What if

As I was reading a lot of interesting comments about our beloved bronco team, I thought I could share my cool aid view on the team and the interesting perspectives that could occur for the rest of the season.

As i have to begin with something, I will begin with a "What if" game following the chargers game:

  1. What if the broncos deactivated Champ because they had rushed him a bit for the KC game, had to rest him for the two outdoor games at mile high because of the risk of re-injuries. And instead they preferred to wait for warmer game to re-acclimate him (aka Houston and Oakland) before the playoffs
  2. What if they played Bolden the last two games because Duke isn't 100% healthy and they want to rest some starters for the playoffs
  3. What if they thought maybe a need for a bigger MLB was needed and Lenon might contribute more to stop the run than WW. Seems like a failed experiment, so we might see more WW to close the season

Now I'll go with the cool aid scenario I envisage for the next two games: Den win and losses by KC and NE.

I think it is actually highly possible.

Clearly Baltimore needs a win and NE isn't 100% and hasn't been very good for 3 weeks in a row now (quite lucky to be 3-2 after their bye), so I think Baltimore are the favorite for this game. Ind needs a win as badly as Baltimore, however KC seems much better (nowadays against team that are actually pretty bad) than NE, so the game might be much closer and might be a 50/50 (especially since Indy's defense might be the best KC will play this year).

And for our Beloved Bronco team I see a win against a lost team that might quit if we put some points early. Especially because the "humiliating" loss (very poor performance concluded by a loss by only by 7, fyi the 7 losses the past two years have been by a combine 41 pts so a measly 5.9 pts/ loss avg. and only once by more than 7 pts) will make the team really pissed of and hungry for the reminder of the season.

So we might be after the next game with a first round by and home field advantage throughout the playoff

And what will we do for the last game: we will rest our starters, help those who need to reacclimatize to do so (I'm looking at you Champ and hopefully Derek Wolfe) and see what we have (especially since it will be a tough place to play in) in some young guys (I'm looking at you Brock) against a team that is not really a top tier one.

The sky is so orange today.

Thanks for reading and sorry if there is some grammatical errors (please let me know in the comment session, it will help me improve my english/american)

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