A Late Night Bronco Ramble

Look... I'm not knocking any team that played today, all were good to great teams (obviously)...but I didn't see one team today that truly scares me, nor should they scare the Broncos... not one of them! Our Broncos would roll right over top of those teams right now (Green Bay being the most dangerous). I don't mean to sound brash or cocky... but it's our year MHR... it feels almost predestined to happen... the feeling is right! Peyton "Freakin'" Manning has never had a defense at his disposal like this! Oh, Freeney and Mathis were at the top of the NFL pass rush for a time... but not like this. Not like Von Miller and Doom. Peyton never had a Champ, or even a Chris Harris... who IMO played better than Champ this year. I would say Peyton never had a ground attack like this either... but I'd be lying to you. Edge was a top 5 back for many years, and Addai was good for a couple as well. I will say that Manning has played with much worse RB cores than this before.

We have everything in order - from top to bottom! An exceptional front office... top flight coaching... a world class, cutting edge strength and conditioning staff... and talent on every level of the team, top to bottom, starter to backup, Offense, Defense, and ST's!!! The only areas that need a little work are RB (and even that's not guaranteed... we may have the correct Broncos in the stable, as is), Mike Backer, D-Tackle, and O-Line depth! That's it!!! I never dreamed I'd say this at this point in the overhaul of the Broncos, but we have excellent depth at most spots.

Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter aren't done growing yet! If the playoffs last year and the regular season this year were any indicator... we're set at Safety. We may even be able to let Mike Adams go if Carter is ahead of schedule. At one time, I was very disappointed at these two young draft picks, but I now see the truth, and I happily eat crow. There's one position we have on lock.

Wolfe, Unrein, Malik Jackson, Jeremy Beal, and Robert Ayers gives us a plethora of young, athletic depth on the DL (Wolfe turning into a starting UT at some point). We may even keep Ty Warren another year... it wouldn't shock me. Give these guys some more time to develop, and it's scary to think of the fresh bodies at our disposal!

Trevathan, Steven Johnson, and Nate Irving are great, young depth players at LB... one of them could possibly become the Middle Linebacker that we all covet. I think it would be pretty neat if somehow Manti Te'o slid to us though... he would be hard to pass up. Really and truly though... MLB's haven't been getting drafted that high in recent years (Mayo? McClain, who turns out is a bum?). Look how far Rey Maualuga fell, and he was a sure fire top 15 prospect at one point. IT could happen, but if it doesn't, I'm completely fine with grooming Trevathan for the part. You don't rack up the stats he did in the SEC without being an exceptional player!

Omar Bolden could make Tony Carter obsolete, so maybe a CB is something else we need to target (I like David Amerson, NC St.). I'm kind of hoping we resign Tony Carter.... I could see it going either way in FA, losing or keeping him.... I hope it's keep!

The TE core, once again, has nice, young, uber athletic depth. Virgil Green is really turning into a player, and I still haven't gave up on Orange Julius! It was well known around the league that Thomas would be a project player... he has the raw tools to warrant keeping him until he "get's it." I'm sure glad we didn't give up on DT or Moreno that soon!

Osweiler, I have a feeling, is going to be the long term starter. I see a lot of doubt in the kid, and I can't understand why! He's learning under Manning and Elway (to a lesser degree) + he has the raw, physical ability unlike anything really seen (a potential basketball star at Gonzaga turned QB because of his love of the game). Maybe Dan McGuire is the closest comparison, but McGuire was an absolute statue - Osweiler was athletic enough to run the option for Pete's sake! Look no further than Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers to see what sitting and learning for a few years can do for a young QB. I think it's ideal!

Where does that leave us?

We could use an upgrade at backup, swing tackle. If the last game told us anything, it's that our team went downhill quick with Chris Clark subbing for Franklin. God forbid he has to play in Clady's stead! I've never been more happy to see a player come back to the lineup when Franklin returned last week!

We could use upgrades on the interior line of both the O & D.

We might need to add a grinder to the RB core, but I'm doubting that the more I see Moreno, Hester, and Hillman. Even Lance Ball proved his worth in the KC game (keep in mind, Ball is a key Special Teamer as well).

We could go ahead and draft Stokley's replacement (Tavon Austin or Steadman Bailey anyone?).

And we could use a starting MLB... I seriously doubt Brooking makes it another year.

If the pick is right, we may grab another CB.

Yes, this team is light-years ahead of where it was before Fox and Elway took over. If I were on one of the other AFC teams, I'd be scared right now thinking about playing this juggernaut of a team! GO BRONCOS!

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