor on Saturday. You proved Cris Carter of ESPN right when he said that we don't have elite WRs. 2013 has to be different; 1 year into the system our WRs have to step up. If Stokely decides to hang up his helmet, I would love to steal Welker from the Pats. It would be expensive but would be a great threat in the pass game.

TEs. I love the Dreessen pick up. You are a beast and are quietly our best TE. Tamme gets the recognition from playing with Manning in Indy, but Dreessen is strong all around. I am ready to see Green step up next year too. He has shown great potential!

LINE: I like our line. With a good draft pick or two to back up the bookends we are solid. I wonder if Koppen stays if we can have Waldon be a C/G backup?


LINE: I liked your play all year until it counted on Saturday. You stopped Rice and that is great. But we all have seen Flacco's face when he has to peel himself from the turf. He makes errant throws, he gets flustered and we win. (See regular season games)

LBs: I love this group, but we didn't see any pressure from you all game. I don't know if this is Del Rio's scheme but seemed like we were on the defense and not attacking the ravens.

CBs: Champ, I still want to name my first born son after you, but I don't understand if tbe cold got to you or what. I wasn't impressed by any of the CB's that I was so excited about all year. Harris is still great but Carter/Bailey were misjudging the speed of Smith/Jones and it was bad.

Safety:I like Rahim Moore's growth this year. That being said, I don't know why Leonard wasn't back in his spot at the end of the game. As much as I think Leonard is a "conservative" choice for us, it would have been a better on at that point. We needed fundementals and not a huge play.

I am going to leave this post as it is because I need to get back to work. But I am hoping the 2013 season doesn't end like this. It was a great year but we played like a bat out of hell for 11 straight weeks but then played like a scared team on Saturday. I hope McCoy leaves because I have been saying this since the Tebow days, "McCoy has no balls" I want to play to win, not play not to lose. The more we play with Manning's foot on the gas and releasing the dogs on defense, the looser we play and the more plays are created. Its hard to play stiff and create plays.

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