Roll Call: Redskins at Broncos, Week 8

Dustin Bradford

This post has been neglected all season, but its always a fun communal post to get out there. I happened to have some time this week, so I wanted to get this information out there. Pretty fun Sunday for sure!

I'm also noticing some of my really bad kneejerk comments and a couple of eyebrow raising one's got at least one rec more than they should have. hahah

What do you guys think?

Roll Call Info
Total comments 2,613
Total commenters 112
Commenter list 88932, 18man, Amilcar, Art Vanndelay, Atmx2000, BROWNdude, Baghdad, BroncFanInChargerLand, Bronco Fan Doug, Bronco Mike, Bronco With A Side Of Orange Crush, BroncosNYC, C.Settles, CO Hobbit, COT, CPT.Caveman, CompUser, DBroncs1414, DMCbomb, Dannie Ray, Danserud, Denversports, DesertBroncoFan, DrewPoint2, ElwayFanJ, EverVigilant, FlintHillsMagic_sock, FractalWalk, Gelder, HarvJNep2n, Henderson-Sports 06, JKnox11, Jbronc, Kgrone, LandoCalrissian, Lell87, Matthew Oakley, MississippiColt, MrEast, MrFNSunshine, NHPeytonFan18, New Sensation, Nordic_Saab95, Ochophosphate, OldBloodnGuts, One Piece of Cake, P0RKINS2, PABroncofan, PaleHorse78, Playbook, RadGlad, Rainbow skyline, RedAndYellow, RockyMountainWay91, Rodney Adams, RoxWS2014, Russscot, SDcat09, SaltyDog572, SeaOfRed, Shurakair, Slappy_CO, The Danish Bronco, The Ghost of Marv Throneberry, Tim Lynch, Timberline73, Trevor2755, Ty46, VR92, WYOrangeCrush, WhiskeyBravo85, Whorfin, WillyBFree2Bronc, YJ, amits, artistnyc, bigdmmafan, bill2975, bonaire, boothman11, boydy2669, brianbronco27, chikndnnr, downisthenewup, dreamzcolt, emd2k3, h2o Dog, insaneeaglesfanatic, isiddiqi, james b, jimmyhaffa, jmcgoblue, lilyofthevalley, magnusjolnaes, mdierk, metalman5050, mikejh0730, neumdaddy, oldcoachB, ozark_orange, phlebotomyorange, ruralnugs, shasta77, springfield-loves-kc, the new Bradfather, tonks, underdog, vburkhart, veech, weazel, willyoubemycharizard, wolf213
Story URLs
# Commenter # Comments
1 RockyMountainWay91 213
2 phlebotomyorange 149
3 ElwayFanJ 138
4 Russscot 130
5 RadGlad 121
6 Tim Lynch 121
7 SDcat09 106
8 P0RKINS2 91
9 CO Hobbit 84
10 EverVigilant 67
11 metalman5050 66
12 vburkhart 66
13 BroncosNYC 62
14 Bronco Fan Doug 62
15 Kgrone 56
16 neumdaddy 56
17 boydy2669 53
18 BroncFanInChargerLand 48
19 DBroncs1414 46
20 amits 44
21 artistnyc 44
22 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry 43
23 MrEast 41
24 Jbronc 40
25 PaleHorse78 34
26 CompUser 31
27 Bronco With A Side Of Orange Crush 30
28 HarvJNep2n 30
29 Ty46 27
30 Atmx2000 27
31 the new Bradfather 25
32 One Piece of Cake 24
33 oldcoachB 23
34 WYOrangeCrush 21
35 Rainbow skyline 19
36 WillyBFree2Bronc 19
37 CPT.Caveman 18
38 88932 15
39 Matthew Oakley 14
40 Whorfin 14
41 OldBloodnGuts 14
42 downisthenewup 13
43 SaltyDog572 13
44 C.Settles 13
45 bigdmmafan 12
46 COT 11
47 mdierk 11
48 WhiskeyBravo85 11
49 Lell87 10
50 Shurakair 10
51 lilyofthevalley 9
52 VR92 9
53 Rodney Adams 8
54 magnusjolnaes 8
55 ozark_orange 7
56 tonks 7
57 willyoubemycharizard 7
58 JKnox11 7
59 Gelder 7
60 SeaOfRed 6
61 Henderson-Sports 06 6
62 shasta77 6
63 Baghdad 6
64 jimmyhaffa 5
65 Amilcar 5
66 Nordic_Saab95 4
67 weazel 4
68 NHPeytonFan18 3
69 jmcgoblue 3
70 underdog 3
71 YJ 2
72 james b 2
73 The Danish Bronco 2
74 isiddiqi 2
75 Bronco Mike 2
76 h2o Dog 2
77 ruralnugs 2
78 bonaire 2
79 boothman11 2
80 Denversports 2
81 MrFNSunshine 2
82 FlintHillsMagic_sock 2
83 mikejh0730 2
84 FractalWalk 2
85 bill2975 2
86 Ochophosphate 1
87 wolf213 1
88 emd2k3 1
89 RoxWS2014 1
90 veech 1
91 chikndnnr 1
92 Danserud 1
93 DrewPoint2 1
94 Playbook 1
95 dreamzcolt 1
96 Slappy_CO 1
97 New Sensation 1
98 LandoCalrissian 1
99 Trevor2755 1
100 18man 1
101 springfield-loves-kc 1
102 Timberline73 1
103 brianbronco27 1
104 DesertBroncoFan 1
105 insaneeaglesfanatic 1
106 Art Vanndelay 1
107 DMCbomb 1
108 PABroncofan 1
109 MississippiColt 1
110 BROWNdude 1
111 RedAndYellow 1
112 Dannie Ray 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
22 neumdaddy Beware the Arrowhead Pride f**kfaces gathering their lonely, sad selves to start to "green" our comments in the face of our terrible plays...
7 insaneeaglesfanatic Why do you guys ban so much?
5 phlebotomyorange With fans like these who needs Trolls. Come on Boys it's not over yet.
4 Tim Lynch I've never wanted Jared Allen more than I do right now.
3 CO Hobbit Now defense...
3 P0RKINS2 YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 RockyMountainWay91 I hate the pats
3 DBroncs1414 There's the Peyton I love
3 ElwayFanJ How do the Chiefs always get so lucky?
3 CO Hobbit Fox is such a piece of excrement.
3 amits KC Tourism Slogan...Atleast we are not Cleaveland or Detroit!
2 WillyBFree2Bronc I'd cut his ass after this game...
2 phlebotomyorange Vick pulled a hammie coming out the womb
2 WhiskeyBravo85 You guys are still in this game. Don't give up yet.
2 phlebotomyorange Go Browns.
2 ElwayFanJ The guys who decide if we challenge or not
2 amits Fox is basically Caldwell 0.9 version for Peyton
2 phlebotomyorange Well Andy Reid is an offensive genius
2 EverVigilant Big Conversion...Good Job Moreno, Vasquez & Ramirez
2 Bronco Mike I've been watching the threads all game
2 Tim Lynch FEAR NOT peeps!
2 CO Hobbit I would like to note I only threw Fox under the bus.
2 RadGlad [no title]
2 Tim Lynch [no title]
2 phlebotomyorange OH yeah. I'm definitely gone now. No way I can't take this kind of failure much longer. I'm going to puke then die then dye something with my puke.
2 phlebotomyorange agrarian
2 RockyMountainWay91 This team is wasting Manning's last years
2 boydy2669 Yep.
2 phlebotomyorange RMW is gonna puke. but every time he pukes...we win the game. I love you RMW.
2 BroncFanInChargerLand That one wasn't on him but the last two INT's before that were
2 Bronco Fan Doug O line mistake, came around from behind him
2 oldcoachB Defense played well force 4 punts gave up on score... Our offense was terrible on 2nd and 3rd down
2 Ty46 DT is the softest big WR
2 downisthenewup Fox saying FU to MHR
2 RockyMountainWay91 fire the man.
2 metalman5050 Get out!
2 Atmx2000 Fox should ask himself WWBBD
2 JKnox11 Please. What you guys do here is ridiculous. Anyone from AP that comments on your blog is a troll, apparently.
2 BroncosNYC Welker = only guy dependable lol
2 RadGlad nah, i disagree
2 OldBloodnGuts You stay classy Denver.
2 Tim Lynch See, the boos come out because a guy seems to get injured whenever the Broncos O get some momentum.
1 boydy2669 Because Fox is an absolute soft cock!
1 Rainbow skyline no
1 oldcoachB Come on Broncos fans so quite compared to arrowhead miss the old mile high!
1 CO Hobbit Whelp that was a freebie.
1 vburkhart well they have the Browns with a 3rd string Qb and Buffalo coming up with a 4th string
1 Kgrone Similar to Houston
1 RockyMountainWay91 Chiefs arrogant now
1 RockyMountainWay91 why not go for it
1 Lell87 If this is true...
1 CO Hobbit I miss McGahee's ability to be a guaranteed 3rd & 1 or 4th & 1 pickup.
1 ElwayFanJ Hit DT in the corner!
1 MrEast Yep. Well, expect for that Peyton guy.
1 EverVigilant That Play Was A Thing Of Beauty
1 metalman5050 KnewShow is finally here to stay.
1 Rainbow skyline D's been good this game
1 vburkhart Lindsay Jones ‏@bylindsayhjones 16s Orlando Franklin, Wesley Woodyard and CJ Anderson are ACTIVE today for #Broncos (yes, Peyton is, too).
1 OldBloodnGuts We got our Mojo back!!!
1 PaleHorse78 This team is filled with Champions, boys
1 BroncosNYC wooooo! good job D!
1 Atmx2000 Holliday was in his head
1 boydy2669 Only time i have cheered against an Aussie...but suck shit were a cat in the AFL too!
1 PaleHorse78 Thank you, Sav Rocca
1 BroncosNYC the momentum has turned!
1 Nordic_Saab95 Go Browns!!!
1 VR92 With Ryan Clady we are the best team in the league without him we are the team on the field today
1 Whorfin Me, too
1 RockyMountainWay91 This team has just been bad one way or another since Dallas
1 BroncFanInChargerLand We're taking two steps back every week. Skins are middle of road defensively our "best offense in league" making them look like Chiefs
1 88932 Losing the turnover battle once again.
1 RadGlad I just don't understand the coaching
1 HarvJNep2n Jared....
1 Russscot I personally like a little butter on mine.
1 HarvJNep2n we don't speak of it.
1 oldcoachB Good for him! Peyton knows he fan get it that's why he went deep on third expects his coach to listen to him.
1 CO Hobbit He doesn't have anything left in his stomach.
1 phlebotomyorange you know what makes me nervous...cocaine. but Rick James says it's a hell of a drug so I do it
1 SDcat09 .
1 phlebotomyorange Don't like dez bryant but that was a hell of a catch.
1 Kgrone I hate the cowboys, but that was a pretty sick TD by Dez.
1 ElwayFanJ I can't wait until Week 11
1 CPT.Caveman Nobody:P
1 Whorfin You can't treat our pledges that way.
1 Nordic_Saab95 KC fans...
1 vburkhart Refs are horrible
1 CO Hobbit Who is available as far as coaching goes?
1 BroncFanInChargerLand D has just quit - how can you be gassed 5 mins after halftime ?
1 vburkhart no I really hate Brady
1 RadGlad At least we lost to a good team
1 CPT.Caveman You worried no way.
1 phlebotomyorange hey KC finally gets called for Offensive holding. I've found it offensive all day...
1 CO Hobbit A lot of the people leaving was because of the Eeyoreing.
1 neumdaddy For people saying "Game over..."
1 BroncosNYC I'd eat a Quinoa for first place.
1 Bronco With A Side Of Orange Crush This. Is. Great.
1 neumdaddy RG3 just got crushed.
1 metalman5050 I don't always like the play calling by the Broncos OC...
1 bigdmmafan [no title]
1 metalman5050 No Joke Mike!
1 neumdaddy Demaryius Thomas, motherfuckers.
1 boydy2669 D are possessed!
1 BroncosNYC DO I SMELL 45 points today???
1 COT Enough Time To Score 2X
1 BroncosNYC ditto. we were playing poorly but never give up!
1 RockyMountainWay91 thats a flag of course
1 RockyMountainWay91 This is a brutal game
1 Tim Lynch I'm not ignoring a troll right now.
1 PaleHorse78 Demaryius Thomas is playing WEAK!
1 SDcat09 Woo hoo!!
1 Atmx2000 He was playing.
1 SDcat09 Maybe some restraint and circumspection with your negativity
1 CompUser That interception is on DT.
1 jimmyhaffa That's on DT.
1 RadGlad Manning, come on!
1 Russscot Now this is one of those comments, sir.
1 Shurakair lol Touche'
1 artistnyc Thomas needed to tough up
1 artistnyc Thomas needed to tough up
1 Matthew Oakley Mistake by Manning
1 BroncosNYC Why WOULD they pass that? what the hell.
1 Russscot Manning was, shall we say, less than happy on the sidelines.
1 artistnyc Damn, should have ran Ball
1 neumdaddy 30+ points again, too.
1 RadGlad Manning read lips?
1 RadGlad [no title]
1 Tim Lynch its all good...two possession game we get this Fg.
1 CompUser There you are, Von.
1 EverVigilant Moreno Is On A Mission!
1 Jbronc I'm offically on the resign KM bandwagon
1 metalman5050 KnewShow
1 Russscot S'okay...just keep that chin up!
1 Russscot Derick Wolfe IS on the team!!!
1 RockyMountainWay91 fair weather fan huh?
1 Tim Lynch Big Pete just had an orgasm over that last play...CJ homer he is.
1 bigdmmafan [no title]
1 SDcat09 reply fail
1 Tim Lynch LOL!!!
1 RadGlad Ugh, bad throw
1 EverVigilant Face Mask On Manning...No Call!
1 ozark_orange No, It's an OLD thing, a very OLD thing.
1 RockyMountainWay91 Pressure that has been missing all season until now
1 boydy2669 Nice job sticking to all the posters here!
1 Bronco Fan Doug JT limping, crap
1 PaleHorse78 Wanna know a secret?
1 RadGlad The Giants are 2 games out of first.
1 phlebotomyorange KFM the lionheart
1 MrEast The play calling is very disappointing.
1 WhiskeyBravo85 Peyton shouldn't even look over at or pay attention to the sidelines.
1 Tim Lynch Stopped RGIII on two runs...gotta love that.
1 RadGlad OH GO AWAY!
1 DBroncs1414 I say go for it
1 MrEast C'mon man.
1 MrEast Go for it.
1 HarvJNep2n I can see that.
1 RockyMountainWay91 the refs have also been awful
1 vburkhart WW is a difference maker
1 tonks This is a test guys.
1 metalman5050 Leave!
1 WYOrangeCrush First
1 Kgrone It's tough being in a relationship with someone who won't listen to you.
1 Shurakair You cannot tell me with 100% certainty that they are faking
1 ElwayFanJ Are they faking these injuries?
1 RadGlad I like the way you think
1 BroncosNYC maybe with JT hurt
1 neumdaddy WOOOOHOOOOO!
1 BroncosNYC this is the type of ball we need to play!
1 phlebotomyorange Faking injuries methinks.
1 Bronco With A Side Of Orange Crush STOP F ING BOOING!
1 magnusjolnaes Theeeeeeere's the D
1 MrEast Yeah. Shanny is faking these.
1 CO Hobbit Our fans are pretty much pricks.
1 ElwayFanJ Take a break
1 springfield-loves-kc we all get ban?
1 RockyMountainWay91 I can't take this. :(
1 Tim Lynch Not if he leads us to a Super Bowl.
1 BroncFanInChargerLand What this with Hillman and now Ball in goal-to-go - KM better target better hands
1 vburkhart that is how you do it KC
1 downisthenewup Somebody handed Fox a smartphone with the flascid penis remark
1 metalman5050 See there Fox... And you would have kicked a FG if PFM hadn't insisted!
1 the new Bradfather all right, I feel much better now
1 boydy2669 Losing to freaking God!
1 bill2975 Man, has the league issued a directive that offensive units playing the Broncos can't be called for holding?
1 isiddiqi I think we have become complacent
1 MrEast John Fox just broke his religion, going for it on 4th.
1 BroncFanInChargerLand Fox got lucky on that one - he should have gone for it earlier and kicked on that one
1 vburkhart Go Broncos
1 neumdaddy Good call. We need some kind of spark.
1 ElwayFanJ Now that looked like the Montee Ball we saw in college
1 isiddiqi I think we will still win this game, but
1 P0RKINS2 WTF Happened to this team after Dallas??
1 boydy2669 Just being honest....Peyton looking as bad as the rest of the team...hes been average the last 2 weeks.
1 88932 He has two sprained ankles.
1 Tim Lynch i will ban them all
1 Tim Lynch ban hammer shall fall quickly and permanently.
1 Kgrone I always get a kick out of the Quinoa bud light commercial
1 bonaire Bye week can't come soon enough.
1 h2o Dog Are you watching Ronnie ?
1 BroncFanInChargerLand last two games have been massively demoralizing. Home crowd needs to drink more - working for me
1 neumdaddy Hope Julius is okay... Bah.
1 artistnyc Imaging being down 2 games in our own division
1 Shurakair I'm getting pissed off at the Denver crowd
1 Tim Lynch Does Vickerson just not get it?
1 oldcoachB Running on 2nd and short is why we only have 7 points forced to punt 3 times because we ran on 2nd and short don't get to 3rd down!
1 Tim Lynch Wow....Dez complains like a baby and gets the flag called.
1 RadGlad We haven't given up a score yet
1 boydy2669 Anyone??? Me, you...hell my pit bull Muffin would be an upgrade.
1 boydy2669 I HATE JOHN FOX...there I said it...the guy is a buffoon!!!
1 MrFNSunshine So can someone explain how a DT rushing the passer gets a holding call?
1 WillyBFree2Bronc I think Bess has money on this game!
1 amits Detroit is trying to Dallas a victory but Tony Rommo refuses to take it!
1 CPT.Caveman Ok
1 ElwayFanJ The only people saying that
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Kuper and Moffit inactive today, Franklin active...
1 oldcoachB Another BS call within 5 yards
1 amits Did you see the Indy game? So many PI and late nicks not called
1 PaleHorse78 We are a 2nd half team.... have been ever since Peyton took over.
1 the new Bradfather he doesn't have a penis, I'm convinced
1 RockyMountainWay91 Dat vaunted KC D
1 PABroncofan Great play
1 Bronco Fan Doug Welker was open, PFM still looks bit shaky and has since about mid Jacksonville
1 RockyMountainWay91 I'm just sick of them
1 amits Uggs!
1 boothman11 Can you imagine how good this team would be with a real coach?
1 boydy2669 Hi guys...JOHN FOX IS FREAKING INEPT!!!!......that is all.
1 Bronco Fan Doug Is Decker even in?
1 RockyMountainWay91 No flag huh?
1 One Piece of Cake Duke don't take shit from nobody
1 ElwayFanJ Ditto!
1 Tim Lynch Chiefs remain unbeaten, but they have to be one of the worst 8-0 teams ever. :)
1 vburkhart KC does a good job with.......FGs
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry It's surprisingly easy to win games
1 neumdaddy Welcome back to Dreesen and Tamme to our passing offense
1 BroncFanInChargerLand That's the kind of stupidity I'm talking about - Vickerson should be benched - at least Hillman wasn't deliberately being an Ahole
1 ElwayFanJ Ranch Dressen!!
1 boydy2669 White guys cant run!
1 DBroncs1414 I don't think you need to bleep the bleep
1 SDcat09 That was pretty much a flop by Griffin. It was dumb for him to bump him, but that was a definite flop
1 DBroncs1414 Cut Vickerson
1 phlebotomyorange Someone tell DT you can't fall on a slant route?
1 OldBloodnGuts eff vickerson. Get that thug outa here!
1 EverVigilant How Many Personal Fouls Is Vickerson Gonna Get?
1 Tim Lynch Yeah, and what you guys do there is also ridiculous. :)
1 ElwayFanJ The Redkins aren't nearly as bad as the Browns
1 downisthenewup Vickerson
1 BroncFanInChargerLand Bench Vick now. Send a message
1 WYOrangeCrush Davone Worst....
1 wolf213 KC 1 - Deven Bess 0
1 phlebotomyorange I kinda want Romo to choke here and hand the Lions the game.
1 Kgrone and Andy Reid does look great in that shimmering dress....
1 Nordic_Saab95 We should all just hit up AP...
1 emd2k3 [no title]
1 tonks Ugh.
1 BROWNdude May be the kind of game that gets Elway saying Joe Thomas time
1 OldBloodnGuts I don't understand how we can d!ck around half the game, then drive down the field like that.
1 RadGlad Just saw this, typical Jaguras...
1 RadGlad Oh trust me, I saw it
1 oldcoachB Refs save Cheif ass total BS
1 neumdaddy The D has been really rough when called to step up in a needed situation. They can't be relied upon as a full unit, even though - statistically - they're playing solidly today.

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