TV Broadcast Map: Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys (NFL Week 5, CBS)


Courtesy of, here's a broadcast map for Denver's Week 5 match up against Dallas.

The Denver Broncos (4-0) will travel to Texas this week to take on the Dallas Cowboys (2-2). Courtesy of, we have a handy-dandy broadcast map to let you know if the game will be televised on your local CBS stations.

This week's game will be nearly nationally televised (Arizona is the only exception, because, you know, the NFL hates you, Arizona) as it is the only game being played in the 2:25 time slot on CBS, thanks to MLB.

That's right, the MLB has once again taken precedence over the NFL. For the season opener four weeks ago, the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens had to play on the road in Denver because the Orioles were playing in their stadium the same day.

This week, the San Diego Chargers were originally scheduled to take on the Oakland Raiders at 2:25 p.m. but the Oakland A's have a game at Coliseum on Saturday evening. The stadium operators apparently needed more time to get the stadium adjusted from a baseball stadium to a football stadium, so the game has been pushed back.

Oakland's game will now be played at 9:35 p.m. on NFL Network (that's 11:35 p.m. ET) and the Broncos/Cowboys match up will be the only afternoon game on CBS.

This can serve as a reminder that (a) MLB is still alive and kicking, (b) baseball takes precedence over the Ravens and Raiders in their respective cities, and (c) the Broncos do not share a stadium with the Colorado Rockies, so we never have to worry about this happening in Denver.

But back to the matter at hand—the Broncos will play the Cowboys this week. Denver will be in blue (all blue) and the Cowboys will be in white. CBS’s No. 1 crew of Jim Nantz (play-by- play) and Phil Simms (color commentary) will be calling the game.

The Broncos are coming off four-straight victories to start the season while the Cowboys are coming off a 30-21 loss to the Chargers in Week 4. Both teams are currently leading their respective divisions.

Kickoff for the game on Sunday, October 6 is scheduled for 2:25 MT. The Broncos are 6-4 against the Cowboys all-time (2-2 on the road).

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