This team needs to pick it UP!

I'm the biggest Bronco fan out there but last night after the game I realized that the Broncos will need to step it up if they want to win the Super Bowl this year. Before the game and even at halftime I KNEW the Broncos were going to win the bowl this year... no doubt in my mind. But as the game went on we all know what happened and while the game was tight and they had plenty of opportunities to put it away they just couldn't. It was a big game and they flopped. It was like the Ravens game last year all over again but worse. We got beaten by Tom BRADY!!! I hate that guy!

I love Peyton but he looked like an old man bundled up with red rosy cheeks on the sideline while Brady looked was like the wind and the cold didn't bother Brady one bit and it showed as he ripped the Broncos defense apart in the 2nd half.

I know there were injuries but the passing game was pretty sad compared to the pats. Yes it was windy but it didn't stop Brady. The running game was good but overused (possibly burning out our best running back) and it was like Manning was afraid to throw the ball. Was it because most of the passes he threw were dropped or nearly picked off? What happened to this team that was killing their opponents early in the season? Did they just get tired? Did they start sprinting when they should have paced themselves earlier in the season?

It was nice to see the defense making huge plays in the first half but it looked like they decided to quit playing in the third quarter. If DRC stayed in the game would we have stopped one of those scoring drives? Maybe, but Von and the pass rush disappeared in the 3rd quarter.

What scared me even more is that I then realized that the two teams we've lost to are the biggest contenders in the playoffs. If you look at everyone else we've beaten they are all pretty mediocre to poor teams (I don't count KC because I've always believed that they are paper tigers). I'm not knocking the Broncos... I fricken love them but if they don't step it UP I'm afraid the hopes of winning a Super Bowl are going to go down the drain in the playoffs again.

If they come away with a loss to kc this Sunday the road to the superbowl will most likely be through Foxborough. And if that happens (where before last nights game I thought they could beat anyone anywhere) now after that game I don't know if the Broncos I love so much could come away with a win if that happens.

So from a loyal Bronco fan to the the team we know you can be and STEP IT UP!!! I want to see you holding the Lambardi trophy in Feb. not telling the world how dissapointed you are in a press conference because it was windy or cold and that you just didn't get the job done... I've already seen that play (a couple times) and in it wasn't very good.


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