Did John Fox Just Experience A Revelation?

In an article I wrote in April, 2013 called One Hundred Fifty Years Of Experience, I provided a background of experience for the entire 2013 coaching staff. In the comments section, OrangeRhino share some revealing information.

I was interested to see why Fox has developed such a conservative approach.

When I took a look at his pro coaching career, I was amazed to see how many bad QBs were starting for the teams he coached. Now I know there is probably a ton of other reasons why Foxy is such a conservative coach but I think out of necessity he's had to be. Even early in his pro coaching career when he was a DB coach and DC for the Giants and faiders they had sorry QBs so he was influenced to be a conservative coach. I don't think having PFM has fully registered in his head yet, but here's to hoping that changes this year.

Starting Qbs in Foxe’s pro coaching career:
Bubby Brister
Niel O’Donnell
Stan Humphries
Jeff Hostetler
Danny Kanell
Kent Graham
Kerry Collins
Rodney Pete
Jake Delhomme
Vinny Testaverde (Due to Injury of Delhomme)
Jimmy Clausen
Kyle Orton
Tim Tebow

See what I mean? Fox has never had a type of QB he can open up with. He has always needed to be a tight conservative coach with that group. He needs to learn to trust PFM.

A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall.
Vince Lombardi

by OrangeRhino on Apr 1, 2013 | 5:19 PM up unrec (2)

Could it be, that in the game against the Redskins, that John Fox is actually finally starting to "trust PFM"? Is this "habit", these long years of conservatism finally going to be brushed away by that light bulb being turned on? Is OrangeRhino a football prophet in disguise?

Then shasta77 added...

Scary list that be!

I agree he was growing into, "going for the throat" as the season progressed. There was much more attacking play-calling early and often in the last quarter of the season. This is where the emergence of Gase will be really interesting. Because being a young guy who has grown up in the pass-happy current version of the NFL, may give him quite a different slant than McCoy following what he knew Fox liked. I see Gase as an infusion of youth into the game-planning that Manning will take full advantage of.

The inclusion of Knapp, I think was a brilliant stroke—because he can be the voice of experience to help explain to Fox why the "go for it" game-plan is the right one. And Knapp loves to mix things up with "trick" plays and using speed in a variety of ways (particularly with motion).

Add in Welker as a safety valve/zone buster in the middle of the field. I expect some really creative sets that have the attacking call nested with the certain gain to keep the defense guessing. McCoy leaving was perfect timing, particularly when coupled with Gase ascending to OC. I expect a lot more turbo from this offense—including no-huddle with speed.

by shasta77 on Apr 1, 2013 | 8:06 PM

Perhaps the Skins game WASN"T just a fluke. Perhaps Fox actually just "turned a corner" - A corner that we all hope he doesn't go back to!

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