MHR's NFL Week Fifteen Picks

Dustin Bradford

Keeping current with your MHR Pick'em predictions?

I really hope someone is paying attention to my picks, because like the NFC team in New York I tend to get hot towards the end of the season.

Thursday, December 12th 8:25 PM ET
Chargers at Broncos
Mike McCoy is a nice enough guy, but Peyton Manning's been fly since Kojak had an afro. Denver needs two wins in the next three games with a New England loss somewhere in the next three to secure the first seed in the playoffs. San Diego's playoff hopes are circling the bowl anyway.

Winner: Denver

Sunday, December 15th 1:00 PM ET
Redskins at Falcons
As of the time of this writing Robert Griffin III has no confirmation on whether he will be starting or not. Mike Shanahan might as well let the cat out of the bag and just admit that he thinks the name of Washington's team is racist at this point. I like Atlanta at home I think, let me check... Yeah.

Winner: Atlanta

49ers at Buccaneers
This game will be fun to watch, I don't know why Tampa is fun to watch, but they are. Mike Glennon's got that rocket, Vincent Jackson is quietly having a great season and whoever the Buccaneers plug in at running back is gold. Speaking of gold San Francisco literally has to win this game and continue to win to make the playoffs.

Winner: San Francisco

Seahawks at Giants
Last week I picked Cleveland over New England as my upset of the week. I really like New York in this game, should I do it? Should I pull the trigger? Absolutely! New York has no need for a quarterback, thus no need to throw a game this late in the season.

Winner: New York

Eagles at Vikings
Minnesota has slowly gotten better towards the end of this season, they nearly ruined Baltimore's playoff hopes last week. I wonder if ownership will credit strong drafting and keep the current staff in place for next season? Philadelphia is white hot though, Nick Foles and Riley Cooper, good God. LeSean McCoy (sucks), but he can run.

Winner: Philadelphia

Patriots at Dolphins
Miami needs this game, but in a way so does New England and the referees seem determined to get the Patriots into the playoffs with or without Rob Gronkowski. Tom Brady is good enough to take out this team no matter who is catching the ball.

Winner: Patriots

Bills at Jaguars
No one wants that first pick, no one! Jacksonville should want it, but they'd probably waste it on a left tackle or something. Buffalo is ironically playing out December in Florida. Good for them, I like them here.

Winner: Buffalo.

Texans at Colts
Indianapolis currently holds 2013 games against Seattle and Denver in their win column. Houston let Gary Kubiak go, I really, really feel like Houston will get it together now. Not yet though, they'll wait one more week.

Winner: Indianapolis

Bears at Browns
This will be a fun game to watch Joe Haden on Brandon Marshall or Alshon Jeffrey, where do you put Haden? What about Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte? Who is going to play quarterback for Chicago? Probably Jay Cutler, but I have no idea why... Josh McCown is playing mistake free football. I'd pretend that Cutler is hurt for the rest of the season, avoid that paycheck problem at the end of the season. Speaking of problems, Josh Gordon, he's a major problem and the Bears don't have a solution.

Winner: Cleveland

4:05 PM ET
Chiefs at Raiders
What would be adorable is if Oakland beat Kansas City at home. The Chiefs visit the Raiders after stomping a mud hole in Washington's backsides. I said at the end of Week Eleven that I would be surprised to see Kansas City win two more games for the rest of the season. They have been 1-3 since. They'll be 2-3 at the end of Week Fifteen with Indianapolis and San Diego on their calendar.

Winner: Kansas City

Jets at Panthers
New Orleans sure handed it to Carolina, but I almost feel sorry for Geno Smith having to play the Panthers at this point... It's going to be a bloodbath.

Winner: Carolina

4:25 PM ET
Packers at Cowboys
I really hate to pick this game, Dallas is straight schizophrenic. Green Bay really has nothing without Aaron Rodgers though and at this point I don't think that he's playing this week. in a way this game is for the sixth seed in the NFC Playoffs and for that I expect a fight.

Winner: Dallas

Cardinals at Titans
This game will be another fun one to watch, similar talents on both sides of the ball. It's too bad Jake Locker couldn't be here for it. I like Arizona though, even traveling. Denver exposed that secondary and Carson Palmer can solidify it.

Winner: Arizona

Saints at Rams
You saw what New Orleans did to Carolina, right? Imagine what they're going to do to St. Louis.

Winner: New Orleans

8:30 PM ET
Bengals at Steelers
I saw Ben Roethlisberger on a fantasy sleeper list for this week. I think that is absolutely adorable. The Pittsburgh defense is completely capable of giving Andy Dalton fits, but I think that Cincinnati could run their way to a victory here. For that I will take them.

Winner: Cincinnati

Monday, December 16th 8:40 PM ET
Ravens at Lions
Detroit is not for real, they're just in the NFC North and in if Green Bay could have gotten their 'stuff' together they'd be in a three-way tie for first. Baltimore has to win and pretty much win out to get into the playoffs. We in Denver know how this story ends.

Winner: Baltimore

In the MHR Pick'em League Broncs Cheer went from a four game lead to a seven game lead in one week. RossiyaBronco is all alone in second place with 137 total points, Bad Football Pun owns third with 136 and Smiling Assassins is breathing down both their necks with 135 points. There is a three-way tie for fifth

For the full list check it out here.

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