Roll Call: Bye Week Edition, Week 9

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We still a ton of action this week on our game threads. Much to our chagrin the Kansas City Chiefs continue to win like no team has ever won before. The more I see the more I realize I am witnessing what other fans saw when watching Tim Tebow.

Roll call everyone!

Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,273
Total commenters 80
Commenter list AlbertaBronc, ArrowSpread, Atmx2000, Awater_owns_u, Baghdad, BroncoCUbuffs, CO Hobbit, COT, CPT.Caveman, California MusicFan, CompUser, CryMeARivers17, DBroncs1414, Doc Fluty, ElwayFanJ, FargoChief, FlintHillsMagic_sock, Fourstrike89, Gr3yStreet, Gulbrand, HarvJNep2n, Horse Head Bookends, JKnox11, Jack Donaghy, Jon Heath, KCPoebowler, KrazyChiefsfan, Lell87, MILEHIGHORANGEHORSEPOWER, Mancar, Marvel Man, MrEast, MrFNSunshine, MrRiGhTNoW818, NHPeytonFan18, Nevada Bronco07, New Sensation, OppsAgain, OrangeRhino, OrangeTorpedo, PABroncofan, Pmoreno95, Rainbow skyline, RockyMountainWay91, Russscot, SaguaroBronco, SeaOfRed, SportsFanSoCal, The Ghost of Marv Throneberry, Tim Lynch, TomCat009, Troy Hufford, Ty46, WYOrangeCrush, Whorfin, WillyBFree2Bronc, amits, andrew33, artistnyc, chad unit, charles25godly, chitty, fusion10, idahobronc, isamudysan, jmcgoblue, kaiser1118, kuchiefs13, loyalchfsfan35, mdierk, nugzin2040, oldcoachB, ozark_orange, phlebotomyorange, poorboywilly, rossiya, sid66, ten_fiver, vburkhart, weazel
Story URLs
# Commenter # Comments
1 RockyMountainWay91 131
2 HarvJNep2n 96
3 Russscot 86
4 CO Hobbit 67
5 CPT.Caveman 62
6 Horse Head Bookends 61
7 Mancar 60
8 WillyBFree2Bronc 54
9 Whorfin 46
10 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry 36
11 Gulbrand 35
12 Gr3yStreet 34
13 idahobronc 32
14 phlebotomyorange 32
15 ElwayFanJ 30
16 ten_fiver 30
17 BroncoCUbuffs 26
18 amits 23
19 SportsFanSoCal 23
20 weazel 22
21 FlintHillsMagic_sock 21
22 MrEast 21
23 COT 20
24 WYOrangeCrush 19
25 nugzin2040 17
26 Lell87 12
27 New Sensation 12
28 artistnyc 12
29 DBroncs1414 11
30 chad unit 7
31 Baghdad 7
32 Tim Lynch 7
33 loyalchfsfan35 6
34 Awater_owns_u 6
35 MrRiGhTNoW818 6
36 SaguaroBronco 5
37 Atmx2000 5
38 OrangeTorpedo 5
40 Rainbow skyline 5
41 jmcgoblue 4
42 poorboywilly 4
43 isamudysan 4
44 KCPoebowler 4
45 mdierk 4
46 Fourstrike89 4
47 ArrowSpread 3
48 Ty46 3
49 MrFNSunshine 3
50 oldcoachB 3
51 JKnox11 3
52 charles25godly 3
53 vburkhart 3
54 rossiya 2
55 Jon Heath 2
56 AlbertaBronc 2
57 California MusicFan 2
58 SeaOfRed 2
59 kuchiefs13 2
60 TomCat009 1
61 FargoChief 1
62 Nevada Bronco07 1
63 Pmoreno95 1
64 fusion10 1
65 Doc Fluty 1
66 KrazyChiefsfan 1
67 andrew33 1
68 NHPeytonFan18 1
69 chitty 1
70 kaiser1118 1
71 OppsAgain 1
72 PABroncofan 1
73 CryMeARivers17 1
74 ozark_orange 1
75 sid66 1
76 OrangeRhino 1
77 Jack Donaghy 1
78 CompUser 1
79 Marvel Man 1
80 Troy Hufford 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
9 CO Hobbit [no title]
6 HarvJNep2n This is awesome.
5 charles25godly As a Chiefs fan this is the FUNNIEST and I mean LAUGH. OUT. LOUD. funniest thread I've ever read LMAO!!!!!! HATERS!!
4 AlbertaBronc Chip Kelly trying his best right now to get the Eagles in the BCS championship game
3 ten_fiver "receiver must possess the ball for 45 minutes after completion of a catch"
3 RockyMountainWay91 I'm more worried bout the Pats than the Chiefs.
3 CO Hobbit 20 years.
3 ElwayFanJ At least the Chiefs first loss will be to us
3 Mancar Just like Peyton is ours.
2 Tim Lynch Most dangerous team in football, people.
2 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry It's gotten to a point where I'm actually laughing
2 SeaOfRed Then what is John Fox? The NBA equivalent to Jerry Sloan?
2 Gr3yStreet [no title]
2 WYOrangeCrush Man the Chiefs offense looked great today! They put up 23 points. Oh wait the defense scored 14 of those points? Hmm so they only put up 9 points. Oh well Alex Smith is still elite.
2 Whorfin Happy to help
2 Mancar LOL using the screen against the Chiefs.
2 ten_fiver [no title]
2 Russscot this statement implies that he had some to lose to begin with.
2 Russscot I'm glad to see your overt negativism is not exclusive to home teams.
2 ten_fiver Bowe went to the ground, then flipped the ball to the ref!!!
2 Whorfin He'd complain about the dark.
2 HarvJNep2n they are opportunistic. I'll give them that.
2 Horse Head Bookends I always thought they were named after William Shatner.
2 CO Hobbit Urge to kill Deirdorf rising.
2 Whorfin And CJ
2 SportsFanSoCal It is just amazing how every break has gone the Chiefs way this year!
2 MrFNSunshine THIS^
2 ten_fiver I actually think the SD game will be tougher for us than KC
2 poorboywilly [no title]
2 FargoChief The 2013 Chiefs and The 1977 Falcons
2 charles25godly your a fluke, like your team minus manning goes down say bye bye to your "high cocktane offense" excuses my french.
2 Marvel Man KC and SD are not in Denver's class. Its not even close.
1 CO Hobbit [no title]
1 FlintHillsMagic_sock Philly TD against Oak, lead 14-3
1 Horse Head Bookends Can't win with Chiefs fans
1 HarvJNep2n We like to laugh
1 FlintHillsMagic_sock ^^
1 Whorfin Nothing but Iron Pyrite in that hole.
1 RockyMountainWay91 4 TOs for the Bills, none for KC
1 CO Hobbit Deirdorf is so awful.
1 Mancar Wow these Buffalo WR's are gawd awful.
1 ten_fiver he was laying on the ground with control
1 Horse Head Bookends He was channeling his inner Montee Ball
1 Whorfin I'm worried about being worried.
1 Lell87 Bills are out of feet to shoot themselves in.
1 Russscot I don't think so
1 Russscot Welp...Tuel you once...
1 RockyMountainWay91 sigh
1 BroncoCUbuffs Just enough time for a nap and then a scouting trip for KC.
1 FlintHillsMagic_sock Bills are now going to head shots
1 phlebotomyorange Can Seattle do anything without celebrating?
1 Russscot RMW, you never think anything good about your teams, do you.
1 ArrowSpread Nonsense, Cavey
1 Awater_owns_u KC Queefs: Just beat Div 2 back-ups. Congrats. Im sure you are stoked.
1 Fourstrike89 weird.
1 phlebotomyorange No. You're obnoxious for the same reason a fat chick is obnoxious
1 CPT.Caveman I like Pete Rose
1 Baghdad Buffalo gave the Chiefs all they could handle. They ran at will and should have won the game
1 Whorfin It does, I tell you, it does.
1 Russscot OK, Case...make your case.
1 amits yes negative nancy a Texans collapse is coming!
1 Horse Head Bookends Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!
1 WillyBFree2Bronc C'mom Ben! Be a man instead of a rapist...
1 Whorfin My keyboard is getting slick from where I slit my wrists.
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Bwahahahahaaahaaahaaa, without the two stupid mistakes by the Bills, the queefs lose 10-9...
1 WillyBFree2Bronc The Kans ass shitty queefs have to be the most fortuitous team of the last half century.
1 Awater_owns_u Andy Reid has a MASSIVE dick broom on his face.
1 Whorfin but will forget to start the car first.
1 RockyMountainWay91 I'd take 8 TDs vs the Greifs
1 WillyBFree2Bronc And the refs...
1 Horse Head Bookends Have you ever noticed
1 HarvJNep2n When we lose, we still manage to put up more points than
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Somebody tell me why Suggs doesn't pop that zit on his face?
1 rossiya TB is playing well
1 Gr3yStreet 3 is better than 7
1 loyalchfsfan35 Of course..
1 MrEast Go Bills!
1 Mancar Same can be said about any key player on an offense.
1 poorboywilly [no title]
1 CO Hobbit Welcome to most offenses losing their best offensive player.
1 ArrowSpread If you aren't enjoying it you aren't a fan.
1 PABroncofan I hope Denver sweeps the Chiefs
1 nugzin2040 Not convinced in their team
1 Mancar Imagine this is your superbow- ooh nevermind don't do that.
1 KrazyChiefsfan Any given Sunday boys, if you want to crown their ass crown em!
1 CO Hobbit So odd how like 80% of returns have block in the back penalties these days.
1 poorboywilly [no title]
1 nugzin2040 Least talented undefeated team
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry There was plenty of admitting going on over at AP in the first half
1 idahobronc Yup. I was there.
1 poorboywilly [no title]
1 HarvJNep2n They will be 10-0 after their bye,
1 idahobronc They understand it, but will not admit it here.
1 Mancar LOL. Cheifs are Frauds. No other explanation.
1 SeaOfRed boo hoo
1 Mancar For example...Peyton, AP, Brees, Brady, Calvin Johnson etc
1 oldcoachB KC LUCKIEST team ever total bullshit caught it rolled was down for ever then ball knocked free.
1 Tim Lynch FYI, there is logic behind my picking the Bills...
1 Russscot He was lying on the frikkin ground with possession of the ball!
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Good-evil
1 nugzin2040 True
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Now is the time to ask this question
1 Whorfin That's better than a whole week of "We're 9-0."
1 Horse Head Bookends After seeing the kind of people that populate that place over the last few weeks
1 CO Hobbit ......
1 Russscot We was beautious ;)
1 OrangeTorpedo The hard part was filling out the rest of the post-it
1 MrEast Dan Reeves.
1 Gr3yStreet Well according to the 4 letter they're the best team in football.
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Thank God Rocky's Autos is still doing their commercials in standard defnition
1 Russscot Great tackle
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry [no title]
1 Mancar Tuel very scared now.
1 Horse Head Bookends I think it is 14-14
1 sid66 9-0*
1 kuchiefs13 like kc
1 CO Hobbit Of course that is part of the deal with Satan.
1 ElwayFanJ Everybody knows a competent Bills QB
1 KCPoebowler Case Keenum is ballin
1 idahobronc AP members are less optimistic than that. I have followed their whole thread
1 OrangeTorpedo Because living in Buffalo didn't already do that?
1 CO Hobbit They are who we thought they were.
1 RockyMountainWay91 Bills D is going to have to win the game for them
1 artistnyc Went it comes to turnovers, KC is as lucky as we are unlucky
1 HarvJNep2n With EJ Manuel

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