Random Rants and Rewards - Chiefs...again

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The best part about this win(from a bloggers perspective of course) is, it shuts up those annoying Grief fans. Lately they've taken over so many Broncos posts that I had to bypass 1000's of comments about their paper kittens and what their historical defense was going to do to our 49 year old QB missing a neck. Man that was annoying, but glad to rub it in their faces. Of course they'll come back with all their excuses for how they lost, disregarding that it's their 3rd loss in a row. Sure they have injuries and dropped passes. Kind of like the Broncos roster and their dropped passes(here's looking at you Demaryius). Now we hold first place and in the driver's seat to a much needed home field advantage. Note, our only losses this year have come on the road in games that came down to the wire due to poor ball control management. Now I can read a MHR post without having to sift through 1073 comments. Go away now pests, there's real football being played in Denver.

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Locked On Target

A lot of people are giving Decker the game ball and he's deserved the praise with his 4 TD catches. Peyton Manning was clearly a big part of that. Peyton was on target today. He needed this type of performance after a tough loss to the Patriots last week. Then 2 early interceptions against the Chiefs and questions of his age and the possibility that the Broncos had peaked too soon started to arise. 1 of those picks could have been a reception if DT would have used his second hand to come down with the ball. After just 150 yards through the air last week(36 attempts so it wasn't due to Knowshon's breakout game), he busted out for 400+ against this supposedly great defense. Peyton's long ball was at it's best yesterday. Each of these passes hit his receivers in perfect stride where all they had to do was extend their arms. So much for the, his arm is too weak, mumblings that MSM loves to feed the masses. 5 TDs later and the Broncos are right back on track.

Burn Them Paper Tigers

It was so annoying to have to put up with the Griefs 9 game winning streak to start the season. Their kool-aid drinking fans even had the nerve to compare their defense to the 1985 Bears. Please. 2 real QBs and 3 losses later, the trolls are nowhere to be found. Sure there's the few that are still holding on and denying the fact that their team really has no business with the big boys in the NFL. They had plenty of luck go their way and avoided the injury bug through the first 9 weeks. Now even their mascot gets injured before this game, literally. Once again, they didn't get a sack on Peyton and were torched. Gotta give it to their fans though, there was a lot of red in that stadium and they were the difference makers in the first half. The Chiefs played off their fans' intensity and stormed to an early lead. The Broncos weathered the storm and eventually put little brother in it's place in the division.

Lock Down They Said

KC was so confident in their defense that they fooled themselves into thinking they could lock down our WRs. They egotistically kept playing man to man coverage on the outside. 400+ yards and 5 TDs later, they probably still haven't learned their lesson. Let's not kid ourselves, the KC front office built their defense with the Denver Broncos in mind. They needed the pieces to matchup with what we were going to bring on game day. They brought in Sean Smith for DT, Dunta Robinson for Decker and Flowers would match up with Welker in the slot. Then they felt they found their diamond in Marcus Cooper after he was cut by the 49ers. Sure it looked good on paper. Then Decker scored 2 deep TDs on Brandon Flowers and 2 TDs on Cooper. Sean Smith tackles like Deion Sanders(PATHETIC) but covers like Dre Bly. There goes that plan.

Knocking Out the Champ?

There's a firestorm going through the Broncos community regarding Champ Bailey. It seems to me that the majority already wants to call it quits on the Hall of Famer saying he doesn't have it anymore. Just one game back and it's already retirement for Champ? Lucky for Von, he gets a pass. Von hasn't been the same this year and after 6 games, we're still saying it's because he's not in football shape yet. Champ plays 3 quarters and everyone is cutting ties with the beloved CB. There was obviously a snap count for Champ as he's easing back into the lineup. Everyone sees Champ give up 3 receptions on the opening drive of the game for 24 yards and they think he was benched from then on. If only they knew he played consistently for 3 quarters and only gave up 1 more reception for 16 yards on 3rd and 18...punt. Aside from the opening drive, Champ was quiet for the first 3 quarters which is a very good thing for DBs. Of the 293 yards Alex Smith passed for, Champ gave up 40 of them. And he's the player everyone wants to retire RIGHT NOW. There's a reason the coaches started him immediately coming from a tough injury. They see how he's performing in practice leading up to the game. They know before anyone outside of Dove Valley if Champ is washed up. They're in the business of winning games and keeping their jobs, not protecting players' feelings.

It's a Young Man's Game

As Champ said, but the young men didn't play the game very well today. Kayvon Webster has made my weekly write up on a regular basis for his excellent play for a rookie. Sadly, these past 2 weeks have not been nice to the young CB. Brady picked on him regularly last week as the Patriots surged back for their OT win. A second poor showing in a row as Smith was able to pick on the young speedster. Several plays Kayvon did play great technique and had good coverage, but the back shoulder pass even beats the best of them. Luckily for Webster, Grief receivers are inept and dropped several passes thrown his way. He even pulled a Rahim Moore on the play that shall not be mentioned. It was a critical 3rd and long play that extended a TD drive. The Young Man has game but he has plenty of work to do.

The other Young Man was on the other sideline. Marcus Cooper was abused 2 weeks ago by DT. This game was no different. Actually it was worse. This time it was Decker making the young rookie look pathetic. Cooper gave up 178 yards on just 7 receptions and 2 went for touchdowns. This kid was outclassed and played like a draft pick that got cut by the 49ers. It may be a young man's game like Champ said, but Champ played better than this after a long time on the inactive list.

Coopers Targets

1 - DT for 14 yards
2 - Decker for 12 yards
3 - Decker for 42 yards
4 - DT for 77 yards
5 - Decker for a 15 yard TD
6 - Decker for a 1 yard TD
7 - Decker for 17 yards

Cut the Fat

It's probably getting annoying at this point, but I really want our old Von back. I mean, what's wrong with being 255 as a LB? He's reportedly around 270 lbs which is bigger than Terrell Suggs but they play different roles. Suggs is all about overpowering his opponent. Von was one-in-a-generation because of his elite speed and agility. Now those attributes are not on par and his production has dropped dramatically. In 6 games he has just 4 sacks. He's still causing havoc, but he hasn't been consistent. Not consistent enough from what we've come accustomed to. Great game last week then he has just 2 tackles this week. These aren't even top tier tackles he's facing. Some have been backups. He often disappears in games for long periods of time. Now after this game, a new issue has come apparent. His rookie year, I don't believe he missed a single tackle. I thought that was amazing. A few misses here and there and of course you can't expect his rookie year accomplishment every year. After rewatching this week's game, I counted 4 missed tackles. 2 of which were whiffed arm tackles(1 would have been a 2 yard loss) because he just wasn't fast enough to the play. Sure that happens all the time, but when you start saying Von wasn't fast enough, then you know that's a real problem. One of the other missed tackles was on a scramble play where Alex Smith made several Broncos miss but Von had a great opportunity to get a sack on the QB but instead Smith broke the tackle and got back to the line of scrimmage for no gain. Many still say Von is fine and playing well, but they're not taking his past production into consideration. We expect more from Von because we know he's played better than what he's putting out there. Especially when he guaranteed a Super Bowl victory before the season started and that he would put in the work necessary for it.

Little Quick Notes:

  • Lost the turnover battle again
  • Chiefs targeted our reserves today. Losing Vickerson and Wolfe was obviously on the Chiefs minds leading to the defense's worst run support for the season.
  • DT got caught!!!! Couldn't believe it. I guess Marcus Cooper is pretty fast. He certainly needed to be because he was trailing all day long.
  • Why do we limit ourselves with conservative play calling when you have an offense like this? Why do we have to be down to unleash the reigns?
  • Anyone else get a good laugh about the Patriots not getting called for a penalty all game long yesterday?
  • I've been digging into Colquitt lately, but he had a great game leaving 2 of 3 punts inside the 20. His contract is still too expensive for this team.
  • Anyone else starting to get worried about the dropsies from DT lately? These are some pretty significant drops too.
  • Knowshon didn't get much running room yesterday, but his receiving game was big time. And he ran hard when he did have the ball. His pass protection was beastly again. He did mess up once, but made up for it by making himself available for the dump off and gain some yards instead of a sack on Peyton.
  • Happy to see Unrein and Bruton making plays. Even Sly Williams made some plays. Even running down a RB from behind and limiting the play to 8 yards which could have went for more.
  • Montee Ball hasn't stood out with his production to this point, but his wiggle is excellent. He consistently made the first defender miss. Derrick Johnson owned Knowshon but struggled getting Montee down.

Back in the driver's seat. Broncos are the lone leader of the AFC. Take care of business these next 4 weeks(can't believe I'm saying there's only 4 weeks left of the regular season) and we get a much needed first round bye. Home field is even more important with the way this offense operates. Easier to run the hurry-hurry in silence than in hostile territory. Another win over the Chiefs, as expected and pretenders and contenders are in plain site. Good win yesterday. Keep the momentum going and finish strong. Go Broncos!

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