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Elway Access: Manning Goes Home |
Chris Hall and John Elway talk about Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis, Von Miller's return to practice and how hard it is to win a Super Bowl.

Broncos News & Blogs

What Peyton Manning didn't say speaks clearly about his feelings for Jim Irsay | Indianapolis Star
This was going to be a column about how happy Peyton Manning is, how at peace he is in his new home with his new team.

Peyton Manning's free-agent decision changed course of many NFL teams | The MMQB
Peyton Manning’s week-long free agency in 2012 produced a seismic reaction around the NFL that still reverberates today. How would the league look if he hadn’t picked Denver? For starters, the quarterback landscape would be rocked.

Colts can tell you how meticulous, obsessive Peyton Manning can get - Yahoo Sports
March was when Peyton Manning embarked upon his review of the previous season, a laborious task that began on the first Monday of the month. This is when Manning arrived at the Indianapolis Colts' headquarters at 6:30 a.m., ready to lock himself in the offensive coach's meeting room with offensive coordinator Tom Moore and whichever quarterback coach the team had at that time.

Franklin out again for Broncos; Peyton Manning may rely on makeshift line - Denver Post
Right tackle Orlando Franklin again missed practice Thursday, increasing the chances the Broncos will rely on a makeshift offensive line to protect Peyton Manning from former teammate Robert Mathis.

Broncos Prepare for 'Phenomenal' Richardson |
The Broncos defense is familiar with Colts RB Trent Richardson from a meeting last season when he was in Cleveland.

Bailey Looking for Improvement |
Champ Bailey said he is looking for a better performance than he had in his 2013 debut.

Del Rio Notebook: A Healthy Defense |
Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio talked about having a healthy defense and getting ready for the Colts.

Turnover in the Trenches |
Since the offseason, the Broncos’ offensive line has had to deal with several different lineup changes due to injury.

NFL Power Rankings Consensus, Week 7: The West is the best -
After years of East Coast dominance, the West Coast now takes the top spot in the NFL. The AFC West and NFC West are the two best divisions in the NFL on average.

Andrew Luck blast from John Elway's past - Denver Broncos Blog - ESPN
The question came with the disclosure his answer would be forwarded to Broncos executive vice president of football operations John Elway, who like Luck was once a Stanford quarterback. But was he, Luck was asked, the best Stanford quarterback ever?

Broncos-Colts: Week 7 Game Notes | Bronco Planet
The Denver Bronco are not only looking to remain undefeated and go 7-0 this week against the Indianapolis Colts, they are aiming for their 18th consecutive regular-season win to tie the 2003-04 Patriots for the third-longest win streak in NFL history.

Ten moments that changed NFL history | Cover 32
With 1:12 to play in the 1987 AFC Championship Game, the Browns were poised to tie the Broncos. Trailing 38-31, they had moved to Denver’s eight-yard line, setting the stage for one of the most-agonizing plays in NFL history.

Once A Manning Target, Reggie Wayne Looks To Out Score His One-Time Best Source - Predominantly Orange
It seems like all anyone can talk about these days is Peyton Manning and the Broncos’ solid stable of receivers.

Inside The Villain's Venue: Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts - Predominantly Orange
It’s that time of the week again where we step into enemy territory. We talked to Jeremy Nicholas of Naptown’s Finest, Fansided’s Indianapolis Colts site. We asked Jeremy about Jim Irsay and his comments about Peyton Manning, the addition of Trent Richardson, and the Colts’ poor run defense.

BMF - Semana 6 - Jax @ Denver - Cala-te, corneta! -
Nossa temporada acabou. Torcida vaiando, números péssimos. Todos reclamando, xingando, esbravejando, porque nós perdemos para os poderosos Jaguars. O fantasma de 1996 voltou a nos assombrar, relembrando-nos daquela dolorosa e longínqua derrota. Não temos mais o que fazer.

Broncos Media

Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning go back beyond Colts vs. Broncos | The MMQB
While all the focus is on Peyton Manning's return to Indy this week, don't forget about the QB on the other side of the field. His relationship with Manning is a unique one

Woodyard: 'I Feel Good' |
Linebacker Wesley Woodyard talks about his health, Von Miller's return and facing Colts running back Trent Richardson.

Bailey on Wayne, Defense's Improving Health |
Champ Bailey talks to the press after Thursday's practice.

Del Rio on Luck, Miller's Return |
Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio talks to the press after Thursday's practice.

Gase on Playing at Lucas Oil Stadium |
Offensive coordinator Adam Gase talks to the press after Thursday's practice.

Fox on Shuffling Offensive Line |
Head Coach John Fox talks to the press after Thursday's practice.

AFC West Rival Roundup

Start me up: Houston Texans vs. KC Chiefs edition - Arrowhead Pride
Ryan Scott Hall of Amateur Hour fame runs down the highlights of the Texans 2013 season so far and what the Chiefs need to do to improve to 7-0 on Sunday at Arrowhead.

Case Keenum named starter for Houston Texans vs. Kansas City Chiefs - Arrowhead Pride
With Matt Schaub injured, the Houston Texans will turn to No. 3 QB Case Keenum this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Chargers have finally found their Vincent Jackson replacement - Bolts From The Blue
Tom Telesco's first draft as General Manager of the San Diego Chargers looks like it will be a very successful one, partly due to his ability to find a #1 WR outside of the first round that is ready to contribute now.

NFL News & Blogs

Chiefs' Justin Houston wins second Pressure Points award | The MMQB
Philly fledgling Fletcher Cox makes his mark with a breakout performance, plus the rest of the week in our exclusive pass-rushing analysis

Bill Belichick got dressed up to go on TV -
Patriots grump-magus Bill Belichick did not get into football coaching for the money or glory or opportunity to condescend to the assembled media at press conferences, although he clearly likes that last one a lot.

NFL picks, Week 7: Trust your gut -
The Peyton Manning as football Jesus narrative advanced a little further this week, thanks to the insane and honest ramblings of Colts owner Jim Irsay. In truth, it was probably more of a shot at Bill Polian than anything else. Indianapolis committed everything to its last franchise quarterback, mangling every other important part of franchise building, from draft picks to free agency, in the process.

Dan on Fire: Is Eli Manning betting against the Giants? -
After an unusually slow start for the Giants, WSBN's Dan Rubenstein began an investigation into behavior from Eli Manning that just didn't seem right to him, and came to a startling conclusion -- Eli Manning has been wagering against his own team.

Peyton Manning returns to Indy, plus some other games -
As if this week's game didn't have enough ridiculous storylines, we now have Jim Irsay waxing nostalgic about Peyton Manning and wishing his team won more Super Bowls with him, in the same way 20-something men reminisce about their high school sweetheart. He also drunk tweets, just to drive the metaphor home.

Why Agents Matter | National Football Post
A close friend once told me that I make my job look easy to outsiders. I think many agents do. But what no one really sees is the behind the scenes work that is stressful, time consuming, intense, emotional and extremely intimate as we mange the careers of others.

Secret Superstars: Week 6 |
There hasn’t been much secret about the success of the Denver Broncos so far this season, with the team continuing to prove themselves as the best in the league week after week.

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