Over Confidence, Superstitions, and Letting it Go.

Whelp! That is the one word I could use to describe the season. Between my alcohol consumption in the past 8 days and constant nightmares of the Rahim Moores fluke play I thought it was time for me to vent to Broncos Country. As I'm sitting here still feeling frustrated and emotionally drained from the sudden end to a season with Super Bowl hopes I decided to explain why I feel it's my fault. Watching this AFC Championship game is brutal right now. It's like I keep getting punched in the gut over and over and over. But I'm sure you all feel the same.

A year ago I was excited after a huge blowout loss to the Pats. Not that I enjoyed it one bit I just felt like we were on the right path. We were young and up and coming. Tebow would only improve and we would be legit contenders for years to come. But the rest is history and we ended up with in my opinion the greatest QB of all time. Sure he doesn't have the Super Bowls Brady has but Manning is a step above any other. With Manning in his first year back and a whole new change of scenery I wasn't expecting 13 wins and a number 1 seed. I figured we'd win the division and possibly get a first round bye but we got what all teams hope for in the number 1 seed. I like all of you were riding higher than mile high. I didn't think in my mind we'd lose last Saturday but we did. Living in Nor Cal you see Broncos fans every now and than. I consider myself a rare breed in Manteca California.

Now to my title of this post. We will start with Over Confidence. I thought it was a wrap that we would be hosting the AFC Title game as I type this. People would ask me if I was nervous and although I always get the pre game jitters I was not worried about the Ravens one bit. The result tells me I should of been. I was cocky about this one and usually I am a humble soul. Maybe all of us were cocky about it and that was our downfall. I saw twitter posts from Denver media saying it was already a lock the Patriots would be in Denver. This type of over confidence from Broncos Country I'm afraid doomed us all.

Superstitions. We all have our game day rituals. Some of us go to the games. And I envy those of you that do. One day I'll see my first game at Mile High. For me I usually can't watch the games with anyone. Call me boring but that is just how I like to watch the games. The last time I watched a game with people around was back in October when I was at a bar in Lake Tahoe. We lost that day to New England. Last Saturday was my Fantasy Leagues end of the year party. Beer, Pizza, whiskey, you name it we got it. I was really considering not going because of my superstitions but I did. And once again with people around we lost. Superstitions-1 Broncos-0. Also my die hard Raider fan brother decided to throw on my Von Miller jersey and that is a big no no. Superstitions-2 Broncos-0. To top it off the night before at my beer league softball game i decide to wear my Broncos hoody and ball cap. Usually I wear my old school Dave Stewart A's jersey. But not only did we lose that game but next day the Broncos lost. Superstitions-3 Broncos-0. So you can see why I am a very superstitious person when it comes to my deer Broncos.

Hey maybe this is all just god trying to tell me something. I am a Catholic and in the past 10 years I sorta lost my faith. Maybe it is time for me to start going back to Sunday mass. Maybe it's a sign that I need to move to Denver and get out of Raider/Niner territory. Although right now the Niner band wagon is in full force just like the Giants one was in October. Who knows but its all a part of the grieving process. Which brings me to my next point. Letting it go. It hurts deep for me. The Broncos are truly the one thing I find happiness in. Even if it brings me pain like this past week. It's like my heart has just been broken by the love of my life. But when that happens you have a grieving process. You sort of lose your way. We've all been there. But you look yourself in the mirror get back on your feet and take a step forward. Which is what we as fans need to do. The players are hurting just as much as us right now and if they are not well then they don't belong in Broncos Country. So I'm letting this lost go and I am going to be even more excited when September rolls around again.

Once the Super Bowl is over we sort of enter what I like to call the dark months. No Broncos football, No Athletics baseball. It's terrible. Yeah i have my Barcelona and Lionel Messi to watch but that doesn't touch me like football and baseball. I hate the NBA and NHL so don't get me going there. This season was Mannings first year in Denver and we went 13-3. Think about that for a second. The guy misses a whole year of football changes cities and we go 13-3. With some roster changes and tweaks here and there we shall be back in the playoffs once more. Manning in my opinion has a 2-3 year window left to get another ring. We will be back and with that we will have a chance. This season ended too soon but it makes me happy that we got that chance. In life sometimes all you can ask for is just a chance. Next season is going to be special the only thing that sucks is waiting for that season to start.

As always Broncos Country.

Go Broncos.

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