Random Rants and Rewards - Colts

Boy was that a let down. From start to finish, our Broncos were manhandled by a more intense Colts team. Since when was a Colts defense ever considered physical? They pushed our guys around like they were the undefeated team. They took our 6-0 record and wiped they butts with it and then flushed the "undefeated" talk down the drain. Shoving it in Irsay's mouth was my top reason to get the W this past weekend. What a jerk he is. Without Peyton, they don't even win a Super Bowl and he's complaining about not getting enough? So disrespectful to all the greats never to even touch the promised land. I like Luck and I think he's good for the game, but I never want to see the Colts win another ring. This jerk of an owner just pushed his team towards the top of teams I hate most. With 4 turnovers(1 being the safety), constant pressure and sloppy play, our Broncos just couldn't get out of their own way. It's a sad day in Dove Valley....

Andy Lyons / Getty Images / October 20, 2013

Manning Psyche

Peyton seemed to be a shell of himself this game. His passes were off target and the rhythm just never got established. All leading to 7 three-and-outs. That's Tebow football right there, only we didn't win at the end. Sure the Colt DBs were more physical with our receivers, but Peyton was making poor decisions throwing to blanketed players. Don't know if the media hype had any effects on PM's head, but he didn't look like the guy throwing 7 TDs against the defending Super Bowl champs. Not having your 2 starting tackles definitely had a part in it. Since Clady's departure, Manning's passing efficiency has dropped consistently week after week(82% - 78% - 67% - 59%) and now has thrown an interception in 3 straight games. Not sure why we didn't address Robert Mathis earlier in the game. He was a wrecking crew out there. Never realized he was that much of a game changer until this past weekend. Our team took it's first loss and our leader left with a bruised eye(ego). This team isn't unbeatable. Hopefully this is more of just a bump in the road than a blueprint for how to knock off one of the greatest teams to play the game.


Couldn't control how excited I was to see Von Miller back on the field. This is what we've been waiting for all year. Sure we've given up a lot of yards and probably more points than we should, but that's because we were missing our game changer on defense. Disappointingly, Von was pretty much a non factor. He seems stronger with the added weight, but he didn't seem to be as fast as we expect from him. He did still look quicker than the rest, but not otherwordly fast. A deeper look shows that the defense didn't play as poorly as the 39 points showed. Without Andrew Luck and DHB's rushing, we only gave up 62 yards on the ground at 3.2 ypc from Indy RBs and only 213 yards through the air. The defense played tough and were put in even tougher positions from the multiple turnovers, but we need to get stops. Giving up 39 points no matter which way you look at it, is bad defense. We lost Champ again and I thought he was actually having a good game breaking up 2 passes going his way early in the game(other than the blown coverage). Now we get to see Tony Carter being active again. Joy. The defense played tough only to shoot themselves in the foot with stupid penalties and undisciplined football. Sure Luck flopped which never should have been flagged, but Vick never should have put himself in that position in the first place. And yet again, we show how to play to an early playoff exit. No excuses this time, unless you're trying to convince me that Woodyard is the next Ray Lewis. Our defense has been exposed all year and apparently, what you see is what you get.


Can anyone please explain to me why we lead the NFL in fumbles the last 2 seasons? It's really getting out of hand. It was already out of hand last season. Of all the good things this offense can do, they just can't hold onto the football. All our skill players have put the ball on the ground this year. There is just a lack of focus on protecting the football. These fumbles have lead to the few losses we've experienced under the Manning project. Unfortunately, the trend continued on Sunday night. It was all downhill after Trindon's fumble and the offense couldn't get back on track until they were down 19 in the 4th quarter. Then we come surging back and momentum seemed in our favor until Hillman fumbled the game away. No doubt in my mind we win that game with a Prater field goal if we punch it in from the 3 with over 3 minutes remaining and 3 timeouts. We had that game in our grasp and Ronnie let it slip through his. Is it time to give up on the kid? I don't think so. Remember, this is only his first fumble given away this season. Let's not get too hasty. You can visually see a speed difference when he's running with the rock. unfortunately you can also see a protection difference too.

Young Talent

Chris Harris Jr. played lights out football on Sunday. He was constantly blanketing his man and coming up STRONG on run support. He's arguably our best CB which is a huge compliment when considering we have Champ Bailey and DRC in the secondary. Talk about a diamond in the rough being undrafted only to be the most reliable defender in the back half of the defense. Hopefully he FINALLY gets the recognition he deserves and gets "selected" into the Pro-Bowl. Love his play all day every day. My question is, how much is it going to cost us to keep him? I'm sure he knows his value out there. Luckily, the spotlight hasn't been shed on him by the MSM, or else he'd be very pricey to keep. Kayvon Webster continues to make my write up. He actually had more snaps than DRC before Champ's injury. This kid shot up the depth chart and is now taking snaps away from our arguably most valuable free agent pick up in DRC. His speed is obvious but he's running with fluid hips that enable his to change direction and exhibit great closing speed. He has improved week after week and is just constantly flashing on screen, and in a positive way. Loving the young talent in the secondary and optimistic for it's future without the Champ.

Walking Papers?

All year, I've been on the "Decker is replaceable" bandwagon. After this game, I may have gotten off. Is he really that expendable? We were talking like any WR can get his job done, but Decker is definitely more than just an average receiver. He's currently our leading receiver which boasts possibly 4 Pro-bowl contending targets with DT, Decker, Welker and JT. He came up big in this game and he helped keep us within striking distance. I say we try to find a way to keep Decker in Denver especially with Tavares King leaving for Carolina this week. I have my doubts about Gerrell Robinson. Clearly there's a talent gap between the two because Decker would never sniff practice squad time where Gerrell has spent his entire NFL career. If Gerrell was as good as Decker, he would be on someones 53 man roster. I say try everything possible to resign Decker. Why break up a good thing? Who doesn't want their modern day version of Rod Smith and Ed McCaffrey?

Swiss Cheese'd Up

Man did our offensive line get abused on primetime. Everyone across the nation watched and it's safe to expect more of the same game plan in weeks ahead. Our patchwork offensive line played just like that, a patchwork. Vasquez tried his best at RT but he's clearly more suited on the inside. Kuper is probably done as a starter. He just doesn't have it anymore. He's playing like a backup, which is pretty bad. Decker could sure use some of that salary next year that we're throwing away on a back up RG. I don't believe Chris Clark is as bad as he looked in this game. He was clearly out matched by the NFL's sack leader, just like every other tackle that faced Mathis. Clark has faced many other pass rushers and held his own. There are so many holes in front of Peyton that he's running around in the pocket like #15. Everyone knows the way to get into Manning's head is to get in his face. The Colts accomplished this and it lead to our first loss. I don't have any answers to fix this problem. Franklin coming back will definitely help, but not having Clady couldn't have been more obvious than this game. Again, I don't understand why we didn't address Mathis earlier in this game. The way things are going, we better hope Os has been staying focused...

Little Quick Notes:

  • Sure miss the days of Howard Griffith and the versatile FB. Colts Stanley Havili was the X-factor in this game forcing the fumble on Trindon's punt return and scoring a 20 yard TD reception to take the lead for good. That's a 14 point swing from the dying breed, FB.
  • What happened to the flat? Both Havili and Fleener found green pastures in the flats for TDs. Fleener getting one to close out the first half with 10 seconds to go. You never want to give up TDs at the end of halves. Hopefully JDR gets this addressed because everyone saw the holes.
  • They say turnovers come in bunches. Well, we're definitely due because we can't force turnovers for the life of us. We lose the turnover battle more times than a 19-4(not counting playoffs) team should. Hopefully Von can help with that once he gets into the groove of things.
  • Field position was terrible all game long. It's so hard to go the length of the field, let alone anything over 80 yards. How many times did we start within our own 10? Own 5? This all added to the inconsistent play of the offense.

Apologies again for the late post. Was out of range of reliable internet connectivity. I was away on vacation again so I had to settle for watching just the first half at the Taco Factory in the middle of Cancun and the rest of the game through ESPNs gamecast. It was painful to see the scoring through text updates. Even more painful when I had to rely on Mexican wifi to update. This game was a total let down. No way did I imagine a team that got blown out by the Chargers would ever contend with this undefeated juggernaut. Only thing that could swing the balance was turnovers. And turnovers definitely happened. Can't take any credit away from the Colts. They came out with intensity and punched our team in the mouth. They played like they were the ones disrespected by an NFL owner the week of the game. I figured we would play with our hair on fire and crush Luck all day long. Well, that didn't happen. They played like they knew Peyton was on the team and that they'd find a way to win it. Just have to take the positives out of this game. We are beatable which should help refocus this entire team. We don't have to worry about the whole undefeated talk even though it was fun while it lasted. Who doesn't want to be the first and only 19-0 team? Even after all the poor play, the Broncos still had their shot at the end, until they shot themselves yet again. On to the Redskins and their red skin coach. Why is he that color? Go Broncos!

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