Were gonna need a bigger boat.....

Class is easy.

When youre an apex predator. Nothing really gets to you.


Class is what Elway has shown. Manning has shown. Miller has shown.

For eight weeks, Miller was raked through the mud with the suspension, vilified by the media and tabloid journalism. Made the poster boy for marijuana, harried and harassed by the sports world in its entirety. How did Miller handle it? Miller kept silent. Remained classy, and worked on his game.

Manning is insulted. Irsay mocked Manning, actually called for a press conference..said we fired Manning because he cant win the big game. Chokes in the playoffs. Said it publicly. Broke the one rule. Dont talk down a team mate. Former or current. You just dont do it.... You chew in the locker room, not thorough the press.

Its not classy.

How did Manning react? Manning remained classy, said nothing. And went to work on his game.

Elway, expected to defend his player, said little. Didnt make a big deal out of it, even when he was expected to.. Remained classy. And went to work on his team.

Class is the easiest thing, however, when youre the Denver Broncos. When youre Peyton Manning. When youre John Elway. When your Von Miller. Its easy to remain quiet when youre insulted, especially when you know, not just think, but KNOW what the situation is.

And it is this. The Denver Broncos are about to go stomping into the very house of the guy whos been mouthing off, with the best football team in the history of the game, and blow them out in the greatest beat down in NFL history.

This matter will be settled on the field.

Offensively and defensively, they will show what they are capable of... Oh and on special teams. (actually the evil side of my nature, which is extensive, is secretly hoping that Trindon returns a handful of kicks and when he is 10 yards ahead of the defenders, open field ahead of him, the option to score is completely in his hands, i hope Trindon INTENTIONALLY steps out on the five, and jogs over and hands Peyton the ball... and then looks up at Irsays box... for spites sake... for hates sake... but i digress...)

This could be the first showing of the actual team, with the actual players in their designed role. The two best players in the NFL. The two biggest game changers in the league, on the same team, on different sides of the ball, always having to face one or the other, (with a sprinkling of Trindon thrown in between...)

Not one, but two great white sharks are in the kiddy pool.

Because as important as Manning is to the offense, Miller is to the defense. The return of Miller cannot even be measured, as he is the key, the precursor that all other reactions key off of, that all other aspects of this defense desperately need to do their job.

Miller is the trigger.

And hes arrived. Silently. On the field. No big fan fair, at least from his side. A quiet entrance.

Irsay mouthed off to the media. And how did the lads react?

Manning just smiled. Elway just smiled. They know what this team is capable of. They know more about football than any two other men on the planet, arguably. Two pro bowl quarterbacks looking at the upcoming contest, preparing for a game, knowing what is about to happen.

Planning the demise of the Indianapolis Colts...

Irsay did the broncos a HUGE favor by mouthing off. By attacking first, it has given the Broncos the exact thing Manning needed to cement his greatest season scoring run.

A moral reason. A clear conscience. To do exactly what they really want to do. To allow that dark desire hidden back in the little reptilian brain stem we all have, the one that likes the taste of blood... to just flat out destroy this team.

Run up the score. I mean outrageous. Manning was asked to leave. Manning was mocked before the game. Im sure, ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE, that Elway read the tweet, set his jaw, and said to Peyton....

oh game on, bitches.

This is the General Manager who hired King for three days, just to screw with the Green Bay Packers. It was a brilliant move, a Machiavellian move, a move i applaud. John Elway is evil. Just evil enough to actually run this franchise. John Elway is the great white shark of football operations. Learned under Jedi Shanahan, but learned only the good aspects, the useful aspects. He learned from Shanahans mistakes. Shanahan sometimes didnt.

The Broncos and Manning are going to go hang sixty points on the Colts. Offense will set a record today with scoring. Defense will set a record with sacks. And they know it. Irsay opened the door for it. When Skip Bayless complains about this, the rest of the univese will remind him...

dont start nothing, wont be nothing..

One of the signs indicating this..., the broncos, who wouldnt even REQUEST the NFL to allow Peyton Manning to be singled out at the beginning of the game... (nfl has a rule that states visiting players CANNOT be introduced separately from the rest of the squad. Its a rule, but you can appeal it, in certain such occasions.. but the broncos didnt even ASK if Manning could be exempt..... and that says a lot.,,)

They arent playing here. This is serious. This is business. This is two armies meeting, with no thought of capitulation. No quarter given.

The matter will be settled on the field. And an insight into those who have the most impact on our team.

Today, the true nature of these three men will be shown.

And like great whites do, all three will enter the fray silently,

just smiling.


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