Roll Call: Chiefs @ Broncos, Week 11

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Some new guy on MHR completely slaughtered multi-week commenting winner RockyMountainWay91 last week with 251 comments on Sunday Night. Way to go Britt! It seems I am basically good for around 100-125 comments myself, so there's that.

Chatting it up with you folks is always nicer when the Denver Broncos destroy a division rival like the Kansas City Chiefs!

Roll Call Info
Total comments 3,195
Total commenters 129
Commenter list 88932, 58Thomas, Amilcar, ArrowSpread, Atmx2000, Ayrshire, BillBert11, Bluedude, BrandingoBronco, Britt Pegram, Bronco Fan Doug, Bronco Mike, BroncoCUbuffs, BroncosNYC, C.Settles, CKremer, CO Hobbit, COT, CPT.Caveman, California MusicFan, Carolinabronco, Chiefs Nomad, ColoradoZebo, CompUser, DallasChiefsFan25, Dannie Ray, Digger7, Doc Fluty, ElwayFanJ, FlintHillsMagic_sock, FormerUMP, Gelder, GetRight, Greywing, Gulbrand, Henderson-Sports 06, Horse Head Bookends, JMcDaddy99, Jack Donaghy, Jason Witte, Jbronc, Just_an_APChiefs_Fan, Justificati0n, KTJ, Kappa Donkey, Kramerica Industries, LandoCalrissian, LonestarBronc, MNchiefsfan, Mancar, Matthew Oakley, Milehighmagic18, MississippiColt, Montreal_wiseguy, MrEast, MrFNSunshine, MrRiGhTNoW818, NOTHINGSAFE91, Nastyj, Nordic_Saab95, OldStrike, OppsAgain, OrangeAndBlue2, OrangeRhino, OrangeTide, OrangeTorpedo, P0RKINS2, PearlJamBroncoGFunk, Pollard49, Quantifiable Bladderhorns, RadGlad, Rainbow skyline, Rattling Bones, RockyMountainWay91, Rodney Adams, Russscot, Ryan Eames, SD guy, SaltyDog572, Scotty Payne, Sean in Pa., Stuck in chefs country, TakeFive, The Danish Bronco, Tim Lynch, Triz06, Troy Hufford, VR92, WhiskeyBravo85, Whorfin, WillyBFree2Bronc, Xeno24, YJ, amits, artistnyc, azbroncomaniac, bigdmmafan, broncoreno, broncosfaninphilly, dpb2, dreamzcolt, emd2k3, go_saleaumua, h2o Dog, idahobronc, isamudysan, isiddiqi, james b, jayrocksd, lilyofthevalley, mad horses, metalman5050, motrepip, mt_griz99, nachoplease, oldcoachB, paz.clearwater, phlebotomyorange, prodigy101, proudpioneer, rossiya, sd.husker, shasta77, slayor, slipperyice, the new Bradfather, the_roof, theraccoun, vburkhart
Story URLs
# Commenter # Comments
1 Britt Pegram 251
2 RockyMountainWay91 209
3 Russscot 171
4 Bronco Fan Doug 154
5 WillyBFree2Bronc 125
6 Tim Lynch 118
7 phlebotomyorange 110
8 emd2k3 90
9 CPT.Caveman 86
10 Jbronc 75
11 amits 70
12 CO Hobbit 59
13 P0RKINS2 57
14 Horse Head Bookends 57
15 BroncosNYC 57
16 FlintHillsMagic_sock 56
17 oldcoachB 54
18 the new Bradfather 54
19 RadGlad 54
20 Atmx2000 53
21 OrangeTorpedo 51
22 Whorfin 50
23 CompUser 48
24 Triz06 45
25 Justificati0n 44
26 Scotty Payne 44
27 TakeFive 43
28 isiddiqi 41
29 mt_griz99 40
30 BrandingoBronco 40
31 artistnyc 39
32 Doc Fluty 37
33 broncosfaninphilly 35
34 ColoradoZebo 33
35 COT 32
36 Matthew Oakley 31
37 Henderson-Sports 06 30
38 james b 29
39 metalman5050 28
40 Jason Witte 26
41 azbroncomaniac 25
42 bigdmmafan 23
43 mad horses 22
44 isamudysan 21
45 C.Settles 19
46 OppsAgain 19
47 Gulbrand 18
48 ElwayFanJ 17
50 Bronco Mike 13
51 paz.clearwater 13
52 Digger7 11
53 OrangeRhino 11
54 VR92 11
55 shasta77 10
56 Kappa Donkey 8
57 DallasChiefsFan25 8
58 YJ 8
59 Montreal_wiseguy 8
60 jayrocksd 8
61 vburkhart 8
62 rossiya 7
63 h2o Dog 6
64 go_saleaumua 6
65 Kramerica Industries 6
66 Rainbow skyline 6
67 Sean in Pa. 6
68 KTJ 6
69 OldStrike 6
70 Stuck in chefs country 5
71 Rodney Adams 5
72 88932 5
73 Greywing 4
74 idahobronc 4
75 The Danish Bronco 4
76 WhiskeyBravo85 4
77 slayor 4
78 Gelder 4
79 slipperyice 4
80 the_roof 4
81 MrRiGhTNoW818 3
82 nachoplease 3
83 Pollard49 3
84 Dannie Ray 3
85 Jack Donaghy 3
86 Ayrshire 2
87 Chiefs Nomad 2
88 dpb2 2
89 Troy Hufford 2
90 CKremer 2
91 broncoreno 2
92 California MusicFan 2
93 MNchiefsfan 2
94 OrangeAndBlue2 2
95 BroncoCUbuffs 2
96 Ryan Eames 2
97 FormerUMP 2
98 proudpioneer 2
99 Bluedude 2
100 Rattling Bones 2
101 MrEast 2
102 Just_an_APChiefs_Fan 2
103 JMcDaddy99 1
104 lilyofthevalley 1
105 LonestarBronc 1
106 motrepip 1
107 BillBert11 1
108 GetRight 1
109 sd.husker 1
110 MississippiColt 1
111 Carolinabronco 1
112 dreamzcolt 1
113 Amilcar 1
114 Nastyj 1
115 ArrowSpread 1
116 Nordic_Saab95 1
117 58Thomas 1
118 LandoCalrissian 1
119 prodigy101 1
120 MrFNSunshine 1
121 Quantifiable Bladderhorns 1
122 OrangeTide 1
123 Xeno24 1
124 PearlJamBroncoGFunk 1
125 Mancar 1
126 SD guy 1
127 theraccoun 1
128 Milehighmagic18 1
129 SaltyDog572 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
6 Jack Donaghy Trolololololololol
5 Triz06 Hey KC.... We can score points off turnovers too!
5 RadGlad This face
5 C.Settles Oh boy did Manning take a beating
4 CO Hobbit [no title]
4 Jack Donaghy Attn: Chiefs
3 james b He sneaks into your bed at night and slaps your face
3 Bronco Mike First bitches!
3 Digger7 Chris Collinsworth...
3 Justificati0n [no title]
3 amits For all those KC players Riding Peyton.....Here is Poe and KC fans!
3 motrepip another chiefs fan here
3 RadGlad Tim wielding the banhammer...
2 Bronco Fan Doug If we get out of here with a win, and PFM jersey clean, I be really happy
2 the new Bradfather I am the Bradfather, you are Eeyore
2 emd2k3 [no title]
2 emd2k3 [no title]
2 dpb2 Chiefs Fan here
2 phlebotomyorange I think maybe KC needed this
2 88932 Stupid, stupid decision to not go for it.
2 emd2k3 [no title]
2 Justificati0n [no title]
2 jayrocksd Accept!
2 OrangeTide This is the KC defense facing Peyton
2 phlebotomyorange First again!!!!!!
2 CO Hobbit Madden was fun and actually knew stuff.
2 Whorfin I'm watching my chickens evolve back into dinosaurs.
2 Whorfin Maybe because he's a, well, Richard?
2 CO Hobbit Prepare to see the firepower of this fully armed and operational offense.
2 Bronco Fan Doug Well Denver 10, Refs 7, Chiefs 0
2 Whorfin Not ME. My WIFE.
2 Tim Lynch blowouts are always fun.
2 mt_griz99 We are going to block one of these punts, Getting great pressure
2 Tim Lynch [no title]
2 the new Bradfather well, that's that
1 OrangeTorpedo Del Rio's not Fox.
1 Justificati0n [no title]
1 P0RKINS2 Yeah
1 phlebotomyorange Come on mike adams.
1 Jbronc 1st down
1 vburkhart hahahahahahahaha AP hahahahahahhahahahahahah
1 Whorfin Extend my condolences to your dad.
1 phlebotomyorange fake pick I love it.
1 88932 Defense has been terrible the last two series.
1 RockyMountainWay91 needed the sack there
1 oldcoachB They celebrated but did not go up to the player it was a soft call but you can show emotion just can't go up to the player and taunt!
1 Henderson-Sports 06 [no title]
1 P0RKINS2 O-Line has looked VERY GOOD thus far protecting Manning.
1 Bronco Fan Doug good grief, did you see the holding?
1 mt_griz99 I think if he declines it should be halftime
1 Henderson-Sports 06 [no title]
1 CO Hobbit Shh you will derail NBC's narrative.
1 BrandingoBronco We got a dogfight on our hands
1 Whorfin We are focused.
1 CO Hobbit I doubt we see much trolling after the first few possessions.
1 mt_griz99 I think Ball hit the circle button on that TD Run- Unstoppable
1 OppsAgain give 3 points - we'll take 7
1 Triz06 its crazy.... so obvious
1 Bronco Fan Doug Need a little bigger lead to unleash the dogs
1 Tim Lynch [no title]
1 Russscot LOL...So KC's defense "forces turnovers"
1 Jbronc Lets go D
1 Bronco Fan Doug So that puts us on pace for 40 pts...
1 Whorfin Neal Enbob
1 Russscot Fuckin push off by Bowe
1 Jbronc I'd like to see them try a go route to DT or JT on the first play
1 phlebotomyorange [no title]
1 OrangeTorpedo Yep KC is definitely the winner Chris
1 ColoradoZebo I swear to god
1 CO Hobbit Why is that old dude tickling Fisher?
1 OrangeTorpedo Yes yes KC is the real winner here
1 phlebotomyorange The defense has played okay but this might be the worst game I've seen Miller play in awhile
1 emd2k3 [no title]
1 dpb2 For sure.
1 amits + and yes F the Pats!
1 Digger7 LOL wow.
1 Bronco Fan Doug PFM eats up the blitz
1 Jason Witte [no title]
1 WillyBFree2Bronc They played hard, but we were better tonight...
1 OrangeTorpedo Sometimes I think NBC
1 WillyBFree2Bronc F the griefs!!!
1 Tim Lynch SON OF A
1 emd2k3 [no title]
1 Atmx2000 I'm glad Holliday wasn't back there
1 Horse Head Bookends Dammit couldn't type fast enough!!
1 Bronco Fan Doug Now Collinsworth says was good job by KC
1 NOTHINGSAFE91 "That was a successful drive by the KC Chiefs"
1 mt_griz99 I think Phillips has earned an extension Mr. Elway
1 RockyMountainWay91 STFU Collinsworth
1 Atmx2000 Got to get above 30
1 TakeFive Now were talking straight
1 Whorfin hear hear
1 RockyMountainWay91 Phillips is BALLING
1 Tim Lynch Freedom from the trolls!
1 C.Settles he was about to kill himself
1 jayrocksd Go to arrowheadpride...
1 CO Hobbit Soon.
1 BroncosNYC still great goal line stand
1 Horse Head Bookends Damn you Del Rio for not going for it
1 Quantifiable Bladderhorns Vikings fan here
1 oldcoachB Weather is just fine in Denver for anyone thinking it will effect the game tonight.... Time never moved so slowly!
1 emd2k3 [no title]
1 Gulbrand I.m a Broncos fan.....
1 phlebotomyorange [no title]
1 phlebotomyorange Bowe might still be lifted
1 RadGlad Skip is a troll though playing a part
1 amits Man Lacy looks good!
1 CO Hobbit Brady looks like a pedophile on that title card.
1 Bronco Fan Doug we um already are ahead...
1 CO Hobbit Andy Reid does have fabulous tits.
1 Britt Pegram We need to go all in here
1 the new Bradfather he's jacking off to Andy Reid porn
1 Britt Pegram mcluster looked dangerous
1 RockyMountainWay91 its nothing new
1 the new Bradfather yes, if the hold prevented a Peyton hit
1 Gelder We're playing their style of ball
1 Britt Pegram better than a pfm hit....
1 Russscot Bad throw by Peyton, imo. DT had the angle, there
1 artistnyc Have a drinking game on the word "Altitude" and you'll die of alcohol poisoning
1 Tim Lynch After that no call on the Safety/Intentional Grounding...
1 metalman5050 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1 RadGlad Hillman and Bailey still inactive
1 CPT.Caveman I know.
1 mad horses dude, where have you been?
1 phlebotomyorange hahahhahah rec'd
1 phlebotomyorange Don't worry I'm sure he'll get a post coital migraine after the game
1 Justificati0n [no title]
1 Justificati0n Yeah!
1 james b Oliver Clothesoff?
1 paz.clearwater I would ask how tiger woods still gets women..
1 Tim Lynch Disagree.
1 Tim Lynch Prater was our MVP when Tebow was playing. lol
1 Triz06 he threw too fast....
1 phlebotomyorange RMW is actually Norman Vincent Peale's grandson.
1 phlebotomyorange First?
1 Sean in Pa. First!
1 Britt Pegram should be 27 BTW
1 Tim Lynch [no title]
1 ColoradoZebo Did they rehire the replacement refs for today?
1 Britt Pegram we need a minimum of three here
1 Tim Lynch I'm always thinking 7!
1 Bronco Fan Doug Decline penalty can't kick it cmon
1 C.Settles on the field is TD range
1 RockyMountainWay91 Way to take a hold of the game refs
1 Jbronc Lets hope the O can make something happen here
1 Scotty Payne Manning's arm looks good tonight
1 phlebotomyorange [no title]
1 mad horses guys, guys ... football
1 RockyMountainWay91 need to put Alex Smith on the ground.
1 RockyMountainWay91 Keep piling on the points.
1 Henderson-Sports 06 [no title]
1 Scotty Payne So this Chiefs pass rush...?
1 Henderson-Sports 06 [no title]
1 Scotty Payne Say it with me everyone
1 CO Hobbit Call it both ways Ref.
1 Matthew Oakley Blatant push off
1 Amilcar How is the weather in Denver?
1 Tim Lynch Rivers always fails in the final minutes.
1 Russscot No wonder Eli has struggled this year.
1 phlebotomyorange Oh no. I don't want to see you especially fragile.
1 Russscot Maybe Phyllis ate too many jalepenos last night...
1 Bronco Fan Doug Less obvious than about 4 no calls the other way
1 Doc Fluty Yeah... Down 7 in the third is terrible
1 oldcoachB My who needs to be bitch slapped line starts with Pete Caroll ,the Ryan brothers, then the Harbaugh brothers.
1 ElwayFanJ Hitting them deep is killing them
1 the new Bradfather it's so good that it's only BRONCOS fans in here
1 P0RKINS2 Ummmm
1 rossiya That was complete BS
1 BrandingoBronco Needs to be 31-10 next time chefs have the ball
1 phlebotomyorange Richard Sherman is the most obnoxious player in the NFL right now.
1 Britt Pegram best decision all night
1 Bronco Fan Doug Not playing conservative and they are 1 of 5 passing
1 Russscot Good decision by Holliday
1 BroncoCUbuffs Let Oakland, KC, and SD win just enough to mess up their draft order. That's what I want for Christmas.

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