Roll Call: Titans @ Broncos, Week 14

Justin Edmonds

I am a little late with this post, but I was pretty sick yesterday - ended up sleeping all day. Feeling much better this morning, so let's see how much we embarrassed ourselves on Sunday!

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1 RockyMountainWay91 243
2 Horse Head Bookends 167
3 Britt Pegram 138
4 ElwayFanJ 134
5 Tim Lynch 130
6 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry 108
7 California MusicFan 103
8 The Lodo Magic Man 100
9 broncosfaninphilly 91
10 the new Bradfather 84
11 WillyBFree2Bronc 77
12 peytonsthebest 75
13 BroncosNYC 73
14 COT 62
15 oldcoachB 57
16 Mancar 57
17 FlintHillsMagic_sock 54
18 Sean in Pa. 53
19 diehardbroncofan 53
20 the_roof 50
21 Whorfin 48
22 amits 43
23 neumdaddy 39
24 sadaraine 38
25 EverVigilant 37
26 P0RKINS2 35
27 Ty46 31
28 Jbronc 29
29 WYOrangeCrush 28
30 CO Hobbit 28
31 jimmyhaffa 27
32 jvande518 26
33 ozark_orange 24
34 SaguaroBronco 23
35 broncodano 22
36 go_saleaumua 21
37 shasta77 21
38 Scotty Payne 21
39 CompUser 19
40 Atmx2000 18
41 hmills110 17
42 ArrowSpread 17
43 willyoubemycharizard 17
44 CPT.Caveman 16
45 ThanksALot 16
46 HarvJNep2n 16
47 McGeorge 15
48 Nbot 14
49 C.Settles 14
50 BroncoBuff 13
51 InboundingLobPass 12
52 Trogdoor 12
53 Rodney Adams 11
54 james b 10
55 idahobronc 10
56 Richard Huth 10
57 theraccoun 9
58 Rainbow skyline 9
59 the_prodigal_fan 9
60 broncoholic 8
61 Krebs_Broncos 8
62 isamudysan 8
63 emd2k3 8
64 Peyton Manthing 8
65 The Danish Bronco 8
66 slipperyice 8
67 bonaire 8
68 PearlJamBroncoGFunk 7
69 Baghdad 7
70 Big_Pete1999 7
71 NHPeytonFan18 7
72 BrandingoBronco 7
73 OrangeTorpedo 7
74 boothman11 7
75 Greywing 7
76 BroncoCUbuffs 7
77 downisthenewup 6
78 kaiser1118 6
79 Bronco Fan Doug 6
80 Triz06 5
81 horses 5
82 AlbqBroncFan 5
83 Bluedude 5
84 bigboom55 5
85 Dannie Ray 5
86 metalman5050 5
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96 broncomack 3
97 broncofan781 3
98 DBroncs1414 2
99 lord gloom 2
100 Chrysicat 2
101 fusion10 2
102 Lell87 2
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104 88932 2
105 18man 2
106 Timimus 2
107 weazel 2
108 KRONK-00 2
109 KJLAKE 2
110 OldStrike 2
111 HughSkarr 2
112 Cdog1990 2
113 Matthew Oakley 2
114 British Bronco 2
115 OrangeandBluesBros 1
116 ten_fiver 1
117 Nordic_Saab95 1
118 dbroncofan1969 1
119 DanairJordan 1
120 PhilR8 1
121 poloshark 1
122 IndyBronco 1
123 Teton7 1
124 BakedHam 1
125 chriscalifornia 1
126 Bustafluff 1
127 azbroncomaniac 1
128 gabriel suarez moreno 1
129 JackAvsFan 1
130 bigdmmafan 1
131 VM33 1
132 Bronco Mike 1
133 DelanSaleh 1
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136 SteveUK 1
137 thebossuzzi 1
138 Amilcar 1
139 Kappa Donkey 1
140 azdenfan 1
141 Broncs Cheer 1
142 firstfan 1
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144 jmcgoblue 1
145 VR92 1
146 samdman 1
147 SaltyDog572 1
148 NZBuffs 1
149 ramjac 1
150 Pokeyslittledog 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
15 The Lodo Magic Man [no title]
15 The Lodo Magic Man .
14 broncodano Fox knows what he has.....
14 FlintHillsMagic_sock Good God
12 The Lodo Magic Man .
11 lord gloom Tamme is an important player for this team
11 California MusicFan PFM on the "can't play in cold weather" BS: "They can put one that where the sun don't shine."
11 Rodney Adams Sorry, gotta say it: Sloppy ass offense out there today
11 NHPeytonFan18 I Love My New Signature!
10 California MusicFan Two more TDs for Decker and they have five players with 10 for the year.
9 broncodano Yeah...
7 idahobronc No sun?? You mean it's cold? ;)
7 California MusicFan If the other receivers had played as well as Tamme did against the Pats, that game was a win.
6 EverVigilant Loved The Game & Esp. The Prater FG To End The 1st Half
6 RockyMountainWay91 Big props to Orlando Franklin
6 Whorfin Who are you, and what have you done with RMW91?
6 Big_Pete1999 Done!
6 SaguaroBronco He's negative on negativity today
5 Rodney Adams And this from a Chiefs fan? Amen. Hallelujah and Can I Get A Witness! :)
5 Britt Pegram so the sea chickens lost
4 WillyBFree2Bronc Uh, you mean the refs beat the Browns on more BS calls...
4 azbroncomaniac 0 sacks, fantastic line play again today
4 CompUser Pot Roast has four MVPs?
4 OldStrike Loaned, not donated. ;)
4 Atmx2000 I was wanting them to lose against the ravens, but now not sure
4 hmills110 Again, I don't think it's PFM, but the other 10 guys used to playing on 'turf indoors.
4 RockyMountainWay91 It's a pleasure to watch Manning and this offense just operate to perfection
4 SaguaroBronco That beast loses in the end
4 The Lodo Magic Man you already dealt with Shanahan once, why would you want Shanahan 2: electric boogaloo?
4 The Lodo Magic Man .
4 The Lodo Magic Man .
3 Rainbow skyline touched on the way down = down
3 neumdaddy Early reports are that Gronk's ACL is torn.
3 One Piece of Cake [no title]
3 BrandingoBronco I'm from the Carolinas, live in northern VA now. Lifelong Broncos fan, BroncoDano pointed me in MHRs
3 The Lodo Magic Man if you are in the upper deck, get your ass down to the field level. You could probably sit on the bench, maybe even play!
3 WillyBFree2Bronc And some of it can be because of the way the played dirty against us in Indy...
3 Tim Lynch You don't like more cowbell?
3 RockyMountainWay91 I love how our Oline is bringing it this game
3 The Lodo Magic Man [no title]
3 WillyBFree2Bronc The league should start firing some of these assholes and get fulltime paid refs...
3 ten_fiver I'd wear Giselle's tiara
3 SaguaroBronco Smith had 137 yds
3 ozark_orange Most of Tamme's experience with Manning has been in the slot.
3 P0RKINS2 Love it if he threw 6 vs. San Diego to break it
3 LakerBandwagon He cannot sit Thursday.
2 broncodano it is unwise to underestimate an opponents strength
2 broncodano Woe to you oh earth and sea....
2 RockyMountainWay91 + the refs.
2 Bustafluff LOL
2 oldcoachB Our Defense needs to play better!
2 Atmx2000 And a block in the back on way too many returns
2 RockyMountainWay91 I'll say this
2 SaguaroBronco I've been asking the Broncos to play to their full potential all year
2 CompUser That's funny.
2 Teton7 Denver hasn't allowed a 100 yard rusher all season,
2 idahobronc His presence would be a present. ;)
2 SaguaroBronco I think he wears the tiara
2 Britt Pegram they stole one from him today....
2 broncodano bahhahahahaha
2 fusion10 Denver doesn't "need" to play anywhere to win games; There aren't SEA/NO.
2 Tim Lynch Oh man....I gotta to use this one in the power rankings post this week.
2 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Refs did a nice job giving this one to the Patriots
2 Rodney Adams [no title]
2 WillyBFree2Bronc He sure as hell threw some bullits today! In freaking frigid weather, too...
2 FlintHillsMagic_sock Nice stat on the radio
2 SaguaroBronco So we should thank the officiating crew
2 Tim Lynch The Patriots....that was the biggest bullshit win of the year.
2 bonaire Contrary to Penthouse forums, that is above average...
2 Tim Lynch RMW91...I demand a positive comment from you.
2 CO Hobbit Beware such hope.
2 Tim Lynch He sucks.
2 WillyBFree2Bronc C'mon Browns! That would give us a 2 game cushion...
2 HarvJNep2n Reminds me of
2 Tim Lynch Me too...that's his
2 RockyMountainWay91 I just hope we get out of this game healthy
2 Whorfin Someone has to hold the ball for those NFL record field goals!
2 CO Hobbit Conan what is best in life?
2 DBroncs1414 Cue the Titans fans thinking they should have won this game
2 go_saleaumua [no title]
2 C.Settles if i were a chiefs fan
2 P0RKINS2 That pass to Decker was a TD, that was bull
2 broncodano nobody was fast as lightning...
2 go_saleaumua Fair enough.
2 Britt Pegram Tom Brady is such a metrosexual.....
2 go_saleaumua I only buy knee high's...
2 Tim Lynch +1
2 RockyMountainWay91 Pats over the Broncos because they beat the Browns!
2 Trogdoor the kick coverage has been pathetic.
2 fusion10 Well, the refs did favor Denver because they always want Manning to win...
1 idahobronc Mller would have had another sack if the QB hadn't handed the ball offf the the back at the last second.
1 broncosfaninphilly Waiting for a broncos complete game is like waiting for a horse to finally win a triple crown .
1 California MusicFan Kinda got lost in all of the other records.
1 Calikula Great win
1 SaguaroBronco I agree, but that may be a big if
1 Big_Pete1999 lay it on my my man!
1 the new Bradfather we'll keep winning
1 NHPeytonFan18 Hope he puts up 400 on the Powderpuffs
1 the_prodigal_fan Gronk is gone.
1 hmills110 In CO, there's no such thing as bad weather. Just bad equipment.
1 Baghdad the refs watched him do it too, bastards
1 go_saleaumua [no title]
1 ozark_orange LOL.
1 go_saleaumua [no title]
1 go_saleaumua Fair enough.
1 go_saleaumua [no title]
1 ozark_orange Agree. It was the SECOND time the replay zebras took away the same TD
1 chriscalifornia Did anyone else see a noticeable difference in Fox's composure on the sideline?
1 Whorfin Fat chance.
1 Whorfin I was asking a question of RMW, who put forth that alice was exceptional.
1 broncodano Let the Chief fans crow here...
1 go_saleaumua Many do. Or will, I think.
1 Peyton Manthing This, only x 1000
1 Rodney Adams I've been fairly impressed with Mathews as well
1 Whorfin There's going to be a lot of water over the dam before KC is a concern.
1 the new Bradfather Karl Malone gotta do what Karl Malone gotta do /s/ Karl Malone
1 Nbot definitely an illegal hit, and he'll be forking over mid 5 figures for it
1 Trogdoor knee highs
1 go_saleaumua A quicker hammer puts less pressure on the defense, though
1 SaguaroBronco Many things in that game -
1 the new Bradfather in fact, he was replaced by LUCK :)
1 Rainbow skyline seattle, NO, NE >>>> KC
1 Baghdad carefull with your wording
1 SaguaroBronco Wasn't the story coming into the game that the Titans secondary
1 broncomack Tazed
1 Whorfin rinse, repeat.
1 Horse Head Bookends We are going to have to agree to disagree
1 Horse Head Bookends The Ravens are not good.
1 broncodano let him be.
1 the new Bradfather and on Twitter, Albert Breer says Brady is the MVP
1 Horse Head Bookends The helmet to helmet hit on Fitz. Von will be writing a big check.
1 SaguaroBronco No, they are currently tied for the NFL record with 3
1 California MusicFan The Broncos left points on the field today. They should have had eight touchdowns.
1 Tim Lynch I like it!
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Fua Men Fighting...
1 Baghdad Gronk Cheated interfering with the DB in the endzone in our game. Paybacks MF'er
1 the_prodigal_fan That was a different team.
1 Baghdad brady is a prick
1 Krebs_Broncos Great win for the Broncos and a special shout out to the new record holder Prater!
1 Krebs_Broncos I don't
1 hmills110 Sitting people in late-season was blamed for playoff losses in Manning's rearview.
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Well they (refs) sure as hell favored Brady today!
1 broncodano AND FUA
1 RockyMountainWay91 hey they did beat the Redskins like 45-10
1 Britt Pegram really? nothing negative?
1 California MusicFan BEST stat of the game: 70,000+ attendance today.
1 Sean in Pa. Kick return
1 diehardbroncofan Fox going for it? Love it!
1 CompUser How is it a gift that Von Miller reached in and knocked the ball away?
1 Horse Head Bookends If only they played the Ravens again
1 CompUser We can do it in two, Tom.
1 The Lodo Magic Man People who said Peyton can't do anything in the cold....LOL
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry People who took the under on this game...LOL
1 thebossuzzi miss Peyton in blue
1 Tim Lynch I dont miss him in blue at all.
1 jvande518 Good. The Seasqawks fans are so obnoxious
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Fumblr
1 RockyMountainWay91 Ravens game.....
1 BroncoBuff Why are we calling passing plays to a RB who can't catch?
1 Whorfin Develop sleep apnea.
1 broncosfaninphilly This titans team is smoked now
1 broncosfaninphilly Yep
1 peytonsthebest ^this^
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry he has sadness tinted glasses
1 The Danish Bronco Manning has 33% of the pass TDs vs Titans this year.
1 Britt Pegram we don't play safe well...
1 The Lodo Magic Man Peyton is all pissed off about the cold, y'all.
1 The Lodo Magic Man Broncos outscored the Titans 41-7 since the late 2nd quarter
1 FlintHillsMagic_sock That proves it then
1 Tim Lynch Who would have thought we could get some breathing room from the Patriots because of the Browns? lol
1 The Lodo Magic Man Eleventy billion
1 The Lodo Magic Man Nate Irving just wrecked a fool
1 Rainbow skyline chiefs are back in their comfort zone
1 Britt Pegram Tamme, shouldnt we have traded him? :rolls eyes:
1 Tim Lynch FG it worth a lot right here.
1 oldcoachB You are wise beyond your years!
1 The Danish Bronco THIS!
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Browns ball on Brady fumble!!!
1 Horse Head Bookends How do they do when scoring 40?
1 WYOrangeCrush Oh yeah I am sure the Patriots will make adjustments during halftime and the win game ultimately but I can dream can't I? Haha
1 RockyMountainWay91 and Alex Smith has proven to be a great QB
1 Ty46 they will lose it, the browns, too pathetic
1 bonaire At least he won't have a concussion...
1 EverVigilant I Lived In Missoula For 5 Years
1 The Lodo Magic Man [no title]
1 COT Broncos Will Outscore In The End!
1 WYOrangeCrush I know we are screwed! What is our plan C at QB!?!?
1 Sean in Pa. Sorry for Gronk
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Browns didn't find a way to lose, Nantz
1 WYOrangeCrush Yeah hopefully he is at 100%. Having him could be a great wrinkle in the quick passing game with the strength of the TItans defense.
1 C.Settles Damn it Manning
1 Tim Lynch England would be a bad choice for either.
1 RockyMountainWay91 Offense looks pretty good even in the cold
1 the new Bradfather Lombardi says Decker's OK
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry The reason I worry about Peyton throwing so much
1 Greywing Yea!!!!!! DT = awesome
1 Horse Head Bookends Anybody else listening for
1 Sean in Pa. Had one since I was 20 Y/O
1 The Lodo Magic Man would you say, he found some heart to go for it on 4th down?
1 Horse Head Bookends I love Will Ferrel but I know he is not everybody's cup of tea.
1 Tim Lynch The refs were responsible for all but 2 yards on that final TD drive.
1 The Lodo Magic Man Here lies Mike Shanahan.
1 neumdaddy Overreaction.
1 Horse Head Bookends don't really see what Pollard did wrong
1 SaguaroBronco Which game do you think Manning will break Mr. Bundchen's TD record?
1 California MusicFan Yep. Let's see where they are on the Power Rankings now.
1 SaguaroBronco 6 TDs today to 6 different guys
1 California MusicFan ...twice.
1 EverVigilant I Think We Had Forced 2 TO & Didn't Turn It Over
1 FlintHillsMagic_sock Belichek has pictures of Goodell with a cow.
1 neumdaddy Wow @ Lions-Eagles game.
1 SaguaroBronco I heard the NFL just passed a new rule
1 Tim Lynch Just watched the NFL Network interview of John Fox.
1 ThanksALot Yeah from Jack Del Rio lol
1 Horse Head Bookends Have you ever liked the feeling of a game?
1 Sean in Pa. Am I driving ok?
1 C.Settles after review Peyton is too close Tom's record no touchdowns by pass will be allowed
1 HarvJNep2n Really miss Wolfe the most, I think, especially with Vick out.
1 Mancar It was going good but then they went away from it.
1 Mancar Thats nothing I pee ten yards away from the toilet.
1 kaiser1118 [no title]
1 slipperyice Got too many second teamers
1 Atmx2000 Let's go for 50 pts
1 the new Bradfather I'm so sorry, you can critique the defense again
1 Britt Pegram run run run run
1 the_roof Its alright. Peyton will throw another TD and pad his stats.
1 oldcoachB The pass Interference no call was as bad as I have ever seen and Simms says no call just lost all respect!
1 jvande518 I try not to blame too much on refereeing/umpiring
1 peytonsthebest Ask and you shall receive.
1 oldcoachB He launched himself Simms should never do Broncos games!
1 RockyMountainWay91 Need to win a game in the frigid cold to shut up people saying Manning is terrible in the cold.
1 Horse Head Bookends Come on Browns!!!
1 Whorfin I'm all over that.
1 ElwayFanJ Kick Pollard out of the game!
1 ozark_orange I did my part with a rec.
1 RockyMountainWay91 seeing how NE just needs a TD to lead
1 neumdaddy Watching the Lions-Eagles game is pure joy for this football fan.
1 Broncs Cheer yeah, dropped balls on both sides

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