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Greetings to all Broncos fans! Use this thread to ask as Pats fans any questions you may have related to this Sunday's huge matchup, our current roster, or franchise in general.

Our season so far

The 2013 New England Patriots started out with more questions then answers - the offense was completely rebuilt, with all five of its top weapons either gone or injured. On defense, a team that was solid at the end of the year was looking to make the jump into the category of elite. We weathered the early storm well, getting a series of close but satisfying wins to begin the season.

As time went by we lost more top-tier players to injuries, including defensive Pro-Bowlers Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo. The offense stepped up in its place, however, with the likes of Aaron Dobson and Kenbrell Thompkins turning into stars. Rob Gronkowski came back and Danny Amendola managed to string together a few injury-free games, leaving us in good shape to compete with the best.

Also worth noting, at least three of our games this year have been decided by questionable calls. The Saints game was won on a play that should have been holding, and I'm sure you're all familiar with last night's picked up flag that cost us against Carolina. We also lost to the Jets thanks to a bizarre penalty during a field goal, which I had never seen before and haven't seen since. Regardless of whether or not you support these calls, it is unfortunate to see so many games being decided by the officials.

Expectations for our matchup against you

Against Denver, I would expect the Patriots to try to control the pace of the game. If we get out to an early lead, expect more passing and hurry up in order to extend the lead and tire out the defense. If Denver gets the early advantage, there is a good chance we'd respond with short, safe passes and the run game in order to slow things down and prevent the volley of points you guys are capable of putting up.

For you, the middle of the field will be your best option. Our deep coverage is some of the best in the AFC, featuring the likes of Talib, McCourty, and, with Dennard out, rookies Logan Ryan and Duron Harmon. Underneath, we're alot more vulnerable: Kyle Arrington is average against slot WRs, our TE coverage has been bad since the loss of Mayo, and RBs catching out of the backfield have always been a weakness.

If we could have any Broncos player....

I'd definitely choose Demaryius Thomas. His ability to play anywhere on the field, whether it be going deep or shorter routes, would do wonders for an offense that already has Rob Gronkowski and several other strong players that have trouble staying healthy. What Patriots players do you especially like?

And that about does it. This week will no-doubt be one of the biggest of the year for both teams, with both bragging rights and potential playoff seeding at stake. Have fun!

Oh, and here's a link to our site.

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