Impending Roster Moves

With the return of Von and the possibility of adding Tavvares King to the active roster the Broncos are in a position this week to make one, and possibly two roster moves. I will give my thoughts on who will or should be moved and why. Let me know what you all think. I will follow the premise that the roster remain balanced with 25 on offense and 25 on defense. So one move on the defensive side of the ball to accommodate Von, and one potential move on the offensive side to accommodate the potential King move.


If we were to look at this matter simplistically, we could say "Adrian Robinson, your time is up. Thank you for your service." We could cut Robinson, or Lennon for that matter. But those moves would leave the Broncos thin at an important special teams position. In my view of the Bronco defensive roster, the linebacking corps has the least amount of depth of the three position groups. Combine that with the reality that Von often plays DE in specialty packages (which we run a lot) and it seems a move in this position grouping in unlikely.

While I think the depth in the defensive line group is better, there is little room for movement here. The Broncos use all of the 8 lineman in rotation, with Sly being the only occasional odd man out. I don't see any way a move with this group is even considered. Therefore, looking to the back end of the defense provides the most probable solution to this roster spot issue.

I see three possible candidates and two possible scenarios here. First, an outright release of Jammer or Boldin is a possibility if we are looking strictly on performance and contribution thus far. Jammer has done little or nothing in his short time on the active game day roster. But he does add a wealth of veteran savvy and experience not only on the field, but in the locker room, in practice and in the meeting rooms. Boldin on the other hand has added solid contribution in the special teams context as well as some uneven defensive effort. I don't see either of these players having any real trade value, and I do not believe Boldin is PS eligible, so either of these moves would be a see you later affair.

Another possibility I see in this grouping is offering Tony Carter for trade. Is he worth a 6th or 7th round pick in 2014 or 2015 to a team like, say the Jags? If memory serves correctly we have traded with another team within a week or two of playing them (I could be wrong though, I just had a brain flash). Carter has shown that he is a legitimate NFL cover man, and I think he operates quite well under certain circumstances.

Defensive Move Conclusion:

Broncos will shop Carter, but won't find anything worthwhile. So they will let Jammer go and keep him on speed dial in case of injury.


This group is a bit more difficult to find a spot in my opinion. In my view there are two groups that are no fly zones: 1) WR and 2) OL. The only possible roster move from the WR spot would be to release Caldwell. No way that a Manning led team drops a veteran WR in favor of an untested rookie, just can't see that happening. And on the OL, after the Franklin injury I can't see the FO risking depth when we are down a key player and a possible replacement is playing on one leg. I see the Broncos standing pat in both of those areas.

I think while there is a possibility of a move at the RB position, that is also unlikely. Anderson could be cut and run through to the PS. But seeing as how he showed enough to make the 53 in the first place, and with the January RB issues still fresh enough to taste, I can't see that move being made. So we have to look at QB and TE as the action areas.

The QB issue seems simple to me, has Dysert shown enough that he should stay around? I have no idea about the answer there, and quite honestly I was really surprised he made the 53 in the first place. There are so many NFL ready QBs in college now I see guys like Dysert as a dime a dozen. Another consideration for Dysert is he, like Anderson, can be waived and resigned to the PS if he is not claimed.

TE is the last group, and another that I see the Broncos likely leaving untouched. There may be some trade value for a guy like Tamme, but his value to the Broncos at this point in the season is higher than for any other team. But maybe Jimmy Graham is hurt badly and they make an offer the Broncos can't refuse. Could happen, but not likely.

Offensive Move Conclusion:

Broncos release Dysert and sign him to the practice squad.

That is my story and I am sticking to it, tell me what you think.

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