The MHR vs AP Defense Challenge. It's On Like Donkey Kong!!

Justin Edmonds




Chiefs pwn RGIII

Just when I thought the Kansas City Chiefs were becoming, like, the Second Coming of the 2012 New Orleans Saints, they go and administer a smackdown against the offensively high-powered Washington Redskins.

On a frozen field.

Against a Redskins' team that had lost four games in a row coming in.

And who had scored only 39 points in their previous three games.

And whose head coach and franchise quarterback hate each other.

And who would be playing for the #1 pick in next year's draft except for the fact that they traded it away for said (now clipboard-carrying) franchise quarterback

Whatever. It was an impressive performance against one of the NFL's most unimpressive teams in 2013, and one that pulled things a little closer in the Great MHR vs AP Defense Challenge of 2013.

Meanwhile, in the thin air of Denver

The Broncos were busy doing their version of the Break-but-don't-Bend defense against their first backup QB of the season in Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Broncos were actually more stout defensively than those 28 points (seven against a short field, the other 21 on long drives) would suggest, having held the Titans to five drives of less than ten yards, including two key drives after the Titans went ahead 14-7. Officially, the Titans ended the game with only 254 total yards.

A New Leaderboard for the Challenge

For the past two weeks, the Broncos have led the Challenge, two "metrics" (yards, points) to one (turnovers). This week, we have a leaderboard change, a clean sweep, a 3-0 advantage. Read on to find out who leads...

Garbage Time

Remember, in the original terms of the challenge, we put considerable effort into establishing a "Garbage Time" exception, so defenses would not be punished for giving up meaningless yards after a game was in hand, or rewarded for shutting down a backup QB late. The rule: No counting possessions that 1) start in the fourth quarter, 2) with a 17+ point lead.

The Garbage Time rule knocked out the entire Chiefs' 4th quarter, as well as the final drive for the Broncos' defense after they went up 51-28 late. So, without further adieu...


Chiefs Broncos
Opp Poss Yards Pts TO's Opp Poss Yards Pts TO's
Week 1 @BUF 11 469 -1 5 @SD 10 339 20 0
Week 2 @DEN 13 450 27 1 KC 14 352 17 2
Week 3 SD 12 453 41 0 @NE 16 439 27 4
Week 4 DEN 11 537 35 2 @KC 10 428 21 2
Week 5 @WAS 10 208 10 1 TEN 10 268 28 2
TOTALS 57 2117 112 9 60 1826 113 10
Averages 37.14 1.96 16% 30.43 1.88 17%

There you have it, a tightening Challenge, but one now LED BY THE BRONCOS IN ALL THREE CATEGORIES:

#1 - Yards per Possession. BRONCOS LEAD (30.43 - 37.14)

#2 - Points per Possession. BRONCOS LEAD, but just barely (1.88 - 1.96)

#3 - Turnover percentage. BRONCOS LEAD, but just barely (17% - 16%)

Quick Thoughts on this Weekend

Over the next three weeks, the schedule actually favors the Broncos. Two common opponents (SD, OAK) and two, shall we say, uncommon opponents (KC vs. Indy, Broncos at Houston).

If the Chiefs have any designs on winning this competition, they'd better make a strong push this weekend, as we get Rivers (in Denver) and they get McGloin (or is it Pryor?) in Oakland.

After this weekend, Chiefs fans, there be Dragons...

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