Beauty or a Beast?

Does it matter? For you, as a Broncos fan, how much do you care about how our team wins when they win? I’ve found this to be, surprisingly to me, a matter of enormous sensitivity on this site. I follow the post game threads with great interest – enjoying picking through the psychology of fellow fans and their reactions. For me, I’m thrilled with a win in almost every occasion, save for one that comes with significant injury. That’s the one thing I fret about with the Broncos more than anything else, because that’s a black and white divide – you’re either in or you’re out. And, while the impact of missing players cannot be overstated, it also can’t be measured – adding to the frustration.

But how one wins? Ah – there lies a vast grey sea with seemingly infinite shades and depths. To yesterday’s victory over the Chiefs: on the road, in Arrowhead, in December – agreed by most to be one of the toughest places to play – with an opponent coming off a last-second loss, with the division on the line, with significant injuries to the defense and no Julius Thomas, to boot…that winner is gorgeous to this fan.

Am I happy about the special teams giving up a kickoff return for TD? No. File that under blemish. The other kickoffs were fine, extra points were perfect and I really enjoyed seeing McCluster get blown up at the three yard line.

Did I like the way Alex Smith found his receivers time and time again (and, yes, the Broncos were blessed by the Chiefs dropsies)? No. Place that alongside missing DRC with a big "get well soon!" box of chocolates and send it express mail.

How about that Manning duck for his second interception of the game? Awful. I agree, one of his worst throws of the season. At the same time, I’ve seen enough (and certainly remember enough of Elway’s interceptions) that I can say with only slightly shaken confidence: it happens. And it just so happens you can place that throw last night right next to several of Manning’s best on the year.

As to the positives – so many! Manning, Decker, Ball, Moreno, Thomas on the deep ball, O-Line crushing, Woodyard’s pick, patchwork Defense hanging tough, and Adams big no take on the look off.

A one-point win is worth the same amount as forty-point blowout. No style points. The concept of week-to-week carry over is highly overrated (see: last year’s winning streak into the one and done playoff loss). Each week is a unique situation with a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Football is about how one handles the challenges, more than any other sport I can think of. The game necessarily, isn’t going to go the way you want it to. It’s highly problematic because of the great number of dynamic moving parts and the speed at which they travel. The ups and downs are thrilling, terrifying and, at times, absolutely brutal. This is a great part of the appeal. Mancar’s series of gif’s did a great job of depicting the quarter-to-quarter emotion of the game from my standpoint.

Are their trends worth discussing (and being concerned or arguing about, if that’s your cup of tea)? Sure. But for me, in that moment, right after the game, the win is a thing of beauty. It goes down in the right column and builds the resume one step closer toward the only goal that really matters with this team: Super Bowl.

Try to remember these are special times in Broncos-land. And they won’t last forever.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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