Statistical Nuggets after the First Quarter.

We are one fourth of the way through the regular season. We all know that Peyton Manning is putting up ridiculous numbers. The offense is on a historic pace. The special teams is special. And the defense has the potential to become great. I keep hearing the same stats about our Broncos (Most points to start a season since . . . , on pace to . . . ), so I thought I would dig up a few stats that I find most interesting. Some of them you probably already know. Some might be a surprize.

Manning leads the league in completions and passing yards despite being tied for 9th in attempts.

There are two QBs who have attempted more than 25 passes and have yet to throw an interception: Peyton Manning and . . . wait for it . . . Jake Locker.

Manning has more passing touchdowns than every other team has total touchdowns.

Manning had 7 passing touchdowns in his first 4 quarters. Only 8 other teams have more than 7 passing touchdowns in their first 4 games (Carolina could still join this list).

Even if the Broncos scored ten fewer points in each of their games, they would lead the league in points scored by a comfortable margin.

In the entire league, there have been 6 kicks returned for touchdowns, two by the Broncos. There have been 5 punts blocked, two by the Broncos.

Wondering why Colquitt’s yards per kick are below average? Perhaps part of it is because, of Colquitt’s 15 punts, 9 have been downed inside the 20, the highest rate in the league.

Matt Prater leads the league in total kick attempts (PATs and FG’s) without a miss at 29 total attempts. The second most attempts without a miss is Seattle’s Steven Hauschka with 19.

Robert Ayers and Shaun Phillips are each tied for 5th among defensive linemen for total sacks with 3.5. Also tied for fifth: Jared Allen, Desmond Bryant, Dontari Poe, and J.J. Watt.

Among Running Backs with 20 or more carries, Knowshon Moreno is sixth in yards per carry at 5.2.

According to Peter King’s experimental Pressure Points formula, Malik Jackson is tied for second with Ndamukongh Suh, behind only J.J. Watt, as an effective interior pass rusher on a per snap basis.

According to that same formula, the Broncos offensive line gives up the least amount of pass pressure.

The Broncos top three receivers are all in the top 8 in receptions, and the top 27 in yards. Welker and DT are 1 and 3 in TDs.

Denver leads the league in rushing yards allowed and is 3rd in yards per carry. By way of comparison, that vaunted Chief’s defense we keep hearing about is 31st in yards per carry allowed.

That is all for now. Post your favorite random stats in the comments.

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