Denver Broncos in control: Thoughts and Musings on an important week of football

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

As it stands, New England, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Baltimore are in the playoff picture. Things are far from set but all of these teams are in control of their destiny. Let's start off with our very own Broncos

Clinching Scenarios

Notice that both scenarios require both a Denver win and a Kansas City Loss.  You never know what might happen.  Indy is certainly capable of going into Arrowhead and stealing a victory from the dead, lifeless hands of our beloved Chiefs.  Highly unlikely though, I mean haven't you heard?  After losing to three winning teams in three straight weeks, the Chiefs are Super Bowl Bound Baby!!!

Alex Smith and his 7 TD passes against the Redskins and Raiders make him Peyton Manning with a sprinkle of Tom BradyJamaal Charles is the REAL MVP with his impressive 1800 yards from scrimmage (something that Lesean Mccoy has already accomplished, and something that Matt Forte will accomplish this week).

After giving up 27, 41, and 35 points in consecutive weeks to division opponents, Big Red has proven it can hang with the "big boys" so make those travel plans Chiefs fans, you're super bowl bound!

The other game of importance: Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots

Good ol' Santa Clause brought Christmas early to Bronco Mike.  Two of his most hated teams get to play each other in what is sure to be a slobberknocker affair, and at least one of them is ensured to lose!  I mean seriously, how awesome is that?  One of these teams is going to lose tomorrow.

Will it be everyone's favorite little princess Tom Brady?  Or will it be the 120 million dollar man, the one who epitomizes "Elite" -----> Joe Flacco?  Doesn't matter to Bronco Mike although a Patriot loss is always music to the maestro's ears.

OK, so a Patriot loss means more for the Broncos.  It would all but wrap up the #1 seed in the AFC (as long as the Broncos take care of business).  But it isn't a bad consolation to have Flacco and company come up short in what would be a very damaging loss to their playoff hopes.

Speaking of Flacco and his bloated contract, it has netted the Ravens 18 TD's and 17 INT's.  The Ravens are paying top dollar to Flacco only to have him accomplish something 16 other NFL quarterbacks have eclipsed.  Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tono Romo, Philip Rivers, Matthew Stafford, Andy Dalton Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Alex Smith, Ryan Tannehill, Nick Foles, Matt Ryan, Carson Palmer, Cam Newton, and Andrew Luck have all thrown for more TD's than Joe Flacco.

Only Eli Manning and Geno Smith have thrown more Interceptions.

#Elite....ok so Ravens fans no longer say that.  Instead of sticking to the #Elite label, Ravens fans have now changed the narrative to "he just wins baby!"  Yep, they have sunk to using a catchphrase made famous by Big Al and the Oakland Raiders, a label popularized by Skip Bayless to describe Tim Tebow's miraculous results.  Well keep winning Mr. Flacco, and laugh all the way to the bank.  I know your rivals sure do!

Champ Bailey

Champ Bailey has the ability to erase a season's worth frustration and ill will that has built up in Broncos Country due to his nagging Lisfranc injury and overall poor play by the defense.  It might be much to expect a full game of shutdown action, but anything, even a glimpse or hint of what Champ can still bring to the table is enough to think better days may be ahead in the Broncos secondary.

Not sure if he will get the start, the Texans are hard to figure out with the loss of Arian Foster and the lack of offensive weapons aside from Andre Johnson, but expect him to get extensive use when the Broncos play their nickel and dime packages.

No setbacks, and some solid play are just what all Broncos fans want to see.  Please deliver Champ!

That is all I have for now Broncos Country, I'll get you a Texans preview and keys to the game later on today.


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