Why Jack Del Rio is happy with the 24th ranked defense.....

FIRST RULE....You get an instant kill in the red... here, here, here...

Go for the red first, because if you dont, your opponent will...., the blue you get a cripple.... here, here, and here....

SECOND RULE,... go for the cripple before the slow kill....

Heres the slow kill in the yellow, here, here, and here... remember, the slow kill may have enough left in him to kill you before he dies.... with the cripple you know you got him, if you keep your distance and wear him down.


Do you know how you get the best pass defense in the NFL?

You take chances.
You jump routes. You sell out on blitzes.

You open yourself up to the big play.

Sure, if youre the Dallas Cowboys and youre facing the Denver Broncos, the best offense in football that is scoring an unbelievable amount of points.... you gamble.

You Gamble. You throw the ball deep, hoping your well covered receiver comes down with it. You risk all on deep throws, high risk, high reward.

Tony Romo broke all the Dallas passing records when playing denver, because he took long shots down the field. Tony Romo had the greatest day in the history of Dallas Quarterbacks....

and denver still beat them.

If you look at the big picture of what Del Rio and Fox are doing, its brilliantly simple.

Dont let anyone beat you on the big play.

The Denver Defense has one goal. Hold teams to three points a drive. Thats it. No agressive plays, no jumped routes, keep the receivers in front of you and dont let them break away for big gains.

Sure, drive down to the red zone, where our Defense is very effective into keeping opposing offenses out of the paint.

Its logical, and a brilliant course of action when coupled with the best offense in the NFL. Denver is averaging... AVERAGING 45 points a game. Denver defense is averaging 25 points a game.

Show me another team that AVERAGES a 20 point difference between their sides of the ball.


THIS is the stat that matters. Our offense produces an average of THREE touchdowns MORE than the defense allows. This is a fact. This is what the defense is designed to do, slow them down without giving up the huge play.

This is what the basis of the Broncos is about.

It would be STUPIDITY ITSELF to try to play more aggressive, to open us to a big play. To sell out for meaningless sacks or YARDS PER GAME stat.

Feel free to grade the offense on a A through F school system.

Defense is graded Pass/Fail.

And so far theyve passed the last 17 regular season games straight. And with the return of Von Miller,

we will have them for sure.


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