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When opponents run plays against the Chiefs from the 1 yard line, it is now tied 7-7. Who cares what the Griefs have done up to this point? You could list all the amazing accomplishments this 9-0 "juggernaut" has done to this point and it really doesn't matter one bit. Peyton carved up their vaunted defense like he's done every other defense this year. Really, they CAN NOT match up with our receivers. Brandon Flowers can take as many cheap shots as he wants, but he is no match for Welker. Wes consistently made him look a fool and got WIDE open on several occasions while Flowers ran in the wrong direction. Sure we would have liked to blow out this immoveable object, but I tend to believe that we weren't trying to show our entire hand since we meet again in just 2 weeks. We clearly throttled down in the second half and let Knowshon carry the rock for a season high 27 carries. Don't get it mistaken Grief fans, this could have been a blow out. Take your moral victories back to KC and hang them up in your trophy case because it's dusty in there.

Photo By: Denver Broncos - Gabriel Christus

Thank You To A Whale's Vagina

Couldn't be more thankful to the San Diego Chargers. They let us get our hands on the best RG in the NFL in Louis Vasquez, our best pass rusher in Shaun Philips and now Quentin Jammer is playing lock down defense out of nowhere. All three of these players would be at the top of the Chargers' depth chart. In the past two weeks, Jammer has gotten significant playing time. That time is not wasted as he's broken up a few passes thrown his way. He hasn't looked incapable and has actually helped the team. From being the bottom of the barrel to breaking up passes on game day. Thanks for stepping your game up. Louis was quiet again, which is a very good thing. Let's keep it that way. Shaun has been a gift. I've spoken on his play before, but it warrants more praise with the way he played last night. He was second on the team in total tackles just behind Trevathan. He came up with 1.5 sacks, 2 tackles for a loss, 2 passes batted at the line and added 2 more QB hits. He was plainly disruptive. That's not even adding his pressures. Shaun is well on his way to his bonus and he's earned it.

Introducing Montee

It could have been the last we've seen of Montee when "we" fumbled the ball away deep in our own territory. The Chiefs have lived off of forcing turnovers and giving their offense short fields to put points on the board. When you examine the fumble a little closer, it was miscommunication between the RB and QB. Peyton was expecting his RB to take the ball from a set position like a draw play. Montee thought he was supposed to cross the QB and run off the Guard. The timing wasn't there and Montee thought he was going to receive the ball a foot from where Manning was intending to put it. It's a game of inches and the ball hit Montee in the elbow instead of the bread basket. That's a rookie mistake because I'm slightly certain Manning didn't screw up the exchange even though he was credited with the fumble. Luckily for the excellent play of our young Danny Trevathan, we put a screeching halt to that immediately. Montee get's another chance. And with that chance he finds the endzone twice in goal-to-go situations. This kid has a knack for the endzone as evidenced by his college career. That TD from the 1 yard line was a thing of beauty. He saw the play was getting blown up by Hali, but understood the situation and went downhill after a beautiful spin. Perfectly timed and perfectly executed. Add in that he was great in pass protection and even flashed on special teams making a tackle. Props to the rookie. Keep progressing kid, we're gonna need you.

Feast or Famine

You have to take the good with the bad. Two players fit into this topic. Trindon Holliday and Julius Thomas. There is too much up-side to not have these players on the field. There are already complaints from fans that Trindon is at the point of needing to be replaced. Really? As good as he's played for us, you already want to send him to waivers and let someone else claim him to score TDs for another team? Look kneejerks we HAVE to keep Trindon on this team. You must have forgotten the days of Jim Leonard returning punts for 5 yards a pop. We've been searching for the game changer return man for years and you already want to give up on him after a quiet few games? (*half of his games are a mile high limiting returns) A spoiled bunch we are if we think we should be scoring TDs every game on special teams. KC has a "great" special teams and McCluster has a whopping 2 TD returns in 4 YEARS! Trindon averages a TD every 4.5 games.

Julius is costing us plays. Right after the 70 yard bomb to Demaryius, Julius gets beat inside by Justin Houston and stops Knowshon dead in his tracks for a 1 yard gain. Very reminiscent of the blown block on Robert Mathis a few games back. It's not all bad. There are plays where he uses great technique and beats his man. He's just very inconsistent at this point. These missed blocks could potentially mean a difference between scoring and punting. He did find the endzone again this week for his 10th TD of the season. That is why he is a must to keep on the field. All-Pro Eric Berry had no chance to match up with Julius this game. He hates horses even more now. Eat that Griefs.

D Day

It was clear who had the best defense on the field. For the 3rd straight week, the Broncos have held an opponent to 200 yards or less through the air. Without Alex Smith's scrambling, the Chiefs running backs were held to under 100 yards rushing. Jamal Charles had 1 gain of significance on the day but was bottled up the other 15 carries. Without some untimely penalties, the Chiefs don't even score 17 points. Duke, here's looking at you. Instead of a 3rd and long, you gave the Chiefs another first down deep into Denver territory ultimately leading to Bowe's push-off TD. Chiefs got an extra 5 first downs through penalties. Clean those up and this is an embarrassing loss by the leagues number 1 team. As much as we've heard about their defense, it was the Bronco unit that came up with the 3 sacks and 10 passes defended. It was lock down all day. Smith even threw a screen for a loss of yardage when their ONLY goal was to put points on the board when it's do or die as time was running out. Great way to do anything for the win Captain Checkdown. Pfft.

Prepare For Change

So news broke that Del Rio interviewed for the USC position during the bye week. In my opinion, it's a done deal. I reckon that the USC coaching job is Del Rio's white whale. I don't see him passing this up. It stinks that the defense is going to have to learn a new system yet again after the season. He's done a great job for us in his two short years turning this unit into an upper echelon defense. Luckily, we have play makers all over the field and Fox is still a defensive minded coach. I don't see anyone on the current staff that can replace Del Rio and keep the defense rolling. I'm hoping I'm way off on Del Rio, but it's time to start doing due diligence for the next-man-up.

Best Linebacker, Von?

After another lackluster performance by our prize defender, Von's weight gain is definitely coming into question. He struggled to get the edge against the Chiefs and couldn't get to Alex Smith. He had a single assisted tackle on the night and zero QB hits. Like every other game, my main focus is on Von at the snap and once he's stone-walled, then I find the ball. His get-off hasn't improved. Only once did I see him really bend his body like we're used to seeing to get to the QB and I think that happened on the very last play of the game where Capt. Checkdown threw a screen.(must be sad for KC fans to know the game was already over before that possession) The blazing speed/quickness is gone. I ask once again, how long do we wait until "he just came back from suspension" rings hollow?

As Von comes back to down to earth, Danny Trevathan has ascended to new heights. Sure the defense isn't the same without Von and Woodyard in the lineup, but Trev is playing lights out football right now. If he's not making game winning interceptions, he's blasting ball carriers forcing fumbles. That hit on Sherman in the flat was just a monstrous hit. A perfectly executed tackle with enough force to make anyone fumble. That was a turning point in the game as the Chiefs were already in the redzone after a fumble recovery like they've been so lucky to do all season long. Instead of the Chiefs scoring, Trevathan got us the ball back then 3 plays later DT goes 70 yards. Talk about a huge momentum swing. Trevathan is our leading tackler and by a wide margin. He's been consistent all year long and is great in coverage. What a draft pick, TYJE.

Little Quick Notes:

  • Props to the home crowd starting the game with a false start to go with a 3 and out. Keep it up fans, we will need you more and more as the games get more important.
  • I wish someone would teach Trindon Holliday to switch the ball to the outside arm. That would have prevented his game changing fumble against the Colts and it still has not been addressed. He still keeps the ball on the inside where defenders can grab at it.
  • We really missed out on Vontaze Burfict. There was a lot of chatter on MHR about possibly picking up that bad apple, but he's really been playing to his film. He's an enforcer as evidenced by the personal fouls. Forget all the combine numbers, this kid might be the best player on a very good defense.(without Geno Atkins of course)
  • I don't see the need to have the highest paid punter on a stacked team with expiring contracts. Britton is not the best punter in the league, so why did we pay him like he was? Too many times he comes up with a short punt. Too many in regards to his contract that is. Sure we don't want another Mitch Berger, but I'd rather keep players like Decker around.
  • Steven Johnson with a welcome-to-the-party hit on Jamal Charles. I got so hyped after seeing that hit. Not only was it a thump, it prevented a definite TD from the 1 yard line. I have JC in my fantasy and started him. I never wanted to lose a fantasy football game more than yesterday.
  • I hate when Tomlinson is right. We didn't score 28 points. Maybe I should give him a tad more credit. Nah.
  • Dwayne Bowe gets arrested for speeding and marijuana possession and starts the game. Jason Snelling gets caught with Mary Jane and he doesn't make the trip to Tampa for their game against the Bucs. Way to go KC front office. Good luck in game 2 against us without your ONLY receiving threat.

There we have it folks. Paper tigers were ripped to shreds, offensively and defensively. It was closer than I had anticipated, but again, the game was NEVER in jeopardy. Our offense seams to be slowing down a bit and no, it wasn't due to the Chiefs defense. It slowed down last week too. I'm leaning towards the idea that we are keeping our cards close to the vest and not exposing everything we're capable of doing. Especially against the Chiefs. We had the lead, now get out healthy. Open up the playbook in two weeks when we have to play them again and this game is still fresh in their heads. It's a game of chess. I'm all for it as long as we have the W. Next up a nice serving of Pats nation. Let's eat! Go Broncos.

"they are who we thought they were"

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