It's A Game Of Attrition

I've been posting a little over at the 'Skins page and several thoughts occured to me and, don't worry, none of them hurt.

I've known this for quite some time, but it is really starting to hit home & that is losing some of the most important players & how it can disrupt an entire unit esp. when playing against teams who match-up well. Chris Clark is not Ryan Clady & Mathis was on a mission...Clark got taken to school & should have had some help. Vasquez is not a Tackle...Franklin is & we miss/need him back. ManRam is a Guard & not a Center though that transition might be easier, he has some problems.

So, the issue is having enough Players on both side of the ball to replace those who get injured & I am not sure if that's possible. We can't replace Clady with another Clady...Obviously, we don't have another Tackle to replace Franklin 'cuz we moved Vasquez to that position and put Kuper in @ RG.

On the flip side we have a few DTs/NTs & if one of them goes down, there is less concern, given that we have a pretty good rotation there & Players who can move around. I was one of the many who wanted some better Players @ that position and I think we have that now. The problem is that we don't have the depth on the OL that we need & our QB is getting knocked around more than any us would like to see...Actually, none of us want to see our QB knocked around at all!

This, I think, puts all GMs on the Horns of a Dilemma...How much depth can you have on either side of the ball while maintaining a 53 man roster? I don't have the answer to that, but it is fuel for discussion. We are witnessing this now with teams other than the Broncos...Steelers come immediately to mind, but other Teams lost key Players for whom they have no adequate replacement.

I write this as a long-time Broncos' Fan & one who is still studying & trying to learn the game...Not just from the Xs & Os but also from the Personnel side. I understand very well what it takes to develop a Player from College to the NFL and why we need to get Players via FA such as Vasquez, Tamme, Dressen et. al. all the while developing our younger Players, esp, when Our Team was in such disarray after McD.

My biggest concern right now is the protection of PFM and our inability to run the ball...It's on the OL & we are not getting it done where we need to. He's taking way too many hits & that does not bode well for us when we get to the Post-Season. We also cannot and should not think PFM will carry us to the SB...He needs help.

On the Defensive Side, it looks like Champ will be out for awhile so the next man up is Webster...I like what I've seen so far in the Rookie. It will be good to have Woody & Von on the field at the same time & I hope it happens against the 'Skins.

A Final Note: We played a pretty good Team in the Colts and came close to beating them in Their House despite 4 TOs...That is somewhat encouraging ...The discouraging part is the we had 4 TOs & let the Colts beat us!

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