The case for adding a new RB via draft or FA.

I haven't been satisfied with our running game. I know many here believe otherwise, but our running game isn't what it could/should be, and this is the offseason to fix it. I like all our RBs actually, but none of them are the type that makes the defense wet themselves, and that is what I want. When Elway got his Ferrari named Terrell, he was unstoppable. It's deja vu all over again, except we don't have Manning's Ferrari yet. Let's get it now.

I realize there are other places to put money and draft picks. I really don't care how we address this, as long as we do it. I'll let others say who the player should be. I want someone big, someone who is a banger, a headache maker if you will. Someone who can get to the second level, who runs north-south, someone who opponents wish we didn't have.

The lazy observers look at yards to determine offensive effectiveness. I want to look at situational rushing success from this season.


League Average

Yards Gained

Denver Average

Yards Gained

First Down & 10


4.35 (16th)

Second Down <10


3.91 (24th)

Third Down <10


1.98 (30th)

Fourth Quarter


3.44 (24th)

Red Zone


2.17 (28th)

While Leading


3.72 (22nd)

Third/Fourth Down <2


2.61 (19th)

Third Down

Rushing Success Rate

38.50% (25th)

Third Down

Passing Success Rate

47.20% (1st)

We perform below the league average, and often far below the league average in all these situations. I chose situations where you desire to either run the ball to extend the drive or to use clock. I really can't complain too much about our first down production, we're in the middle of the league which is fine. We are downright awful on 3rd downs, in the fourth quarter, and in the red zone. We aren't very good on short yardage situations either. Also look at the discrepancy in our overall third down plays: best team while throwing, one of the worst while rushing. This really bit us in the butt in our playoff game.

Imagine for a minute what our offense would be with someone like Lacy? It would be unstoppable. Find a MLB and a DT and we'd be something to reckon with. Denver Bronco history would say we need that Ferrari to win the big one, and we don't currently have one.

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