Roll Call: Chargers @ Broncos, Week 15

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

It was a rough Thursday night for Broncos fans, but it all was made right again after a weekend of losses for teams that could have hampered the Broncos chances for homefield advantage. Let's get to the roll call. I left out the final game thread for the Chargers game, because Chiefs fans tolled it by putting recs on every single comment. I decided not to give their infantile behavior play on this weekly roll call post. :)

Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,958
Total commenters 132
Commenter list 70fan70, Agent Jerry Fletcher, Art Vanndelay, Atmx2000, Ayrshire, Bluedude, BrandingoBronco, British Bronco, BroncFanInChargerLand, Bronco Fan Doug, Bronco Mike, Bronco With A Side Of Orange Crush, BroncoCUbuffs, BroncosNYC, Broncotodd, Bustafluff, C.Settles, CPT.Caveman, CaliBengalsFan#97, Calikula, Carolinabronco, Cdog1990, ChiefWalrus, ColoradoZebo, CompUser, DBroncs1414, DRBOB2402, Dannie Ray, DenverBound, Dirgle, ElwayFanJ, FlintHillsMagic_sock, GrafVyndaK, Greywing, Henderson-Sports 06, Horse Head Bookends, IbLeEdOrAnGe365, Jack Donaghy, Jbronc, Justificati0n, Kaeptain, Kappa Donkey, KoloradoKaos, Krebs_Broncos, Lell87, Mancar, Matthew Oakley, McGeorge, Mee, MrFNSunshine, Murrwolf, NDbronco, NHPeytonFan18, Nbot, Nevada Bronco07, NigerianNightmare, NomadJackson, OldSchoolOrange, OldStrike, OppsAgain, P0RKINS2, Richard Huth, RockyMountainWay91, Rodney Adams, SD guy, SaltyDog572, Sean in Pa., Sparhawk23, SteveUK, T-bronco, TD_Brookside, Teton7, ThanksALot, The Ghost of Marv Throneberry, The Skipper Dude, Tim Lynch, Trevor2755, Triz06, Ty46, USMCBroncofan, WYOrangeCrush, Whorfin, WillyBFree2Bronc, YJ, amits, artistnyc, bnsmith, bonaire, boydy2669, brianbronco27, broncosfaninphilly, doc1800, dsr80304, emd2k3, fullcharge, go_saleaumua, ho5le, horses, isamudysan, j-man, james b, jmcgoblue, jpost8, jvande518, lord gloom, mahmove, marsch77, mdierk, mt_griz99, muncie_in_this, neumdaddy, oldcoachB, ozark_orange, peytonsthebest, poorboywilly, rossiya, sadaraine, shasta77, sirfiver, slipperyice, spfdbronco, ta2tony21, ten_fiver, the new Bradfather, the_prodigal_fan, thebossuzzi, theraccoun, tjared, tobias.rottman, tonks, weazel, willyoubemycharizard
Story URLs
# Commenter # Comments
1 RockyMountainWay91 163
2 WYOrangeCrush 93
3 amits 79
4 Tim Lynch 77
5 the_prodigal_fan 69
6 70fan70 65
7 oldcoachB 63
8 emd2k3 60
9 DBroncs1414 59
10 ElwayFanJ 51
11 shasta77 47
12 NHPeytonFan18 43
13 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry 42
14 BroncosNYC 41
15 P0RKINS2 39
16 poorboywilly 37
17 FlintHillsMagic_sock 36
18 BrandingoBronco 34
19 Bronco Fan Doug 34
20 ColoradoZebo 32
21 Atmx2000 31
22 neumdaddy 29
23 the new Bradfather 29
24 Mancar 28
25 Mee 26
26 Nevada Bronco07 24
27 sadaraine 22
28 DRBOB2402 22
29 broncosfaninphilly 19
30 Broncotodd 19
31 ThanksALot 18
32 slipperyice 18
33 jmcgoblue 17
34 ten_fiver 17
35 ozark_orange 17
36 Jbronc 17
37 OppsAgain 17
38 isamudysan 17
39 mt_griz99 16
40 Henderson-Sports 06 15
41 NigerianNightmare 14
42 james b 14
43 artistnyc 14
44 Ty46 14
45 C.Settles 13
46 McGeorge 13
47 Whorfin 12
48 go_saleaumua 12
49 Sean in Pa. 12
50 Rodney Adams 10
51 Cdog1990 10
52 boydy2669 9
53 horses 9
54 BroncoCUbuffs 9
55 USMCBroncofan 8
56 CompUser 7
57 YJ 7
58 Horse Head Bookends 7
59 ta2tony21 7
60 WillyBFree2Bronc 7
61 Bronco Mike 6
62 jvande518 6
63 MrFNSunshine 6
64 weazel 6
65 Murrwolf 5
66 Lell87 5
67 British Bronco 5
68 sirfiver 5
69 tonks 5
70 bnsmith 4
71 OldStrike 4
72 SaltyDog572 4
73 Jack Donaghy 4
74 Greywing 4
75 Dannie Ray 3
76 ho5le 3
77 Sparhawk23 3
78 jpost8 3
79 willyoubemycharizard 3
80 Agent Jerry Fletcher 3
81 rossiya 3
82 theraccoun 3
83 BroncFanInChargerLand 2
84 NomadJackson 2
85 NDbronco 2
86 mdierk 2
87 Bluedude 2
88 doc1800 2
89 CPT.Caveman 2
90 TD_Brookside 2
91 T-bronco 2
92 muncie_in_this 2
93 SD guy 2
94 Kaeptain 2
95 Teton7 2
96 Richard Huth 2
97 thebossuzzi 2
98 Calikula 2
99 fullcharge 2
100 Matthew Oakley 2
101 lord gloom 2
102 DenverBound 2
103 peytonsthebest 2
104 Nbot 2
105 brianbronco27 2
106 Justificati0n 2
107 Krebs_Broncos 2
108 spfdbronco 1
109 Carolinabronco 1
110 Bustafluff 1
111 Trevor2755 1
112 marsch77 1
113 bonaire 1
114 j-man 1
115 OldSchoolOrange 1
116 tobias.rottman 1
117 mahmove 1
118 Dirgle 1
119 SteveUK 1
120 Kappa Donkey 1
121 Triz06 1
122 dsr80304 1
123 ChiefWalrus 1
124 IbLeEdOrAnGe365 1
125 CaliBengalsFan#97 1
126 Bronco With A Side Of Orange Crush 1
127 GrafVyndaK 1
128 Ayrshire 1
129 Art Vanndelay 1
130 The Skipper Dude 1
131 KoloradoKaos 1
132 tjared 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
9 Tim Lynch The Broncos. In February.
8 ozark_orange Thank you, Dolphins!
8 ElwayFanJ Win the coin toss, defer, abuse Rivers repeatedly
7 broncosfaninphilly This defense is a ugly girl and no matter how much cool aid I drink she ain't looking much better .
6 BroncoCUbuffs I'm all tuckered out from dancing the jig over the Pats loss :O)
6 amits Yay, back in the hunt for the #1 seed!
6 BroncosNYC I mean, are we still in first??? LOL
6 ozark_orange [no title]
5 Tim Lynch Oh God.
4 The Skipper Dude My take: Belichek sold his soul to the Devil long ago
4 RockyMountainWay91 Oakland is damn terrible
4 oldcoachB Awe Mr. Perfect intercepted!.... Screw you Phil Simms
4 jmcgoblue Like this?
4 ozark_orange [no title]
3 SaltyDog572 Can I get an amen...
3 oldcoachB Now we need Fox to tell JDR to pull his head out of his ass and get Woodyard and Ianacho back in and blitz the hell out of people.
3 DBroncs1414 I think the Pats have broken the record for most bitching for flags on this drive alone
3 the new Bradfather Miss Chopra :)
2 ten_fiver [no title]
2 Lell87 Dolphins playoff hopes hinge on this game.
2 Mee I think the appropriate word is
2 the_prodigal_fan Always has been.
2 BrandingoBronco Green /\
2 Tim Lynch Hmmm...maybe that's why Woodyard was benched.
2 emd2k3 [no title]
2 ozark_orange [no title]
2 oldcoachB Every reporter will forget this just like MSM forgot Bengazi
2 Matthew Oakley Everyone saying that by losing tonight it's season over just remember this:-
2 Tim Lynch fine...
2 Bronco Mike Just here to post my obligatory
2 tonks For once, I feel the overwhelming negativity here is justified
2 DenverBound I f****** HATE THE PATRIOTS!
1 70fan70 Real difference in this game is the running game
1 boydy2669 Sorry, whether we win or lose, this team aint built for a Super Bowl win...this defense STINKS and JDR for the last few weeks seems clueless....just the worst D since Slowik!
1 SaltyDog572 We are a second half team
1 boydy2669 This has been the complete game we have been waiting for...we completely SUCK on all sides of the ball. LOL
1 C.Settles because it'd be stupid to start him at paid safety
1 ho5le [no title]
1 Mancar this is quite hilarious actually.
1 Tim Lynch I love how JDR plays zones against the strengths of his players.
1 ozark_orange Interesting stats from Andrew Mason:
1 mt_griz99 Denver calls time just before they would have been called for 12 men on the field. Denver already has a 12-men penalty on defense tonight.
1 the_prodigal_fan Even better
1 shasta77 I will trade 7 for 3's by the opposition all night.
1 70fan70 SD is also safety blitzing alot
1 Bronco Fan Doug Crowd sure seems to be rocking tonight
1 P0RKINS2 B/c Del Rio is retarded
1 emd2k3 [no title]
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Webster lucked the hell out
1 emd2k3 [no title]
1 70fan70 This drive needs to be a TD tho
1 lord gloom Draft seven DBs in April please
1 amits Our Pass Rushers gotta do a better job Phyllis has time to do his knitting and throw the ball!
1 RockyMountainWay91 Oh look Webster got burned AGAIN
1 sadaraine Wow...So much derp
1 FlintHillsMagic_sock [no title]
1 Tim Lynch Thumping is not as good as TACKLING
1 the_prodigal_fan We get seven, they get three.
1 FlintHillsMagic_sock End of 1st
1 Henderson-Sports 06 [no title]
1 70fan70 but our offense almost never stays that bad for more than a 1/2
1 70fan70 Coaches Coaches Coaches
1 mt_griz99 If there were two guys on Bubba Caldwell deep .... had to have been another option somewhere.
1 Tim Lynch At least he was proven right about Cousins over RGIII
1 RockyMountainWay91 I think those 3 losses in a row really pissed off KC
1 Whorfin The apple didn't fall far from the tree.
1 WillyBFree2Bronc It's the wrong year for a quarterback draft..
1 poorboywilly [no title]
1 Tim Lynch I wish that Raider troll from Thursday night would return... lol
1 Tim Lynch Or stop throwing the ball to Chiefs as possible to Raiders...
1 shasta77 I agree. Rather see NE have to play the extra game.
1 MrFNSunshine So I think I live near a Chiefs fan cuz I just heard like 10 F-Bombs dropped in short succession
1 Tim Lynch lol, the Broncos are twice the team the Chiefs are.
1 NDbronco I would be concerned about KC. They look like they have figured it out
1 shasta77 They looked pretty solid yesterday, but Arrowhead is never easy for the visitors
1 Whorfin God speed to you then.
1 Nevada Bronco07 I kind of feel bad for Jerry Jones the same way I felt bad for Al Davis...
1 oldcoachB We can win it all but we need to be aggressive on both sides of the ball. Simms wanted to punt good thing he isn't coaching the Dolphins.
1 BrandingoBronco Hey guys, at least our D is better than Dallas'
1 Rodney Adams Has Dennis Allen gone mad?
1 Whorfin Careful what you wish for...
1 ten_fiver "I'm somebody's bitch!"
1 Broncotodd You rock my friend!!!
1 oldcoachB Just keep them guessing! And " abuse Rivers repeatedly!"
1 the_prodigal_fan I approve this message
1 Bronco Fan Doug 70, do I hear 70??
1 WYOrangeCrush Man what happened to our run defense? We are missing Big Vick bad.
1 Cdog1990 rivers is a cry baby bitch!!!
1 ElwayFanJ Our secondary needs a lot of work
1 Tim Lynch Yeah, it just means KC hasn't beat a good team all season. ;)
1 Tim Lynch He is destroying complex mathematical equations with his mind.
1 amits Mayock could cover better!
1 Tim Lynch Dude, its OAKLAND.
1 BrandingoBronco For the early game I was stuck with Falcons/skins (regional coverage) So I took a 2 hour nap
1 ThanksALot Go Bengals
1 Dirgle JDR has lost control of the D
1 BroncFanInChargerLand OK now turn this around. Tomorrow will suck for me in SD if these chumps win. PFM...
1 amits I guess your brady ain't clutch? Please note clutch also involves a lot of luck!...
1 BrandingoBronco My childhood best friend is a Fins fan. I gave him a personal thank you phone call
1 BrandingoBronco Screw the "horseshoe up their ass" patriots
1 amits I guess brady can't play in warm weather......Where is the NE Troll who was here a few mins ago talk to me bitch!
1 USMCBroncofan I have NFL Sunday Ticket
1 broncosfaninphilly SD receives the ball to start the second half
1 WYOrangeCrush Hopefully him and his tiny hands don't screw this game up.
1 ThanksALot Come on Bengals!!!
1 NHPeytonFan18 wilson is where I draw the line
1 BroncoCUbuffs Been on the phone for the past hour and what do I return to....A PATS LOSS!!!!!!!!!
1 amits nice one! lol!
1 NHPeytonFan18 I don't think so....
1 DRBOB2402 That's because it's the stat that matters.
1 Calikula And may He have mercy on your soul
1 amits Yes, I mean first impressions matter those two fluke SB field goal wins during the cheating era built his reputation he has less winning drives thean John Elway I believe!
1 theraccoun how are you guys blaming webster there?!
1 P0RKINS2 We can win this game
1 ozark_orange Go Dolphins!
1 DRBOB2402 Than you do the same. I am Bronco fan. Nothing but.
1 ElwayFanJ Wowzers!
1 Bronco Mike [no title]
1 BroncoCUbuffs Where's the flag? That was an unprotected dolphin!
1 DRBOB2402 Not a pat's fan whore.
1 British Bronco In 25 years of watching the NFL I don't think I have ever had reason or cause to cheer on the Dolphins. Until today.
1 the_prodigal_fan I am hoping for another 50-burger.
1 ten_fiver I'm pulling for a 60 spot
1 oldcoachB Today would be a great day for our Defense to decide to show up!
1 DBroncs1414 Disagreed completely
1 ElwayFanJ Champ likes getting paid to practice
1 amits The Pass Rush?....We miss Dumervill whether the so call stat guys agree or not!
1 ElwayFanJ I knew when Knighton complained about having to play on Thursday night
1 ElwayFanJ Took them lightly
1 Atmx2000 Get tamme in there
1 weazel Celebrating in Denver?
1 amits Folks those who are signed up on the Miami blog please do go over and thank them for their services!
1 Henderson-Sports 06 [no title]
1 RockyMountainWay91 This team is not a SB contender, you kidding me?
1 Tim Lynch The Broncos D tonight...
1 emd2k3 [no title]
1 Cdog1990 champ is a p**sy he should be playing
1 sadaraine OMGosh...Trevathan better have just got the wind knocked out
1 Sparhawk23 You can only beat the broncos in a shoot out!!
1 WYOrangeCrush All of the derps.
1 Mancar A sack?
1 McGeorge Del rio. A train wreck he is this season.
1 RockyMountainWay91 Big Vick is a huge loss for us
1 sadaraine Our defense is in a very bad way right now
1 emd2k3 [no title]
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Ok Webster, that was fine
1 WYOrangeCrush Main this game is painful to watch. Not sure what happened but this team is like a deer in the headlights right now.
1 McGeorge Webster. Get him out of thers
1 slipperyice I thought the 2nd Q was bad...
1 slipperyice SD has been good all year...
1 DBroncs1414 QB is always tough to judge
1 Sean in Pa. Uhm
1 mt_griz99 I agree and would say the loss of Big Vic and Wolfe hurts the most, we now lost our run D and can no longer make a team 1 dimensional
1 ThanksALot F-ing free timeout
1 amits Shut up you negative nancy!
1 NHPeytonFan18 he is overrated. .and your comments prove my point
1 amits he did in those 2 SBs where cheating was not allowed?
1 BroncosNYC YEHAShasfhsdklfjdsflYEHEAHHH
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry You were saying?
1 BrandingoBronco Omgootness
1 Mee Bolts pathetic D
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry In the early 90s
1 Mancar Dang we should've signed that Thomas guy.
1 amits Green this!
1 artistnyc Finally...We control our own again!!!!!
1 70fan70 Well Manning time now for sure

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