DBroncs Week 12 Picks against the spread

Last Weeks Records:

Me: 7-5-3

ElwayFanJ: 5-7-3


Lot's of ties, won't get into those.

-Atlanta, It's funny because I actually put a parlay in Sunday morning with TB, forgot to come back and change it. Oh well, I made one more change (Cleveland) that was the wrong side so it would have evened out.

-RGIII Must have had the Eagles -3.5 in this one. I mean, a TD is likely in this scenario and even if they blow the 2 point conversion they cover. Why else would he do what he did on 3rd down?

-I even said that everything pointed to SD. Should've listened to my brain instead of my gut on this one.

-I'm gonna mention the Cincy game on this because it blew my parlay. If anyone seriously believes this team is a contender they must be watching box scores only. Most of those 2nd quarter points came off of fluky/lucky plays. Like the Chiefs, I see one and done in the playoffs for this squad. If those two teams matchup, it would be an interesting game, in that both teams deserve to lose.

-GB... All I can say is wow. The D and the run game looked good with Rodgers. Count me stupid for thinking that would translate without him.

-I threw down on the Pats pick, so I was a little ticked off with the final result. But hearing all these Pats fans bitch and moan has been worth the lost bet.

Onto the picks

NO -9.5 ATL. Pick NO: Thursday road teams have struggled this year, but I'm sticking a fork in this Falcons team. They're just absolutely done, with no OL and no D. Bad recipe for playing football.

AT DET -9 TB. Pick DET. TB may be somewhat of a sexy pick getting so many points, given the Lions loss last week. But taking a step back, the Lions play very well at home and the Bucs 2 wins came against the Dolphins immediately after MartinGate and a terrible Falcons team. With the Lions needing to keep tied with the Bears, I see them pulverizing the Bucs.

AT HOU -10 JAX. Pick HOU: I'd rather bet on a top 5 defense then this pathetic Jags roster. I have a rule not to bet on terrible teams, so I wouldn't reccomend to anybody laying money on this game, but gun to my head I'm taking the home team.

AT GB -5 MIN. Pick GB. Yes, this Packers team has looked bad, but this Vikings squad is even more atrocious. With their playoff hopes dwindling, I expect the Pack to put in a huge effort to stay alive for when their man comes back.

AT KC -5 SD. Pick SD. People are gonna say I'm picking this because it helps Denver, but I don't think these two teams are as far apart talent wise as their records indicate. Again, I'm not picking the Chargers to win, but I have trouble seeing this KC offense win by a TD. I expect a FG to separate these 2 teams.

CAR -4 AT MIA. Pick MIA. Carolina's a young team with 2 matchups with the Saints left. They've also played their biggest game since the 08 season. Miami has played impressively at home. I expect a riding high Panthers squad have to scramble for a win late in this one.

AT CLE -2 PITT. Pick CLE. This Browns team really likes to shoot themselves in the foot, but there's some things to like about them. And as good as Pittsburgh has looked, they've played some overrated teams in tough spots. I expect the Browns to make mince meat of this Steelers OL and win the game.

AT STL -1 CHI. Pick CHI. Everyone wants to stick a fork in this Bears squad, but they've been better then people give them credit for. They opened up with a brutal schedule and are now tied for first. With losing both Lions matchups, they're gonna need to gain a game on the Lions. I expect them to be focused against a bad Rams team to do that.

AT BAL -3.5 NYJ. Pick NYJ. I'm betting on the Jets alternating wins and losses sticking. I'm also not giving the Ravens putrid offense a chance in hell of beating this Jets D, especially by more then 3 points.

AT OAK -1 TENN. Pick OAK. I can't buy this Titans team. With Locker they were mediocre. With Fitzpatrick they are terrible. I'll go with the home team that was juiced by a QB change last week.

AT AZ -2 INDY: Pick AZ. Indy has really struggled after losing Wayne. I've been on the Cards for a while and I see them winning this one fairly easily, given how well they've played at home.

AT NYG -2.5 DAL. Pick DAL. Before everyone reams me for this one, I live in NJ, and have seen most of their games, including all their wins. This team still sucks, but like the Chiefs before they played us, they lucked out with playing 4 of the worst QBs to have started this season. The Cowboys are getting healthy for this game and coming off the bye back a half game in this division, I expect them to come out firing. With all this, if the Giants win, I'll buy into them. But right now their past 4 games have been jokes.

DEN -3 AT NE. Pick DEN.

SF -5.5 AT WASH. Pick SF. Everyone wants to eliminate the 49ers, but they played a hell of a game on the road. Given how bad this Washington D is, I think Kaep could bounce back in this one.

Pick of the Week: Arizona. This is a classic case of one team being overrated and the other underrated. I think Zona will stomp the Colts.

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