On Moderating

Doug Pensinger

Well, I figured it was long overdue for a post like this considering some of the things I've put up with on this side of the coin lately.

I know Kyle will get to drafting a community standards post here soon, but overall I just want to talk about what it is like to be a mod, how I go about things, and what you can expect.

1. Being a mod is an absolutely terrible job

It sucks. It sucks that one has to exist in first place to keep order, it sucks that the internet embiggens people to interact with each other in ways you'd never see in public, it sucks that grown men and women forget tact and manners and can soon deteriorate into a conversation you're likely to see from arguing children, it sucks period.

2. Before you flag another member or start a flame war, try and work things out yourselves

Sometimes things like tone and intent on the internet gets lost and a big argument arises over nothing. Instead of resorting to name calling, look at your own behavior first, and see what you could do differently. Then, if you really want to earn points with Bronco Mike, extend the olive branch and solve your own disputes.

3. The best way to get my attention if something is bothering you is to flag comments or email me

I don't have time to read every article let alone all the comments in an article. I also don't use the heading when I comment so must of my stuff reads "no subject". I do that for a couple of reasons, one being when I'm done talking about something, I'm done. I don't always go back and check replies to my comments.

- With the privileges I have there's a separate section where I can monitor "activity" When you flag comments they pop up there for me to read and check out what's going on.

- If something is really bothering you, email me. I check it constantly throughout the day, and I'm more likely to see that 1st.

- Don't ever tweet me with complaints, period.

4. Sometimes you flag things for bad reasons and I ignore them

Don't automatically assume that you are going to get someone warned or banned because you flag one of their comments.

Sometimes I think your flags are petty or unnecessary. I will not respond to a petty argument in which folks are flagging each other, you will both get a warning most likely.

I don't always think flags for fans of other teams that come in and talk a little bit of smack are warranted. Trolling is one thing banter is another. Having towed the troll line early on in my time on SBNation and having talked smack all my life, I know which is which.

5. How does Bronco Mike conduct business as a mod?

With our own members, you guys have more slack. You have more leeway as far as the rules and regulations as long as you do not consistently break them. I'm more apt to ask you not to do something in the comments rather than in an official warning.

This extends to some visitors from other sites that have built up goodwill by showing respect over time in our house.

With visitors from other blogs, if we don't know you and you come in here shooting your mouth off, your stay will be short. But here are procedures I will follow for the most part:

- Warning

- Ban

6. If I am warned, what should I do?

Nothing but change your behavior. Most of the time I will give a reason why someone was warned, so if you do as I ask, the issue is dropped there.

7. Should I act indignant or persecuted if I am warned?

If you feel you are being mistreated email me immediately and we'll work things out one on one. I will work with you to clear up why you were warned/banned and listen to your side of things.

If you whine and complain openly in a comment thread playing victim, you can guarantee I will ban you and probably ignore what you have to say.

8. If I am banned what should I do?

Take a few days away from MHR, and then shoot me an email. Bans don't have to be permanent, really I just want the behavior to change. Let's talk it through one on one.

9. If I am banned what are the worst things I could do?

- Complain on other SBNation sites about how you were wronged or treated unfairly

- Create another sign in account to get around being banned

10. My say is final

Do not argue with me publicly I'll hide your comments and ignore you, work things out privately. If you still think I'm being unfair then take it to Kyle or Chris Thorman.

11. Do your best to make this a good place for everyone

Honestly, I should be the last resort in everything. You folks should take on the responsibility of moderating yourselves. It is your community and I want you to take responsibility for it. Remind each other of the decorum and interactions you expect and do so in a respectful manner.

When outsiders come over, instead of screaming "troll" or flagging them for banter, give it right back to them, then find some common ground you can both talk about without throwing virtual feces at each other.

Part of the fun of rivalry is some friendly banter and smack talk, so please, don't run to me every time someone looks at you funny.

If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to answer them in the comment section

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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