The most important game of the year... is not on sunday....

In the Arthashastra, a foundational text of military strategy written in Sanskrit around the 4th century B.C., Kautilya puts it this way: "A king whose territory has a common boundary with that of an antagonist is an ally." (Or, as his theory is commonly summarized: "Every neighboring state is an enemy and the enemy’s enemy is a friend.") After his death—whose circumstances are a little mysterious but don’t seem to involve beheading—Kautilya’s counsels remained influential around much of the world for centuries

in other words, the enemy of my enemy is my friend..


Oh sure, KC game is gonna be looking forward to it. But the game that I truly think is the most important game of the year happens on Monday night.

Seahawks vs Saints.

There is a very high likelihood that one of these two teams is going to be our opponent if the Denver Broncos make it as far as the Super Bowl. In my eyes, they are the two best teams in NFC.

And were gonna have to face one of them, eventually.

In this little experiment, the Saints are us. They are a very similar approximation of what a Denver vs Seattle game would look like. The Saints offense is based on similar principles of the Denver offense. Hyper accurate pocket passer with a quick release and a good offensive line.

Sound familiar?

The Saints offensive line is ranked fifth overall, allowing only 26 sacks and 46 hits on Drew Brees. Production is impressive in the passing game, with a third overall NFL ranking, and a running game that nets a similar 3.9 yards per carry. Saints offense is third overall, with an impressive 27 points per game, and a running game that is ranked 23rd in the league in yardage.

Again, sound familiar?

Rarely does fate allow you to see a fight, before you have to fight it. How this Saints offense does vs the Legion of Boom will be a serious look at how the Broncos would fare. The number one passing offense vs the number one defense vs the pass at Seattle. However the offense of New Orleans fares, i can expect slightly more out of Denver, as the Saints could only manage a measly 17 points vs the Atlanta Falcons just a weak (lol) earlier.

The other half of the situation will also be of great interest.

The read option offense of the Seahawks vs a very stout Saints defense. Again, similar builds. Saints have a good pass rush, with 37 sacks this year (five more than the Broncos). However, their secondary is slightly below Denvers. Saints have only notched 10 interceptions this season, with 59 passes defended. Denver is ranked 8th with 13 interceptions but lead the league in passes defended with 93.

Vs the run, the Saints are ranked a very poor third worst run defense in the NFL, allowing 4.8 yards per carry. (New Englands run defense is ranked 25th in the league, and the Broncos killed it on the running game in the ice bowl, gaining almost 280 yards in that game, for comparison... but i digress..)

Denvers run defense is the sixth best in the league, and a strength of the team.

With this single discrepancy, the teams, Denver and New Orleans, are eerily similar. (All things considered, we are a slightly better team than New Orleans, imo, but we are definitely similar in build.)

Tactically, this will be the most watched game for the Denver Broncos staff over the next two months.

I believe that Wilson will outrun the linebacking corp of the Saints, escaping and buying time as the read option quarterbacks are want to do. The speed of the Saints linebacking corp is just not as impressive as the Denver squad, a big reason we are better vs the run. Other than the speed in the middle, were spot on.

Seattle, in turn, has had other problems. With the loss of Brandon Browner, who was expected back from a groin injury mid December and is now facing a year long suspension due to the wrong type of pez, Walter Thurmond has also been slapped with a four game suspension, and the Seahawks signed our old friend Parrish Cox to the roster.

The Seattle defense is considered the creme of the NFL vs the pass, leading the league with a low visiting quarterback rating of 68.7. Vs the run, the Seahawks are a respectable tenth in the league, impressive as teams are reluctant to pass vs the leagues best aerial defense and like to run against them.

One couldnt ask for a better simulation.

Saints 24, Seahawks 17

let the experiment begin.


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