Roll Call: Broncos @ Patriots, Week 12

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The second half of the Broncos and Patriots game sucked, which means people were commenting like madmen. Lots of action and I missed it all.

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Total comments 3,908
Total commenters 168
Commenter list 88932, 70fan70, AZDynamics, AnotherBroncoFan, ArrowSpread, Art Vanndelay, Atmx2000, Ayrshire, Bled Dry, Bluedude, BrandingoBronco, Bronco Fan Doug, Bronco Mike, BroncoBill, BroncoCUbuffs, BroncosNYC, BroncosSixersDuke, Broncotodd, C.Settles, CH74, CO Hobbit, CPT.Caveman, California MusicFan, Calikula, Captain_Spaulding, Carolinabronco, Cdog1990, ChiTownBroncos, ColoradoZebo, CompUser, CryMeARivers17, DBroncs1414, DORRITO, Dan Hampton, Dannie Ray, DarinJ, Elkhunter330, ElwayFanJ, EverVigilant, Fabio Broncos, FlintHillsMagic_sock, Funabashi, Gelder, Gr3yStreet, Greywing, HarvJNep2n, Henderson-Sports 06, Horse Head Bookends, Jack Donaghy, Jack'sAxe, Jason Witte, Jbronc, JesusF'nChrist, Justificati0n, KTJ, KalispellBronco, Kappa Donkey, Kramerica Industries, Landshark52, Lell87, MILEHIGHORANGEHORSEPOWER, MNBroncoFan, Mancar, Matthew Oakley, McGeorge, Mee, MrFNSunshine, Murrwolf, NOTHINGSAFE91, NZBroncoFan, Nevada Bronco07, New Sensation, Nordic_Saab95, OldStrike, OppsAgain, OrangeRhino, OrangeTorpedo, P0RKINS2, Playbook, PortlandOrange, PostCorner, Rainbow skyline, RamSarge, Rattling Bones, Richard Huth, RobS7183, RockyMountainWay91, Russscot, Ryan Eames, SDcat09, SacramentoKing, SaguaroBronco, Sean in Pa., Shurakair, Sneaky_Sean, Sparhawk23, TakeFive, ThanksALot, The Danish Bronco, The Ghost of Marv Throneberry, TheBrownKnight, TitleTownB, Triz06, Ty46, VR92, WYOrangeCrush, Whorfin, WillyBFree2Bronc, YJ, abnormal1, americansportsfannz, amits, artistnyc, azbroncomaniac, bigdmmafan, boothman11, boydy2669, brianbronco27, broncosfaninphilly, cohiker, conductormann, dbejaranogw, diviesti, dpb2, dreamzcolt, ejcham, emd2k3, fusion10, gabriel suarez moreno, go_saleaumua, hayoli, idahobronc, isamudysan, isiddiqi, j-man, james b, jvande518, lilyofthevalley, mad horses, magnusjolnaes, mahmove, metalman5050, mt_griz99, nachoplease, oldcoachB, orange&blue_aussie, oregon49ner, ozark_orange, phlebotomyorange, poloshark, rmac725, sadaraine, scottgo, sd.husker, sexyscottish, shasta77, shaun.sterling.5, sid66, slc333, slipperyice, snoring123, socnorb 88, swish7209, the new Bradfather, the_roof, theraccoun, willyoubemycharizard, wklingbeil
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1 RockyMountainWay91 229
2 Bronco Fan Doug 196
3 ElwayFanJ 192
4 70fan70 133
5 emd2k3 97
6 Horse Head Bookends 96
7 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry 91
8 BroncosNYC 85
9 Mancar 84
10 phlebotomyorange 83
11 P0RKINS2 75
12 ColoradoZebo 75
13 Russscot 73
14 artistnyc 71
15 OrangeTorpedo 70
16 California MusicFan 69
17 WillyBFree2Bronc 69
18 the_roof 66
19 Atmx2000 66
20 Justificati0n 63
21 Cdog1990 62
22 Jbronc 60
23 oldcoachB 57
24 amits 57
25 boydy2669 56
26 the new Bradfather 56
27 SacramentoKing 55
28 DBroncs1414 54
29 gabriel suarez moreno 52
30 CompUser 50
31 SDcat09 46
33 nachoplease 44
34 Dannie Ray 43
35 azbroncomaniac 37
36 BrandingoBronco 36
37 bigdmmafan 35
38 isiddiqi 35
39 Sean in Pa. 33
40 shasta77 32
41 Shurakair 32
42 Matthew Oakley 31
43 mt_griz99 29
44 FlintHillsMagic_sock 28
45 CO Hobbit 28
46 Gr3yStreet 28
47 McGeorge 27
48 Broncotodd 27
49 Whorfin 26
50 OppsAgain 25
51 ozark_orange 25
52 Triz06 24
53 CPT.Caveman 23
54 C.Settles 21
55 Henderson-Sports 06 21
56 isamudysan 21
57 broncosfaninphilly 20
58 TakeFive 20
59 KalispellBronco 19
60 james b 19
61 Bronco Mike 19
62 americansportsfannz 17
63 go_saleaumua 17
64 BroncoBill 16
65 Rainbow skyline 16
66 Sparhawk23 16
67 Landshark52 15
68 dpb2 14
69 Ty46 13
70 88932 13
71 YJ 12
72 sd.husker 12
73 theraccoun 11
74 willyoubemycharizard 9
75 HarvJNep2n 9
76 Kappa Donkey 9
77 OrangeRhino 8
78 VR92 8
79 Art Vanndelay 8
80 diviesti 8
82 JesusF'nChrist 8
83 Carolinabronco 7
84 Dan Hampton 7
85 mad horses 7
86 magnusjolnaes 7
87 CryMeARivers17 6
88 ArrowSpread 6
89 Greywing 6
90 mahmove 6
91 Gelder 6
92 Kramerica Industries 5
93 New Sensation 5
94 fusion10 5
95 ChiTownBroncos 5
96 Jack'sAxe 4
97 metalman5050 4
98 MrFNSunshine 4
99 RamSarge 4
100 slipperyice 4
101 AnotherBroncoFan 3
102 j-man 3
103 Calikula 3
104 idahobronc 3
105 Rattling Bones 3
106 Nordic_Saab95 3
107 brianbronco27 3
108 RobS7183 3
109 Elkhunter330 3
110 PortlandOrange 3
111 cohiker 3
112 Ayrshire 3
113 ejcham 2
114 TitleTownB 2
115 KTJ 2
116 Nevada Bronco07 2
117 MNBroncoFan 2
118 hayoli 2
120 TheBrownKnight 2
121 NZBroncoFan 2
122 OldStrike 2
123 conductormann 2
124 Bled Dry 2
125 Richard Huth 2
126 BroncosSixersDuke 2
127 Fabio Broncos 2
128 sadaraine 2
129 Ryan Eames 2
130 abnormal1 2
131 The Danish Bronco 2
132 EverVigilant 2
133 boothman11 2
134 poloshark 2
135 SaguaroBronco 2
136 Jason Witte 2
137 sexyscottish 2
138 Mee 2
139 shaun.sterling.5 2
140 DarinJ 2
141 Jack Donaghy 2
142 BroncoCUbuffs 2
143 Funabashi 1
144 jvande518 1
145 PostCorner 1
146 ThanksALot 1
147 Playbook 1
148 dreamzcolt 1
149 Sneaky_Sean 1
150 dbejaranogw 1
151 rmac725 1
152 sid66 1
153 Lell87 1
154 snoring123 1
155 wklingbeil 1
156 Captain_Spaulding 1
157 lilyofthevalley 1
158 WYOrangeCrush 1
159 orange&blue_aussie 1
160 swish7209 1
161 Murrwolf 1
162 Bluedude 1
163 socnorb 88 1
164 slc333 1
165 AZDynamics 1
166 CH74 1
167 scottgo 1
168 oregon49ner 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
13 Calikula Where are you Chef trolls?
10 diviesti San Diego needs to watch for the hail mary run bye Alex Smith now
10 Whorfin Strike that
7 McGeorge For the Chef fan that asked us how Indys ass tastes
7 Bronco Fan Doug After TO's evened out...
6 NOTHINGSAFE91 Win or lose, Knowshon deserves a parade.
6 Whorfin Without mentioning that our worthless D stopped the same team at twenty that their VAUNTED D allowed 34.
5 Nordic_Saab95 The Chiefs...
4 phlebotomyorange Rec'd cause you mentioned my least favorite Cheifs troll DallasCheifsfan
4 Bronco Mike I totally gave the Chiefs the Stink-Eye Jinx
4 Whorfin KC scored all their points for next week this week.
4 Mancar Pats Pulpit right now:
4 McGeorge That Houston road game isn't that scary anymore.
4 SacramentoKing Bwahaha pats are in the thanksgiving spirit already.
3 boydy2669 Brady 293 yards... Manning 73
3 DBroncs1414 if we got out of this 4 game stretch 4-0 without John Fox
3 Whorfin Bowe wasn't running fast cause it made his blunt go out.
3 phlebotomyorange Pretty sure the patriots have more injuries than we do.
3 Dannie Ray 24-0?
3 Triz06 Any big game we lose before January is basically a mulligan
3 oldcoachB The Chiefs are who we thought they were.
3 McGeorge Yep.
3 Sean in Pa. They are
3 McGeorge We're laughing at you Chef fans
3 Atmx2000 Only winners get wings
3 Bronco Mike [no title]
3 SaguaroBronco If we win tonight and next week
3 amits I got a better one for you..I posted it on the early thread...The chiefs D-Line!
3 ElwayFanJ We are going to get home field advantage
3 Jack Donaghy The Stout Chiefs D
2 ejcham Epic choke job. Wow.
2 americansportsfannz [no title]
2 KTJ That rule
2 BrandingoBronco PFM was masterful on that drive. We still may lose, but at least we finally put up a fight in this 2nd half
2 phlebotomyorange stuggled? Struggled is the understatement of the day. With the way KFM was running the ball, this should have been an easy win for Manning
2 gabriel suarez moreno stop making excuses man, it is insane
2 Atmx2000 Our line is not doing a good job on pass protection
2 MrFNSunshine they can't beat us so they have to vicariously gloat when someone else does
2 Shurakair What pisses me off the most
2 P0RKINS2 And Tony Carter loses us the game.
2 fusion10 Why are our wide receivers so easy to beat up?
2 americansportsfannz on another note
2 oldcoachB Scared and careful gets you beat every time?
2 CompUser That's on Wes Welker.
2 McGeorge Entirely welkers fault we lost
2 Henderson-Sports 06 [no title]
2 McGeorge Welker blew it
2 Mancar Having a blowout on national TV is bad for ratings.
2 phlebotomyorange you beat me to it. It's the complete opposite of a frivolous wind. which blows only after you buy it things.
2 Atmx2000 Which means we have tie breaker
2 Russscot - 5
2 james b Ihenacho is in the game
2 WillyBFree2Bronc Instead of Arrowhead Pride, it's now - Ass Putty...
2 WYOrangeCrush Great defensive play by the Chiefs today. Wait they gave up 400 yards passing and 41 points? Oh well it wasn't at home at Arrowhead "the toughest stadium to win in". Oh wait it was? Looks like the Chiefs will be looking at three losses in a row next week.
2 Sean in Pa.
2 WillyBFree2Bronc Hell, to be as good as Collinsworth, all you need is 3 winds in your underwear...
2 HarvJNep2n rec button is broken now.
2 Mancar Collinsworth is the biggest douche.
2 Triz06 Mr. President!
2 ElwayFanJ Collinsworth needs to shut his mouth
2 Justificati0n [no title]
2 isiddiqi Its not about cold, its about wind
2 Bronco Mike [no title]
2 Sean in Pa. Arr_whea_
2 C.Settles i know brady just threw an int but that was a good drive for the pats
2 nachoplease Surprised Bowe doesn't wear the Glaucoma shades
2 phlebotomyorange reminds me of this meme
2 McGeorge Probably.
2 Mancar sorry meant they lose.
1 70fan70 actually Brady is
1 CO Hobbit Why in the world did we only rush 3?
1 Art Vanndelay Why???!
1 McGeorge This is a waste of time.
1 ElwayFanJ What happened to Von!?!?
1 oldcoachB But we can't throw in this weather!
1 bigdmmafan [no title]
1 gabriel suarez moreno please manning, make me love you
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Ouch...c'mon Welker
1 Atmx2000 If we lose this game it will be because we were conservative and did not play to win early
1 MrFNSunshine Stop looking for flags. You're not getting any.
1 TheBrownKnight Too much time left
1 California MusicFan There's enough time for TWO series.
1 RockyMountainWay91 Welker drops it
1 amits When we win this game....I am going to capture the name of each of the Trolls here including our own still not over Tebow Trolls and list them in a Fan post!
1 gabriel suarez moreno i have to give props to you
1 ElwayFanJ The cold weather is a problem for Peyton
1 RockyMountainWay91 its all on the defense
1 NZBroncoFan I hate New England
1 oldcoachB If PFM is a good QB he will not try to run the ball down their throats he will do what he gets paid 20 million to do!
1 CompUser Peyton Manning got VERY lucky there.
1 gabriel suarez moreno regardless of the penalty, what a BS throw
1 88932 Pretty pathetic that half the comments in this thread are blaming the refs.
1 Mancar Man its always good to have a scrimmage with exact weather conditions before the Superbowl.
1 Rainbow skyline what a bizarre last minute of the half.
1 Dannie Ray Why would you dive for a ball in that position?
1 BrandingoBronco Now step on their throats (figuratively please, we've already had 2 personal fouls)
1 Mancar Moreno hates the Pats.
1 artistnyc I wanna see some CJ
1 Gr3yStreet I would of really prefered a nice 20+ point win.
1 phlebotomyorange Seriously TH might have the lowest football IQ I've ever seen.
1 Horse Head Bookends You mean enver
1 OrangeTorpedo The Denver Mannings are one dimensional!
1 Murrwolf In the immortal words of " remember the titans" Run it up leave no doubt
1 Horse Head Bookends yep, that TD was awful
1 Mancar Conversely I think they told Vickerson and Pot Roast that Brady was a cookie and looked what happened.
1 P0RKINS2 If we can be up 31-0 at half
1 shasta77 I will take 17-0 in the 1st quarter, on the road every week!!
1 Russscot I know Decker whines a lot for flags, but honestly, he does get mugged a lot.
1 Art Vanndelay Fact is
1 ElwayFanJ That's what happens when you play like crap
1 McGeorge We might have to run more than one play to win this game.
1 oldcoachB They have a million injuries started 4 rookies
1 Dan Hampton AWFUL
1 emd2k3 [no title]
1 boydy2669 Sorry...this loss on Manning...hes been freaking SHIT all night....I will say when hes good...but he has lost this for us!
1 OrangeTorpedo All this gamesmanship
1 ColoradoZebo the pats fans have organized and now only speak one language
1 OrangeTorpedo That was the worst 15 seconds in history.
1 metalman5050 Wooooo Hooooo - The Cheifs showed us they are who we thought they were!
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry WE ARE NOT THE FUCKING CHARGERS
1 70fan70 Pats just want this more guys
1 RockyMountainWay91 punt it right to Tom Brady to win the game
1 TitleTownB That was seriously the best game I have witnessed :)
1 PortlandOrange that is the way i look at it
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Note how many more KC trolls come here when we lose
1 Bronco Fan Doug Into 25 mile hour wind, yea
1 McGeorge We tie or win if welker îsnt a pussy.
1 ElwayFanJ Manning sucked!
1 oldcoachB They don't understand aggressive and confident wins !
1 ElwayFanJ The offense blew it
1 boydy2669 Sorry...Offense losing this game. SO BAD, Peyton had chances and KILLED us!
1 CO Hobbit So lame......
1 RockyMountainWay91 yep.
1 boydy2669 BS...Our O screwed us....or O laid an egg...we had them on toast and blew it!
1 CO Hobbit Line & Knowshon were great.
1 artistnyc I blame this one on Manning. Played like sh*t most of the game. Can't play in the cold
1 McGeorge Welker sucked
1 McGeorge 9 penalties for 85 yards on Denver
1 CompUser You don't know that.
1 McGeorge Welker was ass. And he fumbled it away.
1 CompUser It was a tough loss.
1 jvande518 Team loss, and a painful one...
1 McGeorge So it's a wash. Welker blew that game.
1 Bronco Fan Doug yawn...
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry To think we were about to get the ball back
1 VR92 It's amazing to me that Chiefs fans have the nerve to come to our site and talk shit after they lost to the chargers today
1 BroncosNYC [no title]
1 CO Hobbit Chocking has become an art for us at this point.
1 CO Hobbit Holliday needs to be waived far before Carter.
1 Bronco Fan Doug what a crappy way to lose a game
1 Bronco Fan Doug Need Von
1 emd2k3 [no title]
1 conductormann Time for Trevathon
1 ElwayFanJ Von Miller is kicking ass tonight!
1 SacramentoKing All will be forgiven if manning ends this now, I see DT coming up big
1 Ty46 Now is too much time left
1 ElwayFanJ We left time on the clock!?!
1 NZBroncoFan Win this 4 Moreno
1 California MusicFan Loved that last graphic. Three NE scoring drives of less than 35 yards.
1 California MusicFan The Pats haven't punted once this half. Now would be a good time for a stop.
1 Art Vanndelay Von Miller strip sack coming right up
1 RockyMountainWay91 Wow what a kick by Prater
1 azbroncomaniac Von. Win this!
1 ElwayFanJ We got this!
1 theraccoun damn guys seriously?
1 Sparhawk23 Wont happen, hes not that great in the cold
1 emd2k3 [no title]
1 Bronco Fan Doug welker should have caught that...
1 emd2k3 [no title]
1 Triz06 56 yard FG into an 18MPH wind??
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Jerruh Jones in Dallas would pay for him in a minute,
1 Triz06 Dude!!!!!
1 CO Hobbit Moreno injured.
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Win this game, Broncos
1 Jack'sAxe Whatever happens guys
1 Bronco Mike Sudden death now
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry At least they're consistent with that call
1 RockyMountainWay91 that's PI
1 oldcoachB This game would be 42 31 Denver if we had not played scared!
1 C.Settles whip your leg back and forth
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry I'm getting a lovely sinking feeling
1 shasta77 Gase needs to stop calling this game not to lose.
1 CompUser I swear it's like a bunch of old ladies here
1 RockyMountainWay91 Dungy picked the Pats
1 VR92 Demaryius is nowhere to be found
1 RockyMountainWay91 You could see that coming
1 Cdog1990 [no title]
1 70fan70 Momentum has swug
1 California MusicFan Gotta hold here.
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Decker has had his struggles this year (Jesse on my mind), but his yards are near DThomas'
1 DBroncs1414 I think this is the problem with the Decker bashers
1 Horse Head Bookends I will give him one point for misspelling Peyton
1 70fan70 cause he is an idiot????
1 KalispellBronco This is starting to look really bad
1 the_roof Peyton looking like he did versus the Ravens
1 CPT.Caveman It seems my Manning voodoo doll torture is working:P
1 ColoradoZebo [no title]
1 Triz06 Let not all act like the pats offense isn't one of the best in the league
1 OppsAgain Jammer looked lost
1 70fan70 If Brady wants to 3 step throw
1 BroncosNYC we NEED to score or this is going to be a longggggg second half....
1 Broncotodd That's why I wanted more in the last drive
1 sadaraine Just stopping by to say Go Broncos!
1 Russscot I'm not sure these guys have watched a football game before.
1 Russscot Go're wrong...and I can use ellipses also...
1 phlebotomyorange That's why I hate eric decker.
1 JesusF'nChrist Shitty play-call anyway. Throw past the 1st down sticks...if he even can.
1 Cdog1990 Broncos
1 Dannie Ray hard to calm down when we remember what happened Den@SD last year.
1 Cdog1990 [no title]
1 wklingbeil Surely
1 Jack Donaghy [no title]
1 HarvJNep2n there's an asterisk.
1 phlebotomyorange Nacho you need to get out of Dwayne Bowe's stash brother.
1 Whorfin Port engine out and losing altitude
1 Sean in Pa. Has to be live
1 phlebotomyorange did you see that white sweater he wore to a press conference.
1 Russscot He was open, to be fair
1 CO Hobbit Hey Chiefs
1 Bronco Fan Doug tell that guy on tv to go downstairs
1 ElwayFanJ The guy is delusional
1 scottgo should have taken a lesson from PFM last week :)
1 metalman5050 [no title]
1 phlebotomyorange hahahhahah rec'd for hilarity.
1 Calikula My favorite quote from him:
1 nachoplease yes, but she's our b***h
1 CompUser I would hate like hell for Eric Decker to not be a Bronco next season.
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry I served him a changeup down the middle
1 RockyMountainWay91 Broncos better stop the run
1 CPT.Caveman Just frickin' ban all Chiefs fans but me already.
1 Whorfin Do I tease you? Do you find me teasing?
1 phlebotomyorange [no title]
1 amits Oh god....! My eyes!
1 amits It's how they talk...started to spell the same
1 amits Is brady going to be wearing his uggs? and Giselles panties?
1 C.Settles its hard for him to talk with Brady's jock in his mouth
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Not a good opening
1 phlebotomyorange everyone know powerpoint presentations are responsible for anthropogenic global climate change.
1 Justificati0n [no title]
1 Horse Head Bookends I can think of a few APers that I hope are in line to jump.
1 Horse Head Bookends The Bronco fans hate him back.
1 azbroncomaniac Sheesh., Just checked in and there's STILL chef trolls here? They secretly love the Broncos methinks
1 Bronco Mike [no title]
1 Henderson-Sports 06 [no title]
1 NOTHINGSAFE91 As long as they hold onto the ball, we'll still win this.
1 broncosfaninphilly This just in
1 phlebotomyorange I like that Jerry is impervious to reality.
1 YJ All right, nice long TD drive please!
1 McGeorge Don't go over to AP to offer fake condolences.
1 idahobronc and without injuries....(knocing on wood)
1 The Danish Bronco I don't mind Holliday, this is what we get.
1 California MusicFan Hail Mary pass: KNOCK THE BALL DOWN.
1 DBroncs1414 Yes
1 ozark_orange Kind of makes you want to gouge them out, doesn't it.
1 ElwayFanJ 9-7
1 Russscot That was almost amazing
1 SaguaroBronco 2 too many "O"'s in that
1 Sean in Pa. Why
1 RockyMountainWay91 DAMNIT
1 BroncosNYC When Manning returned to Indy, he got emotional and we lost.
1 RockyMountainWay91 Here come the refs making up for last games screwing of the Pats
1 Horse Head Bookends It amazes me that Collinsworth just talks away, not caring that it shows just how stupid he is.
1 Horse Head Bookends Ha, you type faster than me.
1 shasta77 Yes, and I say attack them early and often. Especially in trying to make tackles.
1 shasta77 I completely agree!!!
1 ElwayFanJ Damn you Collinsworth!
1 ColoradoZebo Hey Guys!
1 CompUser But, but, but
1 Rainbow skyline new england just fumbled during the commercial.
1 the_roof I think you are stereotyping big guys with short arms wearing the no. 94
1 Horse Head Bookends You know I am not
1 mahmove i got a 5 spot to help pay duke's helmet
1 Horse Head Bookends gotta stay warm some how
1 BroncosNYC DUKE
1 Whorfin The Missouri is boiling from all of the hotheads jumping in.
1 Atmx2000 Flashing flooding from all the tears
1 Whorfin A real ecological catastrophy
1 ozark_orange How much of that is pedestrian traffic consisting of broken hearted Chefs fans considering a polar bear swim
1 CPT.Caveman He's faking to slow down the Pats offense:P
1 ElwayFanJ The Cowboys need to use all their draft picks on
1 Justificati0n [no title]
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Sounds like it's blowing hot air in here right now...
1 Whorfin Spelled that way, it's almost Pirate-talk.
1 CO Hobbit ......Holliday so awful even causing injuries because of his crapiness.
1 Justificati0n [no title]
1 HarvJNep2n Not with this defensive (non) showing.
1 the new Bradfather OK, now we have to pass which is what we're good at
1 OrangeTorpedo So when Denver scores off turnovers, it is the Patriots failing.
1 Mancar Okay Okay, you got that out of your system, now finish this game.
1 RockyMountainWay91 Broncos are shitting themselves now
1 Carolinabronco Who the funk is calling these plays..
1 phlebotomyorange yeah this is the stupidest fucking comment in the entire thread. GTFO.
1 RockyMountainWay91 Defense looked sorry right there
1 Russscot Wat? We've been running the ball because
1 Whorfin One problem with that:
1 DBroncs1414 I never said Decker was better
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Swift kick over and over with steel toed cowboy boots should find home...
1 Broncotodd Dumbass Holliday
1 Mancar Thanks Holliday you injured DRC
1 C.Settles unless its bringing Broncos some SB wings
1 phlebotomyorange [no title]
1 phlebotomyorange The Chiefs fans' wives better make sure dinner ain't cold tonight, amirite?
1 phlebotomyorange if DRC is injured I blame Holliday. Stupid SOB. no wonder the texans cut him.
1 shasta77 What was DRC thinking there. Let it drop if you can't field it on the run.
1 BrandingoBronco Up by 24 I all of the sudden have a sick feeling. Sucks about DRC
1 phlebotomyorange And the Titans Raiders game is about as exciting as winning a vacation for two to a Russian Gulag
1 Matthew Oakley Why is DRC diving for a pick there?
1 gabriel suarez moreno trinton i dont care we are winning by a 100 points,
1 RobS7183 He's a hater, flat out
1 ElwayFanJ Hopefully DRC is alright
1 Atmx2000 Dental visits up 100 fold

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