I have read posts where fans have said this defense will get better when the Injured players return ...However I have a hard time beleiving this and am most worried we will be one and done in the playoffs thanks to the defense.

1.This defense only held two teams to under 20 in this whole season. Not all players were injured at that time.

2. We are 28th and 3 spots from the bottom in Pass defense. Why on earth does Mr Stubborn Del Rio not put DRC on the best receiver on the opposing team. It makes no sense at all when we do not have Champ back.

3.We can no longer stop the Run without Vickerson and Wolfe out. Denver Ranks 22nd against the Run and from Vickerson's injury it looks like he is out untill the AFC Championship game.

4.Without us stopping the run teams like the Chargers can keep Manning Offense on the sidelines.....without Rythm the offense will falter ....we have seen this multiple times....

5.The only sacks we ever get are with a lead....with the offense on the sideline ...something happens to Del Rio and he does not dial up a single blitz.....extreme conservative play by two defensive minded coaches ...Del Rio and John Fox....

6.Von Miller- Zero Sacks in the Chargers Game. It boggles my mind that if your secondary is ravaged with Injuries you get them help by calling in blitzes......Del Rio refuses to do that....

7.Wesley Woodyard still in part time duty in the Chargers game... What the heck has gotten into Del Rio....

I am thankful for the season we are having on Offense but with this defense and the coaches refusing to correct this over and over.....the defense can very well lose us any of the next two games and if that happens we truly deserve to be one and done....Fox by the way is a not a great game day coach...He is good at preparing players but sucks at outscheming the opponents.If Del Rio leaves after this season...I for one will not be feeling bad

Either there is accountability in this organization or there is not.....We can still do a lot with the pieces fate has dealt us.....Call some blitzes...mix it up....Put DRC on the best guy....Get Kayvon some Help... Put back Wesley W.....

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