wait... what did del rio say.....?

Ok, so there i was, happily watching film on the broncos after the impressive win over the hated kansas city chiefs on Sunday Night Football. It was a good party, and a good game.. Bulldog is sleeping off the food coma he gets when we win a game, as the group i watch the game with is rather....


And that means fried foods succumb to gravity during celebrations, big plays, and the nacho tray always ends up on the floor at the end of the game.

..and the bulldog sounds sick when he sleeps, but isnt.. and Im surfing the net, looking for articles, catching up on the MHR, crunching the numbers and reading the thoughts...

following the game as a fan will, fat and happy, with an obese hound in the corner, who sounds like a harbor seal with a head pockets abound...


Enjoying the aftermath of a Bronco Victory.

I stop by Broncos.Com and enjoy watching the post game wrap up by the coachs, and now with the unfortunate turn of events regarding fox, im watching Jack Del Rio answer questions from the vultures known as the media.

Its always answered the same way, standard boiler plate responses, nothing but team speak, no real answers of substance.

A typical post game media conference. I listen halfheartedly as i have realized the bulldog has thrown up the nights meal before, and since he was laying on his back, it has filled his nose, and nacho filled saliva bubbles are being blown in concert with his respiration... completely unaffecting his deep nap...

its an odd picture... and in the background, the voices..

Jack, what did you think of Kansas Citys defense? How did you account for such a strong defensive line... What did you do in regards to the run game....?? the questions flowed.. they were the basic questions that the unimaginative reporting staff of journalists usually run... as ive never heard anything remarkable in a post game press conference.

Because Belicheck taught us all, plans are secret. You dont tell the rest of the world what your plans are.

Im kinda paying attention, when the subject of Quinton Jammer comes up...

A female voice from the reporting amoeba pool....

Jammer, responded del rio... oh hes a quality veteran. You have veterans who can spoil a locker room, and you have veterans who cement a locker room. Jammer is one of the best. Hes been patient... waiting for his turn to play.. and since we brought him in to transition safety....

Huh? Excuse me? What was that...?

My attention immediately focused. Pausing the interview, i rolled it back and pushed the headphones closer to the ear.

since we brought him in to transition to safety......

I had never heard anything like this before during an interview. I have never heard a head coach tell of what future plans would occur. And it kept happening. Del Rio spoke of Ayers and Phillips, and how he has performed beyond expectation, and has worked very hard vs the run....

What the hell was the man doing? Actually answering the questions and giving insight like ive never heard before.

How Malik was selected because he can play multiple positions.

Its nothing that gives away tactics, or would be an advantage for an enemy to know, but to actually get some answers that bloggers such as we argue and postulate over... taking scraps of information and formulating a theory with only a few clues of what our franchise did....

and heres Del Rio, explaining more than id ever think was possible in a 20 minute conversation.

It was a free order of mental Broncos nachos.

For those who are blessed/cursed with a love of things orange and blue, who wake and read the front page of NFL.COM while the coffee pot is brewing up at five am... this is a remarkable look at our team from the inside. From the man who has built the defense... and many many questions weve asked here at the Mile High Report...

and you actually get answers.

Do yourself a favor, and watch this interview.

It explains a lot.


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