The Official MHR vs AP Defense Challenge Starts Here!!!

A couple of days ago, I proposed a wager: I'd wager my profile photo and tag line for the first week of the playoffs on the Broncos' defense being statistically better than the Chiefs' defense for the last eight games of the regular season.

Original FanPost here: A bold wager for Chiefs' fans

Since then, we've had a few takers from AP and a bunch of MHR contributors ready to take the challenge as well. Let's see if we can get word out to AP, get some more takers and build this thing into a legitimate, mano-a-mano, winner-take-all war!! We're both going to make the playoffs. We can make the wild card round most unpleasant for one of our sites!

Measurement Metrics for the Challenge

1) Net yards per possession, including penalties. We can pull those numbers off of any garden variety drive chart. Where did a possession start and where did it end?

2) Net points allowed per defensive possession. Defensive TD's and safeties reduce your total.

3) Percentage of possessions ending in forced turnovers, including turnovers on downs.

Possessions that don't count

There are some possessions that need to be filtered out of the wager because they're garbage and will skew the numbers:

1) Any possession beginning after 7:30 of the third quarter the start of the 4th quarter with the Chiefs/Broncos leading or trailing by 17+ points ("garbage time")

2) Any possession beginning with less than 1:00 remaining in the first half inside the offense's 30-yard-line (running out the clock) or a true kneel-down situations at the end of the game.

Who's in so far

So far, we have three confirmed battles in place:

MarinesChiefFan vs Brian Shrout

kdub64 vs Kevin Gillikin

DC_ChiefsFan vs yours truly

I also proposed upamtn vs Bronco Mike at one point, but haven't seen those two confirm.

A number of MHR's are up to the challenge and still looking for a taker:

- Whorfin

- Trogdoor, the Burninator

- broncodano

Let's agree on profile photos and tag lines ahead of time

Whorfin suggested on the original FanPost that we agree to terms ahead of time so things don't get too vulgar or raunchy. Excellent idea. So, DC_ChiefsFan, here you go:

I like the Tin Man. I like Peyton Manning

Tracking all of this

No worries, I'll do that and post weekly FanPosts.

Come on, AP

65 of you have voted "I'm a Chiefs fan who lives in the real world. You're crazy, Skipper" and only 3 of you have taken the challenge so far.

Candy from a baby, right?

Let's see who's up to the challenge!

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