Pros and Cons: Are the Broncos any good?

With a defeat of the Jacksonville Jaguars this past Sunday the Broncos moved to 6 and 0 on the season. But they failed miserably in covering the spread the past two games. A lot of people are wondering, are they any good? Lets take a closer look and see if we can find any clues if the Broncos should even take the field the rest of the season

  • Pro: They do seem to be good at having more points at the end of the game than the other team. As they've done this 6 straight times
  • Con: On the other hand Peyton Manning is surrounded by Hall of Fame players on the offensive line like Manny Ramirez, Chris Clark and Zane Beadles. Any QB would be throwing up numbers with all that talent, so it's hard to gauge if our QB has any talent
  • Pro: John Fox went for a fake punt and threw it on 3rd down late in the fourth quarter. So to whomever kidnapped the real John Fox and replaced him with this new guy, Thank You!
  • Pro: Danny Trevathan has really nailed down the catch the ball, hang on to the ball recently
  • Con: Peyton Manning said the fumbled snap was his fault, than Manny Ramirez said both fumbles were on him. This is the type of locker room rift that could derail the whole season.
  • Pro: Rahim Moore dropped an interception in the end zone, but nobody got behind him, so he's moving in the right direction
  • Con: Thunder didn't seem to move as quickly this past Sunday. Really question whether he can continue this pace deep into the season.
  • Pro: Matt Prater does seem to hit all his extra points with a bit of gusto, so take that safety nets behind the goal posts
  • Con: Peyton Manning is awful in the playoffs, He's only given his team a lead in the 4th quarter in 11 straight playoff games. He is no good in bad weather either, if you discount the fact that Super Bowl 41 was the worst weather in Super Bowl history, which really if you're a Manning hater you need to discount that.
  • Pro: Last week Philip Rivers went back to doing Philip Rivers type things. So we might have a chance against the Chargers.
  • Con: Broncos have a much easier division than the Patriots, what with the AFC West being a combined 16 and 7. Wait till the Broncos play a real team. (The Ravens, Giants, Raiders, Eagles, Cowboys and Jaguars were all sad to learn they had their NFL membership revoked.)
  • Pro: The Broncos are 6 and 0
  • Con: That's like the only argument you have
  • Pro: That's because its the only argument I need

Also in the words of Duke Ihenacho:

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