Denver Broncos quotes from John Fox and players on the San Diego Chargers

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Denver Broncos coach John Fox, quarterback Peyton Manning, cornerback Chris Harris Jr., and a number of others met the press today to discuss the San Diego Chargers and playing on a short week. Here is what they had to say.

Head coach John Fox on San Diego getting pressure on Manning in the first matchup and what they need to do to adjust

"That's the most important part about the passing game is the protection. It's something we've been working on all season. I think we've done a pretty good job overall. Again, it'll be a new test Thursday night and they did put decent pressure on us in the first meeting. It's something we'll address and it'll come down to who executes best."

Fox on what he's seen from San Diego LB Manti Te'o

"I've noticed they've kind of adjusted. He and [LB Donald] Butler, they were playing ‘Mike' and what I call ‘Buck' and then they've switched, but they're both the inside linebackers. I think he's played well. He's a stout guy. He's pretty impressive looking on the hoof. He plays the run pretty well, but he's a good, young player as I see it."

Fox on how Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy has done this season in San Diego

"I know Mike is a heck of a coach. I've coached with him for about 10 years. He did a superb job for me in Carolina [and] has done a superb job for us here in Denver. From what I've seen they're a well-coached, good football team in the playoff hunt. This is like a playoff game them coming here to our place."

Fox on if McCoy reached out to him after his surgery

"Oh yeah. Yeah many people did."

Fox on watching the Chargers game from home post-surgery

"Yeah, that was inside of a week probably post-surgery. I remember that one the least of all of them-just leave it at that (laughing)."

QB Peyton Manning on how difficult a Thursday game is

"Yeah, it's a challenge for both teams and certainly we knew it was on the schedule and [it takes] real discipline by each player to get themselves physically ready to play. Get your rest; at the same time, trying to study your opponent getting ready to play them. But there's no question it's a challenge."

Manning on if he would rather not play a Thursday game

"Well, late in the season, I think certainly the disadvantage is that you have an injured player that may or may not have a chance to recover in time whereas he might possibly play Sunday as opposed to Thursday. I think that is a disadvantage, sure."

Manning on how the Chargers have changed since the last matchup

"They are playing well. They've gotten a couple of guys back from some injuries. [LB Donald] Butler, that was his first game back, he's playing very well. They got [LB Melvin] Ingram back who's a great talent. There are definitely some changes."

We expect to get their best shot like we've gotten everybody else's best shot. - Chris Harris Jr.

CB Chris Harris Jr. on the Chargers needing a win and playing hard

"We're the Broncos. Teams are going to play us the way the Titans played-they've been playing us like that all season. We expect to get their best shot like we've gotten everybody else's best shot."

Harris on Chargers QB Philip Rivers this season

"He definitely is a different quarterback. He's not forcing the ball and he's taking the check down to short passes other than the deep pass more. That's something that Mike McCoy has definitely brought to them-Take the easy throw and don't take the difficult one."

DE Malik Jackson on playing at home during the short week

"It's good that it's here. We don't have to travel. We've played with these guys before. But you know, they've got some new things that we've got to get ready for. It should be a good game."

DT Terrance Knighton on the game being at home against a divisional opponent

"Even though it's a short week, we've played them. Our coaches are familiar with them, they're familiar with us. We just have to go out there and they'll throw out something different, we'll see. We'll just have to adjust quickly. It's all about who wants it more."

WR Demaryius Thomas on thinking ahead to home-field advantage

"We're still going to take it like everybody else does: one game at time. We can't overlook anybody on our schedule because everybody in the league, this is what we do. We take it one game at a time and go from there."

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