Denver Broncos quotes on the Houston Texans

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Denver Broncos head coach John Fox, quarterback Peyton Manning, and a number of other players met the press Wednesday to talk about playing the Houston Texans. Here's what they had to say.

Head coach John Fox on if they have to adjust their game plan now that Texans QB Matt Schaub will be playing instead of QB Case Keenum

"A little bit. We'll look at that. We just found that out as we were out at practice. We had an idea-anytime you have a thumb injury on your throwing hand it's a little problematic. It's not like it comes as a total surprise."

Fox on how the loss of Texans RB Ben Tate affects Houston's run game

"They've got a couple of young guys that are playing well. They've been getting more time as the season wears on, but obviously [they are] capable. They've got an excellent running attack no matter who they have back there, it's a very efficient running attack."

Fox on how dangerous a team like the Texans is at this point in the season

"Any time you go out there, I mean it's professional football. They've got good players. I mentioned earlier in the week, their two inside guys on defense might be as good-or playing as good-as anybody in the league. They're all dangerous, that's why we line up and play."

Fox on if he's seen a drop in production from 2012 to 2013 with Texans DE J.J. Watt

"No, I think sometimes just look at sacks as the evaluation stat for D-Lineman. But to be able to look at it every day, there is a lot more to it than just sacks. I think he's having a great year."

Quarterback Peyton Manning on Houston having No. 2 ranked pass defense

"I think all defense probably starts up front. They have a very disruptive defensive line. They have some outstanding players up there that do a good job disrupting the run game and the pass game with their penetration. They have some guys with really good cover skills on the back end."

Manning on how dangerous a team with nothing to lose can be

"I think we've done a good job of treating all our opponents the same. We don't look at records, we look at the tape. On offense we see a good defense. We see some outstanding players when you're talking about guys like [DE Antonio] Smith and [DE J.J.] Watt and guys that can dominate a football game. We're still getting to know them. They kind of had some injuries. They got some new players playing from the last time we played them so that's what we're focused on and I think we'll do a good job getting ready to play."

Linebacker Von Miller on preparing differently because QB Matt Schaub is the starter

They've just come up on the short end of the stick in some of these games... this Texans team, their record is not a clear indicator of what type of team they are.Von Miller

"No, Matt Schaub is a good quarterback. He's been a great quarterback for a long time. He's made some mistakes-probably more mistakes than what he's usually been doing but he's a great quarterback. He can make all the throws. We certainly saw what type of quarterback he was last year. Their record is not a clear indicator of what type of team they are. I think they are great team; they have players in every position just like every other team in the National Football League. You can't go out there half stepping it; they are a great team, they've battled. They've just come up on the short end of the stick in some of these games. Like I said, this Texans team, their record is not a clear indicator of what type of team they are."

Running back Montee Ball on Texans DE J.J. Watt

"I knew he'd be a great player just because of his mindset at Wisconsin. He worked like he was on a mission every day and that kind of spread out throughout our team at Wisconsin while he was there. Watching him on film right now, he's a great player. We have to do some things to [prevent] his motor getting going but we just have to play our game."

Wide receiver Andre Caldwell on what the offense needs to improve on for the Houston game

"We need to improve on everything. I think the No. 1 goal is to get better every week, every day for practice. There is no one particular thing. We've just got to get better at every little thing every week."

Cornerback Chris Harris Jr. on what the Broncos defense has to do better against the Texans

"Houston, they're going to try to pound the ball on us. That has always been their staple. A lot of outside-zone running. They're going to do what they do. They have great skill positions."

Harris on what changes with the Texans starting QB Matt Schaub over Case Keenum

"Schaub has a lot more experience. Him coming in here-he beat us last year. He knows us. He has that experience against us. We definitely have to be ready for him."

Harris on Texans WR Andre Johnson

"He's been a very physical guy. That has been his staple is just outmuscling guys this whole year. That is who the quarterback is throwing the ball to. He has 99 catches this year and that is remarkable-just being the No. 1 receiver and everybody knowing he's getting the ball. So we know that he's getting the ball. [WR DeAndre Hopkins], he has great speed-the rookie-and great ability. So we've got to try to do our best to disrupt him, too."

Safety Duke Ihenacho on what changes with the Texans starting quarterback Matt Schaub instead of Case Keenum

"Nothing. We've still got to play our technique. Same thing: stop the run. We're going to approach it the same exact way. We understand that he's more of a veteran quarterback, so he's probably less likely to make some of the mistakes that Keenum makes. But nonetheless, he's a good quarterback and we've got to respect him and go into that game with a lot of urgency."

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