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Cowboys, Broncos could be in mix if Vikings shop DE Jared Allen -
To this point, the one-win Minnesota Vikings have not pursued any deals for Jared Allen, according to league sources, and have not really entertained the prospect internally, but given the team's woeful performance, Allen's huge salary and his impending free agency, exploratory calls will come before the deadline.

Broncos News & Blogs

Denver Broncos' Orange Crush: More on settlement reaction
Denver Broncos' Orange Crush: More on their reaction to the NFL concussion settlement

Mike Shanahan, Broncos trying to beat each other on day of reflection - The Denver Post
Honoring yesterday's heroes can be dicey, not to mention awkward if the former conqueror fell upon the firing line.

Paige: Mike Shanahan still the best coach in Denver sports history - The Denver Post
Almost 30 years since he arrived in Denver without a trumpet flourish and a quarter of a century after his first return, the man of steel eyes and a brilliant mind reappears Sunday.

Will Broncos get back to winning vs. RGIII, Redskins? | Cover 32
Last Sunday night, Peyton Manning led them to a loss in Indianapolis. This Sunday, former Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan comes back to the Mile High City to see if he can upset Denver for the second straight game.

Broncos-Redskins: Week 8 Breakdown | Bronco Planet
It’s Game Day and therefore, time to take a final preview at today’s opponent for the Denver Broncos. The Washington Redskins come to town, bringing former head coach Mike Shanahan and an 11.5 point Handicap.

Everything You Need for Sunday's Matchup - Predominantly Orange
The Denver Broncos are set to play host to Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins on Sunday. Obviously the biggest story here is Shanahan returning to Denver for the first time since he was fired back in 2009 when Josh McDaniels was hired as the head coach of the team, and so much has transpired in Denver between then and now.

Semana 8: Redskins @ Broncos – preview "
Após a primeira derrota no fim de semana passado, o Denver Broncos tenta dar a volta por cima e seguir vencendo no campeonato. Para isso, vai receber o Washington Redskins em casa pela semana 8 e vai precisar corrigir os erros, além de realizar bons ajustes em vários setores.

Broncos Media

Mile High return - NFL Videos
Just one week after Peyton Manning's emotional return to Indy, Denver fans will welcome back their Vince Lombardi, Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan.

Broncos vs. Redskins: Through the Years |
Relive the Broncos vs. Redskins series history with photographs dating to 1980.

NFL News & Blogs

Mario Williams, distraction-free, realizing his potential as top pass rusher | The MMQB
There's been too much on Mario Williams' mind over the last few years, both on and off the field. Now experiencing harmony in life and with the Bills, he's able to focus on two things: playing angry and taking down the QB

Muth Read: Is the problem Trent Richardson or the Colts offense? -
Running back Trent Richardson has underwhelmed since being acquired by the Indianapolis Colts in September. Ben Muth takes a closer look at what exactly's wrong.

Kansas City in control of AFC heading into Week 8 -
The Kansas City Chiefs still haven't lost and have control of the AFC with the second half of the season right around the corner.

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
In the 12-season period of 2000-2011, there was an average of 51.8 interceptions per year returned for touchdowns, and never more than 59 "pick six" plays in a single campaign. Last season, though, the NFL established a record for a 16-game season, with 71 touchdowns on interception returns.

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