Unfinished Business: No Oil and Out of Tune

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Hi everyone! Here's another installment of "Unfinished Business". I will talk about the wild shootout at Arrowhead and then take a look at Denver's next opponent, the Tennessee Titans.

Chiefs- Wow, what a wild game in Arrowhead! I don't know about you, but that game was too wild and bumpy for me. It started off very poorly with the Broncos "defense" giving up tons of yards and Alex Smith looking like a pro-bowler. Thankfully he made a huge mistake by sending a pass into the hands of Wesley Woodyard. Denver took over and marched down the field with some great passes. Sadly, the drive ended with Peyton Manning throwing a pick. While the pass was high, Demaryius Thomas did get his hands on the ball and didn't make the catch. Kansas City answered the mistake with a TD drive. Denver got the offense going again with Manning passing a beautiful bomb to Eric Decker to tie the game. KC responded in historic fashion with a 108 yard kickoff return for a TD (longest play in Chiefs history). Apparently the special teams rode the short bus on this coverage because there was no coverage and Knile Davis just went off. On the next possession, Manning got picked again which led to another KC touchdown. Denver responded with a short pass to Knowshon Moreno to cut the Chief lead to 21-14. No other notable plays happened until after halftime.

In the second half, Denver's offense caught fire. Wes Welker and Decker were making big plays and another surprise occurred with the running of Montee Ball. Ball's runs were huge in keeping the KC defense honest. Decker caught another TD to tie the game. Denver's defense showed some signs of life by getting the Chiefs stopped on their next possession. We can also note and be thankful for the Chiefs receivers being unable to catch a pass too. After a Dustin Colquitt punt, the Broncos took over at the 8. On the drive's second play, Manning threw a pass to Demaryius Thomas for 77 yards. That play was a thing of beauty. Manning gestured to Thomas and torched Marcus Cooper. Cooper had an interception in the first half, but was toasted repeatedly (as well as Brandon Flowers) by Thomas and Decker the rest of the game. Manning found Decker again to take the lead at 28-21. Denver forced the Chiefs to punt again and the offense settled for starting at their own five yard line. Normally in Arrowhead when the visitor gets a one score lead and is pinned at their own 5, disaster usually follows. Not this past Sunday though when Montee Ball had his name called. His response to this situation was to take off running for 45 yards. After a few short passes and a pass interference call, Manning rang up Decker for his fourth TD. KC responded with an almost eight minute long TD drive to make the score 35-28.

Denver took off a little bit of time and forced KC to make a long drive to attempt to tie the game. Fortunately, the defense shut them down on fourth down. After the possession change, Montee Ball took the hand-off for 28 yards to ice away the game, take control of the AFC and send the home crowd away bitter and angry. Initially I thought this game was going to be a typical December disaster with so many people out with injury and illness. We had a Champ Bailey sighting, but he was a non-factor in this game. After the opening drive, I didn't even remember seeing him out there. Denver really needed DRC and Derek Wolfe in this game. With the KC WRs dropping so many passes, Denver was fortunate to get out with the win.

I saw many of what I call "Chief Killers" on Sunday (for the record I was aware of the parking lot incident and this is not meant as any kind of disrespect). Moreno was stopped on the rush, but his pass catching and blocking were superb! Watching him get tears during the National Anthem was something else. Moreno claims that it's his way of being humble and thankful for playing on the field. Another "killer" was Montee Ball. He had an amazing game with over 100 yards on the ground and huge gains. Finally the fumbles were not an issue this game at least. The last two guys that I have to list are Manning and Decker. Manning was chucking that ball (403 yards, 5 TDs, 2 INT) all over the place and I don't know what got into Decker (over 100 yards, 4 TDS!), but keep it up dude! He was attacking the defense and not lobbying for flags like he had been doing all season. Overall, "well done" which is also what the Chiefs secondary was after this game (mmmmm....steak). With the sweep complete, it's time to take a look at next week's home game.

Titans - Denver gets to have a home game with a 5-7 Titans team that has been riddled with injury. Starting QB Jake Locker went down several weeks ago and is now led by Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick is a bit of an overachiever, but is prone to fumbles and interceptions. Their biggest threat offensively is Chris Johnson and he is capable of breaking out some huge yardage anytime he touches the ball. For what little I have watched of the Titans this season, Johnson is similar to Jamaal Charles in style and potency. Denver's D will have to keep him in check to get the win. On defense, the Titans seem to be very hard nosed and keep the scores close. Manning and Co. will have to be crisp again. Fortunately, Denver's offense is getting more balanced and will get even more help with Julius Thomas potentially returning to the field. This game is not a gimme, but as long as everyone takes care of the ball and takes care of business, the game should be a win. The Broncos also welcome back Coach Fox to lead the team the rest of the way.

PS. I apologize for getting this out so early, but I am heading back to my hometown for my annual Kansas hunt. My trip got so much sweeter with the win in Arrowhead Sunday. Next week's "Unfinished Business" will be delayed with my return home next Monday. Till next time, GO BRONCOS!!!

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