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Matt Verderame @MattVerderame on Oct 21 2013, 1:02p 160 160

Hey guys, I come to you as a writer for Arrowhead Pride.

I want to sincerely apologize for the amount of trolling that has been done by our fans on your site. It is embarrassing to me, and most of the other users over there that take pride in being classy, stand-up fans. I know after the game last night plenty of Chiefs fans poured over here and felt the need to gloats like baffoons, and it is shameful.

Sure, there will always be a very strong rivalry between our two teams. All of that is great and what makes sports so much fun. That said, there is no room for our fans coming over here and dominating a conversation with idiotic comments that are meant to rile people up.

From broncoCUbuffs: "As Bronco fans or ANY MHR site there are TEAM pages. These pages are set up to bring fans of LIKE interest together with a common goal which is to share their passion for THEIR team. These are experienced as the equivalent of private conversations, which at times can become heated, even among friends. What doesn’t change is WE are fans of the SAME team. Other people coming into OUR site (any teams site) are either guests or interlopers. Each site has the right to ask for acceptable behaviors of those partaking of OUR company. If those behaviors are deemed unacceptable each site has the right to ask the invited guest to leave. All interlopers should be summarily dismissed without explanation.

Here’s the bottom line to me. It’s not trash talk if I’m NOT TALKING TO YOU. If I’m in a private conversation with my "friends" and someone overhears "The Chief’s suck" the responsibility is not on us (any site) to change our behavior for THEM.


Forgive the intrusion for the following quote Prodigal Fan...couldn't figure out how to ask permission beforehand. Same for the Chief's moderator.

You can say all you want that it’s all SB Nation, but ultimately, Broncos fans come here to read about the Broncos. You guys get your panties in a twist that you don’t get people saying the Chiefs are great. Even if we do think they’re great (some of us do, I am not one of them, but there are some) seeing as the vast majority of us are hardcore Broncos fans, you should expect a certain amount of homerism. You guys have unrealistic expectations. We have a very good team, so we are not likely to acknowledge the Chiefs as better, even if they might (MIGHT) be. That’s not disrespect. That’s homerism. If you can’t handle it, perhaps YOU are the ones that need a thicker skin.

Self-styled Comment Thread Legend and bane of trollmites wherever they rear their heads.
My shit always works sometimes.
"The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you can never know if they are genuine." - Abraham Lincoln

by the_prodigal_fan

The idea of a "Trash Talking Thread" for SBN sites has merit. If they're flagged for trolling and deemed guilty by site moderators they should AUTOMATICALLY be transferred to the trash talk page. No problem if people enjoy trash talking. Just don't subject the rest of us to it. Personally, I'd rather talk about the Broncos.

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