Why we don't need Revis (or any other high-priced FA CB)

So everyone who comes to MHR is well aware of Champ having the worst game of his career the last time we saw him play. Hopefully at this point, you have recovered from that game and are willing to look at some facts/stats regarding our secondary. Here is the reality: Bailey and Harris are two of the best CBs in the league. How can I say that?

Here's how. What is job of a CB? To prevent catches, but more than that, to prevent first down and or touchdown catches. Thanks to the wonderful folks over at ProFootballFocus, we can now see who the best CBs in the league are at preventing first down and or touchdown catches. They even normalize the data for coverage snaps to make sure that it doesn't make a guy who has a whole bunch of coverage snaps look worse than a guy who has half that number of snaps. So first here are the ten worst

PFF article

Snaps first or touch %
Josh Norman 447 40 8.95%
Aqib Talib 343 30 8.75%
Cassius Vaughn 472 40 8.47%
Joselio Hanson 332 27 8.13%
Nolan Carroll 415 33 7.95%
Cortez Allen 340 27 7.94%
Cary Williams 578 45 7.79%
Dunta Robinson 540 42 7.78%
Buster Skrine 451 35 7.76%
Josh Robinson 451 34 7.54%

These guys gave up first downs or touchdowns on 1 of every 12 coverage snaps. Our old friend Cassius Vaughn is on this list and we should be glad he is not playing for the Broncos.

Here are the ten best

Rank Name Snaps 1st Downs & TDs 1st Downs and TDs by Snap
1 Chris Culliver 493 17 3.45%
2 Leon Hall 507 19 3.75%
3 Sam Shields 342 14 4.09%
4 Prince Amukamara 434 18 4.15%
5 Casey Hayward 433 18 4.16%
6 Champ Bailey 586 25 4.27%
7 Adam Jones 414 18 4.35%
8 Antonio Cromartie 527 23 4.36%
9 Kareem Jackson 635 28 4.41%
10 Alterraun Verner 579 26 4.49%

See who is at #6. I think this puts to bed the argument that Champ is no longer elite. The author, Khayed Elsayed, ranks the top 20 - at #17 is Chris Harris (5.07%). That means that the Broncos were one of six teams to have two CBs in the top 20. The others were GB (Sheilds #3, Hayward #5), CIN (Hall, #2, Jones #7), ATL (McClain #11, Samuel #20), SEA (Sherman #13, Browner #14) and NYJ (Cromartie #8, Wilson #19). The best guys in the league are only giving up a first down or a touchdown on 1 of every 25 coverage snaps.

Of the six teams with two guys in the top 20, GB, ATL and CIN have one of their starters and their nickel corner on here. Only DEN, NYJ (Wilson became the starter when Revis when down) and SEA have their two starting CBs in the top 20. Not surprisingly, the Jets, Seahawks and Broncos were in the top 10 in most pass defense stats.

The crux of the matter is that Champ is still elite and has at least one more year before we should contemplate moving him to safety. Given his track record and his performance in 16 of 17 games last season, I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt until he proves that he ISN'T playing at an elite level any more.

Go Broncos.

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