The MHR vs AP Defense Challenge: Matchmaker Edition

This week in the epic MHR vs. AP defense challenge (original thread here).

1. Matchups for profile photo and tag line supremacy.

2. Results for "Week 1" of the challenge (Chiefs at Bills, Broncos at Chargers).

Matchups - Confirmed

MarinesChiefFan vs Brian Shrout

kdub64 vs Kevin Gillikin

DC_ChiefsFan vs The Skipper Dude

Pollard49 vs Whorfin

parkert vs broncodano

Matchups -- Willing participants

We're a couple of MHR's short, so I'll kind of leave it up to you how you want to match up, although Trogdoor's offered to take the photo/tag plunge regardless just because he's a good guy.

AP's: Chiefsfanindonkeyland, Spunky, cpa013, severn58

MHR's: Trogdoor, PearlJamBroncoGFunk

Let me know if I've forgotten anybody!

Results from Week 1

I broke down the Chiefs drive chart vs the Bills here, so I won't belabor that. Here's the drive chart for the Broncos and Chargers:

Qtr Time Start End Yards Result Pts TO
1 15:00 SD 20 50 30 Punt 0 0
1 9:18 SD 20 DEN 8 72 Field Goal 3 0
2 13:15 SD 29 SD 32 3 Punt 0 0
2 11:04 SD 41 DEN 22 37 Field Goal 3 0
2 6:38 SD 20 DEN 19 61 Missed FG 0 0
3 11:34 SD 20 SD 29 29 Punt 0 0
3 9:30 DEN 11 DEN 0 11 Touchdown 7 0
3 6:22 SD 20 SD 37 17 Punt 0 0
3 0:29 SD 40 DEN 0 60 Touchdown 7 0
4 6:43 SD 20 SD 39 19 Punt 0 0
Totals 339 20 0

First impressions from a Bronco perspective: Not bad. Yards were decent considering we were on the road against Phillip Rivers. Points were acceptable. The lack of forced turnovers were definitely a concern, though. That metric is definitely favoring the opportunistic Chiefs D.

So, after Week 1 of the challenge, things look like this:

Chiefs Broncos
Opp Poss Yards Pts TO's Opp Poss Yards Pts TO's
Week 1 @BUF 11 469 -1 5 @SD 10 339 20 0
TOTALS 11 469 -1 5 10 339 20 0
Averages 42.64 -0.09 45% 33.90 2.00 0%

Broncos winning yards (33.90 per possession to 42.64)

Chiefs winning points (-0.09 per possession to 2.00)

Chiefs winning turnovers (45% of possessions to 0%)

I don't know about any of the rest of you, but I'm kind of looking forward to Sunday!

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