Draft 2013 - Fabio's mock draft 1.0


Let me start mentioning I know it's too early to mock the draft. The NFL Combine will change everything because of the numbers and performances of each player. The free agency market will make another huge impact on any mock too, but my point here is to talk about the Broncos, our needs and also about some college prospects who could fit our football team.

I do like to talk about it anyway... I feel like a kid thinking about what toys I could ask Santa for Christmas. Once the Combine is gone, I'll try to put the version 2.0 of my mock. Here we go:


1st round: Kevin Minter, MLB - LSU

I don't buy this "secondary talk" because of one really awful game they had facing the Ravens. I think mike is our major need and it's the weak link of our defense. Keith Brooking is an old guy and he should retire. Joe Mays, well he is a great special teamer, isn't he? So we make this move and fill our pressing need by drafting this great prospect. My ideal pick at #28 would be Alec Ogletree, but he won't be there when we're on the clock.

Minter can hit really hard and I liked his instincts based on what I saw. I think he can tackle well and has decent penetration skills to make a play on the backfield. He would be a great pick to the Broncos.


2nd round: Kawann Short, DT - Purdue

If he doesn't last until our pick, then Bennie Logan, DT - LSU.

I don't think any of us Broncos fans in general thought we could have a great year for this group. They proved us wrong and made a great job by setting the middle of the line. We could have more on the pass rushing department, I agree, but they had a very good season.

The problem is several of our interior DLinemen will be free agents for the next season. We have to draft one and also resign some of them, maybe looking at the free agency market as well. Kawann Short is exactly what we need imo and I'd be really happy to see him as a Bronco.


3rd round - Markus Wheaton, WR - Oregon State

Wide receiver? Yeap, I look at our group and I think we are thin. We have a top-3 prolific duo on Decker and DT and also a great but old slot receiver on Stokley. The problem is we have no depth and maybe Stokley can play even less snaps in 2013.

Markus is a very physical kid (6'1, 182lbs) and can play the WR #2 spot on the 3WRs sets. Decker showed he can play outside or inside, so I'd feel really comfortable sliding here to the slot position on these formations. Markus could also give us excelent depth to keep them all fresh for each play.


4th round - Gabe Jackson*, G - Mississippi State

*Assuming he declares for the draft, and will be there that deep (there is a chance).

Manny Ramirez made me fear a heart collapse on 90% the time he was on the field. We need a guard for depth and he showed us he isn't the answer. I also think we unfortunately missed the Philip Blake pick last year.

Gabe showed he is a decent pass protector playing LG, with upside to elevate it's level.He is a good run blocker too who can learn even more moves to maybe become a starter in a few years.


5th round - Ray Graham, RB - Pittsburgh

I had a big expectation on Lance Ball as our 3rd stringer, but this year he showed me nothing. I liked Ronnie Hilman though and how he debuted on his first year in the NFL. The problem is I don't see how he could be a #1 RB, and I don't know if our front office still believes on Moreno after his great recovery. McGahee is old and we don't know how he will show himself after the injury.

Ray is a good prospect to compete with this group. I like his speed and explosiveness. He could carry the piano for us. He should be a higher prospect on the draft, but because of an injury I think he falls to the late 5th, where we grab him.


6th round - Nigel Malone, CB - Kansas State

I couldn't find a better video, he is the #24.

Now it's time to look at our cornerbacks. We don't need one badly, but we do need one to develop and push the group. I could also see a safety being selected, but with the return of Quinton Carter and the health issues with Tracy Porter, another CB would benefit more our secondary.

Nigel is a solid player with good coverage skills. He can intercept some footballs and he can tackle to help the rushing defense. I like his instincts and he has the potential to be a steal at this point.


7th round - Kyler Reed, TE - Nebraska

I still didn't give up on Julius Thomas, but more because of my stubborness than because of what he already showed on the field. However another tight end could push all of them to get better. They are a big part on the offense with Manning at the helm, so we should look fondly at this position.

Kyler is a pass-catching tight end, with some skills to block. If he can improve on this area and can startcontributing on the rushing attack, he can become a good player on this league.


Thoughts about it?

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