Roll Call: Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers, Week 10

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

The game that should have been a blow out ended up being a nail biter with a worrisome ankle injury to Peyton Manning, but the Denver Broncos held on for the win against the San Diego Chargers. Phillip Rivers was terrible, which eased our troubled minds down the stretch. Here's to beating the Kansas City Chiefs next week!

Roll Call!

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Total comments 2,026
Total commenters 89
Commenter list 88932, 18man, 70fan70, Bleedin Orange 24, Bluedude, BrandingoBronco, Britt Pegram, Bronco Fan Doug, Bronco Mike, Bronco With A Side Of Orange Crush, BroncoCUbuffs, BroncosFanForLife, BroncosSixersDuke, C.Settles, CO Hobbit, CPT.Caveman, California MusicFan, Chiefs Nomad, ColoradoZebo, CompUser, DallasChiefsFan25, Denver18, Denversports, Doc Fluty, ElwayFanJ, EverVigilant, Gr3yStreet, Greywing, Gulbrand, Henderson-Sports 06, Jbronc, Kappa Donkey, Lell87, MILEHIGHORANGEHORSEPOWER, MTorange&blue, Mancar, Matthew Oakley, Montreal_wiseguy, MrEast, NHPeytonFan18, NOTHINGSAFE91, OldStrike, P0RKINS2, PABroncofan, Rainbow skyline, Richard Huth, RockyMountainWay91, Rodney Adams, Russscot, SDcat09, SaguaroBronco, SaltyDog572, Scotty Payne, Sean in Pa., The Danish Bronco, The Ghost of Marv Throneberry, Tim Lynch, Triz06, Ty46, VR92, Whorfin, WillyBFree2Bronc, Xeno24, YJ, artistnyc, azbroncomaniac, boothman11, brianbronco27, broncodano, broncosfaninphilly, david.huynh., diehardbroncofan, emd2k3, h2o Dog, idahobronc, james b, kuchiefs13, mdierk, mt_griz99, oldcoachB, ozark_orange, phlebotomyorange, shasta77, slipperyice, the new Bradfather, theraccoun, tonks, vburkhart, veggiezaffer
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1 RockyMountainWay91 182
2 Tim Lynch 145
3 phlebotomyorange 117
4 70fan70 91
5 CO Hobbit 90
6 Jbronc 85
7 WillyBFree2Bronc 82
8 the new Bradfather 74
9 Bronco Fan Doug 66
10 diehardbroncofan 65
11 Britt Pegram 62
12 Bleedin Orange 24 62
13 Russscot 60
14 SDcat09 58
15 oldcoachB 46
16 Gulbrand 45
17 artistnyc 43
18 BroncoCUbuffs 38
19 mdierk 35
20 Sean in Pa. 33
21 P0RKINS2 32
22 MrEast 31
24 BrandingoBronco 25
25 Ty46 22
26 CPT.Caveman 20
27 Matthew Oakley 20
28 California MusicFan 20
29 Bronco With A Side Of Orange Crush 19
30 idahobronc 18
31 ozark_orange 18
32 shasta77 17
33 james b 16
34 ElwayFanJ 13
35 brianbronco27 13
36 Denver18 13
37 SaguaroBronco 12
38 CompUser 11
39 Gr3yStreet 11
40 Doc Fluty 11
41 kuchiefs13 10
42 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry 10
43 Whorfin 10
44 mt_griz99 10
45 88932 10
46 vburkhart 9
47 MTorange&blue 8
48 Mancar 7
49 Montreal_wiseguy 7
50 Henderson-Sports 06 7
51 tonks 6
52 broncosfaninphilly 6
53 Kappa Donkey 5
54 Bluedude 5
55 BroncosFanForLife 5
56 Rodney Adams 5
57 Rainbow skyline 4
58 Triz06 4
59 C.Settles 4
60 slipperyice 3
61 Richard Huth 3
62 DallasChiefsFan25 3
63 boothman11 3
64 Denversports 3
65 SaltyDog572 3
66 emd2k3 2
67 The Danish Bronco 2
68 azbroncomaniac 2
69 david.huynh. 2
70 veggiezaffer 2
71 YJ 2
72 Lell87 1
73 h2o Dog 1
74 VR92 1
75 Greywing 1
76 broncodano 1
77 18man 1
78 EverVigilant 1
79 NHPeytonFan18 1
80 ColoradoZebo 1
81 BroncosSixersDuke 1
83 theraccoun 1
84 OldStrike 1
85 Chiefs Nomad 1
86 Bronco Mike 1
87 Scotty Payne 1
88 Xeno24 1
89 PABroncofan 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
9 Tim Lynch LOL!
9 BroncosFanForLife This MUST be shared.
6 Tim Lynch Go F Yourself San Diego. This video has cracked me up all day.
5 Mancar His negativity is a good luck charm.
5 ozark_orange I'm game for trashing Phyllis until the games begin!
4 Tim Lynch Oh yeah. I'm ready!
4 CPT.Caveman This week sucks.
3 CO Hobbit [no title]
3 ozark_orange And this:
3 ozark_orange I'm practicing on my Chiefs Voodoo doll for next week:
3 phlebotomyorange Oh but it is, just not for DAL
2 Bleedin Orange 24 Does anyone remember the names Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, Brian Greise...maybe Manning is human and this isn't Madden. He is having a record breaking season, an above average season and he's a hall of famer arguably the best of all time
2 the new Bradfather screw you all Chargers
2 Tim Lynch Trolling the Chiefs, always...
2 MrEast "Everytime I go downstairs to grab bud light we score"
2 RockyMountainWay91 A football Sunday just isn't the same without the Chiefs in dog fight playing a 3rd stringer QB :)
2 Tim Lynch 3 and out, fake punt, held, punt, broncos ball
2 Denversports TD range
2 Bronco With A Side Of Orange Crush I wonder if Teo's girlfriend is in the audience.
2 ozark_orange Quite a few Phyllis pictures on the interweb:
2 CO Hobbit Well then their world comes crashing down some of their fans might think about suicide.
1 RockyMountainWay91 But they were down 36-17 at one point
1 P0RKINS2 Classic example of a young team
1 WillyBFree2Bronc So much for the stout Colts defense..
1 WillyBFree2Bronc I rewatched our game with them (Colts), and if we didn't commit the 4 turnovers, we probably beat them by 16...
1 james b Phil Simms thinks little feet help Dlineman make plays?
1 MrEast For real.
1 phlebotomyorange [no title]
1 RockyMountainWay91 Indy just doesn't even bother showing up against bad teams i guess.
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Yeah! We love you Peyton, but we have Luck...Bwahahahaahahaaaahaaaa...
1 RockyMountainWay91 Doesn't make any sense at all.
1 BroncoCUbuffs That much Jack already!
1 Tim Lynch Broncos defender down? Gee, thanks CBS for f****** vagueness.
1 Tim Lynch glad its karma paid to the Ravens and not the Broncos. haha
1 CO Hobbit It is missing a couple of things.
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Oh my God I just saw the stands on that kickoff
1 idahobronc Sounds like a magician distracted Dipdorf.
1 RockyMountainWay91 that's scary
1 WillyBFree2Bronc What Luck, huh?
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Let's see, we all know how the APers love to compare one game to another right?
1 Bronco Fan Doug Thanks! And thanks for all you do.
1 BroncoCUbuffs What's he using, a thimble?
1 Britt Pegram Holiday=bench
1 CompUser I've never met any hero either,
1 Matthew Oakley I'm fed up with the lack of calls
1 70fan70 I know PFM is our MVP, but I am shocked to admit but Knowshon should be right there as well
1 Russscot Why should I apologize to you?
1 RockyMountainWay91 is that Jamal Charles?
1 Matthew Oakley No, but it still would be nice for things to be fair
1 phlebotomyorange you mean they were doing that on purpose?
1 C.Settles but they still have the refs
1 Tim Lynch Denver.
1 Denver18 Dumb for SD not to burn 1 and use the 2 min warning as another one
1 Doc Fluty [no title]
1 Tim Lynch Except if its Jacksonville.z
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Oh no, not you too?
1 oldcoachB Go I hate Dierdorf he is Harbaughs godfather!
1 Tim Lynch Why am I the first rec on this biznatch?
1 RockyMountainWay91 the fumble caused all of this
1 70fan70 he already denied it all
1 BroncoCUbuffs "We can't stop anyone. We can't stop anyone" we're all going to die!
1 ozark_orange For you, Eeyore:
1 phlebotomyorange And Nantz's ophthalmologist appointment is on monday.
1 SaguaroBronco Walton, Kuper, & Hillman too
1 Henderson-Sports 06 [no title]
1 Denver18 Del Rio should've used a timeout. They're trying to score and milk the clock
1 Tim Lynch First!
1 the new Bradfather nice methodology Super Sparklers
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Well, they'll sure as hell be tested next week, I can guarantee you that...
1 Jbronc Damn it
1 Sean in Pa. how about
1 phlebotomyorange Lenay said she would be there.
1 RockyMountainWay91 never called for us
1 Bronco Fan Doug Now that is what we needed
1 SDcat09 Where is the interference?
1 diehardbroncofan Would love to see us get our run game going in the second half too.
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Uh, we beat ourselves?
1 BrandingoBronco A TD drive to start the third and the defense will look like demons
1 Tim Lynch [no title]
1 Britt Pegram td range!
1 SDcat09 Are you from the future?
1 Russscot Oh, FFS. they do the exact same thing with Fox coaching.
1 Britt Pegram we have to play like this next week..... turn over free
1 ozark_orange You're not alone.
1 CompUser Bradfather made a good (and I think meaningful) point.
1 Tim Lynch lol!
1 the new Bradfather well, Eeyore
1 brianbronco27 PASS MOTHER FING INTERFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!
1 Russscot Piss off with your judgements of someone you know only through this board.
1 NOTHINGSAFE91 [no title]
1 CO Hobbit I have no problem with you or the bloggers here on MHR.
1 the new Bradfather Nantz and Simms
1 Montreal_wiseguy If were giving long runs to Ryan freaking Mathews then its gonna be a loooong day next week with Charles
1 Bronco Fan Doug I love when TV and KOA synch
1 MrEast "I believe there is a football player for one of the teams down of the field with an injury to a body part."
1 RockyMountainWay91 Good to see them call clear holds on the Chargers.
1 NOTHINGSAFE91 [no title]
1 Tim Lynch New format this week on the game threads.
1 Bronco Fan Doug OK D tightened when they needed, now let's go get another 7
1 Tim Lynch They tend to play up or down to their opponents.
1 david.huynh. im worried guys
1 the new Bradfather masturbating?
1 70fan70 you will see more screens and draws next week for sure to slow down the chiefs Defense
1 Bleedin Orange 24 You did say clock didn't you?
1 Sean in Pa. He got pushed
1 Bronco Fan Doug Dang alot of Orange in that stadium
1 Bronco Mike BRING ON THE CHIEFS!!!
1 SDcat09 You took the gibberish right out of my mouth
1 diehardbroncofan Another touchdown that cannot be put on the D.
1 WillyBFree2Bronc GB's Jordy Nelson is one hell of an athlete...
1 the new Bradfather Rahim Moore! Screw you haters
1 MrEast Big Vick should be embarrassed.

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