Madden Predictions, Week 7, 2013



Have the Broncos ever had a victory that caused less excitement than last week over the Jags? I have never seen that kind of doom and gloom mentality after a win. That being said, it was an uninspiring performance by our boys in orange and blue. Lets hope that this week sees a better effort from Manning, Miller & Co.

Thus far, the Madden predictions have been eerily accurate. Last week was no exception, with sim average and overall average each predicting a 15 point win. Pretty spot-on, wouldn't you say? Let's see what Madden has to say about the Broncos and Colts.

Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts

Final Score: Denver Broncos 42, Indianapolis Colts 20

The Broncos jumped on the Colts early, scoring 35 points in the first half against 7 from the Colts. Trindon Holliday took the opening kickoff 108 yards for the TD and the Broncos never looked back after that. This game was never in doubt at any point. And, with the big lead, Von Miller was eatin' greedy in his return, sacking Luck five times and forcing a pair of fumbles. Basically, this was the exact game that we are all hoping to see on Sunday night.

Relevant Stats

Passing: Denver - P. Manning - 21/26, 378 Yds, 5 TDs

Indy - A. Luck - 16/25, 190 YDs, 2 TDs

Rushing: Denver - K. Moreno - 16 ATTs, 108 YDs

Indy - T. Richardson - 10 ATTs, 19 YDs

Receiving: Denver - Orange Julius - 8 REC, 114 YDs, 2 TDs

K. Moreno - 5 REC, 86 YDs. 2 TDs

Indy - T.Y. Hilton - 5 REC, 60 YDs, 1 TD

C. Fleener - 3 REC, 20 YDs, 1 TD

Defense: Denver - V. Miller - 12 TCKLs, 5 SACKS, 2 TFL, 2 FF, 1 Fum. Rec.

R. Ayers - 6 TCKLs, 1 SACK, 1 Fum. Rec.

Indy - R. Mathis - 8 TCKLs, 2 TFL

A. Bethea - 5 TCKLs, 1 Pass def.

Special Teams: Denver - T. Holliday - 2 Kick Ret., 156 Yds, Long 108 YDs, 1 TD

Indy - A. Vinatieri - 2 FGA, 2 FGM, Long 48 YDs

Sim Results

This week's sim results were a mixed bag, with Denver coming out ahead on three out of five.

Sim 1: Denver 10, Indy 13

Sim 2: Denver 20, Indy 6

Sim 3: Denver 26, Indy 24

Sim 4: Denver 34, Indy 13

Sim 5: Denver 10, Indy 20

Sim average: Denver 20, Indianapolis 15

Overall average: Denver 28, Indianapolis 19

So overall, Madden predicts another two score win, with the Broncos prevailing by nine points. Personally, I think we will win comfortably, but I would take the nine point win on the road. GO BRONCOS!!!

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