Driving The Chiefs

Doug Pensinger

An idea generally has an exact point of origin. But a strong and firm, well-thought opinion doesn't simply genie-blink itself into existence. No, no. They all have that big bang, but for us to be right more often than we're wrong, the basic concept must then evolve as the discussion gets broadened. New theories and ideas are brought to light, and folks come along painting different pictures of different aspects. Debates are had, and though strong opposition we begin to see the best form of the argument. We underline this, throw out that, pivot here, and we learn from that. We begin to see the big picture, and it becomes more clear as time goes on. Once we've seen the evidence piled up, and the trends stacked side by side, something inside of us finally decides and commits on whether to veer off to the right, swerve to the left, or stay on course.

My fellow fans, the Chiefs are on their way to Denver. We've heard the merits of both sides of the argument, and now it's time to drive that car. Have our opinions evolved, and did our theories change? Well, that's what we're here to talk about. Spoiler Alert: I'm going to drive this car right up their HORN!

The Unstoppable Force Against the Immovable Object?

Chief fans dub this upcoming game as being the unstoppable force (the Denver offense) against the immovable object (the Kansas City defense). We Denver fans have largely begun to reject that notion, however, holding instead that our offense is historical, while the KC defense is merely a league leader. We hold that the Broncos have the best offense the world has ever seen, while having disagreement as to just how good that Chiefs defense truly is. Around here, we point out that Denver's unstoppable force has been tested against two top-10 scoring defenses - coming out of those contests averaging 41 points, the same as it's overall season average. Has the KC defense been tested like the Denver offense has been tested? I keep saying to those fans that never before in the history of the league has a team been allowed to tee-off on a worse row of quarterbacks. I'm still waiting to hear any argument to the contrary.

The Denver offense is breaking records every week. A down day for them, a down few weeks... yep, even in those weeks the pace is record-setting. What we're witnessing, boys and girls, is historic. Plain and simple. Nobody laughs or argues when it's said that the Denver offense is likely the best in the history of the league. But plenty of folks do laugh when Chiefs fans try to say something similar about their defense.

And thus, I say it again: This offense of the Denver Broncos is the best unit in the history of the game. What we're seeing on Sundays is epic. The Chiefs defense, on the other hand... they're simply pretty good. And as such, they should never again be referred to as an immovable object. It's out of context. It's wrong. It's like saying your cousin is cute while trying to hook up a friend. Sure, your cousin might be cute and maybe you can even slightly make out a six-pack... but if your friend is Mila Kunis... cute isn't going to cut it. Ya dig?

Turnovers or not, defensive scoring or not, a quiet quarter here, some drops there... whatever. The Denver Broncos are going to put up points. Can a good Kansas City defense stop them? Slow them down? To answer, let me point out that Baltimore's punishment for playing against the Denver offense is that their defense now holds an 8th place ranking in points allowed instead of the 5th place ranking that they would have had. Not to mention some egg on their face.

Denver put up three times as many points against Baltimore (49) as that which other teams have averaged. Is it really so far fetched that they do something similar to the Chiefs? The Ravens aren't the only top-10 scoring defense that the Broncos have faced, btw. They faced another one as recently as three games ago - during the so-called downward trend of the Bronco offense; Peyton put up 383 yards, 3 TD's and a lone interception for a quarterback rating of 96.1. Just another day at the office for the man called Peyton F. Manning.

Between the slow starts, Foxball late in games, drops by receivers, fumbles by runners.. it's not very often that Denver puts up 4 quarters of offense. Does it matter? Does it really matter if the turnover battle is lost? What if the Chiefs score a touchdown on defense? Meh, I don't really think it's all that relevant. Been there, done that. Nothing stops the Denver offense for long, nothing other than an opposing offense limiting their drives. And the Chiefs aren't capable of doing that.

The Forgotten Son.

So much is made of the Denver offense going up against the Kansas City Chiefs defense, and maybe it will be a low scoring game after all. Maybe the offense does have a bad day. But what about the Denver defense? What about this red-headed step child who the outsiders so quickly want to brush aside and send to Special Ed?

Let's play a game, shall we? Pitt an average defense against two top-7 offenses in back to back weeks. Tell them they're going to lose the turnover battle in both games and that they'll lose the TOP in at least one of those games by a mile, forcing them to stay on the field for what must seem like an eternity. How does that end for the defense?

Well, that's exactly what happened to the Denver defense these last two weeks, and the response was to hit RGIII an incredible 13 times, and then to follow up by sacking Phillip Rivers four times, adding a whopping 33% to his entire season's sack-total in just one game. The defense held RGIII and the Skins to 21 points after giving them 4 turnovers (wait, what?), and then basically held Rivers to 13 points - after losing the TOP by mile, and losing the TO battle as well (again). Tell me how an average defense accomplishes that, let alone the Bad News Bears of a unit that the Denver defense is being made out to be?

My friends, I've heard all the arguments to pretty much all of these issues, and I find them incredibly lacking. Our opinions have had time to evolve, and we've become more educated on the topics. Do you now veer right or turn left? For me, I've decided to stay firmly on course. I tried to be reasonable, and even considered understating while expecting to over produce. But where's the fun in that? My confidence won't affect the players on the field or the outcome of the game. So my job instead is to tell it like it is: The Chiefs don't belong at the top of this division. This is our MF House. This is our MF league. And it's us who will be celebrating the victories.

Two good games from the defense isn't enough to sway any opinion one way or another, but that's where the picture needs to be broadened. That's what the intro was all about. One needs to recall that the Denver defense was elite last year. In all categories. All. Major. Categories. It's the same returning Defensive Coordinator, and the same major players. If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck... it's coming to kick some Chief ass.


The old cliche that anything can happen on any given Sunday still holds a dark mark in our hearts, as we all witnessed first hand in the playoffs last year that an ugly combination of Lady Luck paired with some dirty little Angels in the Outfield can turn the tides convincingly against you on any day and at any moment. I can't guarantee a victory against the Chiefs. All I can tell you is that I feel like I've listened, I feel like I've learned, and I feel like we're going to beat the shit out of them. If I'm wrong, then this post will serve as the reminder to all. It will be my Scarlet Letter and my cross to bear. But I ain't scared. I'm not going to veer off to the right. I'm not going to turn left, and I'm not going to pump the breaks - because every sense of my being is telling me that this is a Kansas City team that doesn't belong in this conversation. The voices in my head are instead telling me to step on the gas and drive this car right up their HORN! Go Broncos!

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