Top "Zen" reason to love these Denver Broncos

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

"In the Beginners mind, there are many options; in the Masters, there are few." Or one. ~ Some smart, enlightened (probably) Oriental dude.

Just a quick shout-out to remind us to live in the moment; to appreciate the "now". Don’t wait for the end. Don’t dismiss it all if it doesn’t finish as "all that". Don’t get ahead of ourselves.

I’d love an undefeated, SuperBowl-winning season. But… HOLY ISH! What we are seeing so far is joyously ridiculous.

Can Decker and Welker drop less passes? Sure they can. Can our defense hold teams to less "garbage-time" points? You bet’cha. Can our O-line and running game exert more dominance, making the game even more painful for the opposition and their tormented fans? I believe they can. Can Colquitt punt better, even though he only gets 3 chances a game, and has to punt for placement rather than distance? Yessir.

There aren’t any perfect seasons… take it from the Amish. Or the 9-7 Giants. Or the 2012 Ravens. Or the Broncos two SuperBowl winning seasons – or the four other times they made it but came up short.

Our Personnel Department is either finding players that are diamonds-in-the-rough, or "ish-ing" them through sheer force of will. Our Coaching Staff is developing what they have, and scheming for what they don’t.

Offensively, we’re completing 60, 70, 80+ yard drives. Consistently. We’re scoring more touchdowns than field goals by better than a 3-to-1 ratio. We often don’t need three-downs-for-a-first on TD-scoring drives; two downs (or one) will do fine, thank you. We’re overcoming (historically) drive-killing penalties/drops/sacks.

Defensively, we’re forcing 3-and-outs. Or other not-as-awesome punts. Or turnovers. Or field goals.

On Special Teams… aaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaa! Kick-off return TD? Check. Punt return TD? Check. Blocked punt? Check. Blocked punt returned for a TD? Check. In the first four weeks!?! All we need now is a blocked kick-off returned for a TD. Now that would be an NFL record. Speaking of which;

Every week we’re seeing records fall. NFL records or Bronco records or Individual records. It’s happening so often that we’re either "entitled angry" (Peyton didn’t get it because they’re tired of giving it to him!), or ho-hum about it. We’re breaking records we didn’t even know we were in the running for; even if Peyton does (Milt Plum???). They’re making up records that we’ve broken, because no one ever thought to ask "how good is that?" before.

And for the "realism"? It’s real. I don’t begrudge Rodney for looking at "what’s really happening"? Or Gelder for asking "how can we do better?". Or Sadaraine for feeling "awkward" about not having enough "ish" in his No Bull Review. That’s what fans are about; it’s why MHR is here, and is what it is.

But don’t wait for the end-game to say "this was good". Don’t skip the ride, or forget the moments of the journey. We’re a quarter of the way in, to what none of us can yet say will be. But, good lord… did you see that?

Zen-choo very much for reading. GO BRONCOS!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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