Random Thoughts On A Saturday Night

It's a cold, wintry night here in MT...My wife has gone to a jewelry party, my daughter is out on a date though has to be back by 11:00 pm...I told the young man that my career can withstand an assault charge if she's not home by then.

I took Rodney's advice to another Poster in his excellent Post to have a beer. Actually I had more than one and a few more than a couple. After having read through that thread and participated in a few more, I thought I'd put down some thoughts about our Broncos.

I think John Elway should be Exec of the Year. He brought in DRC, Wes Welker, Louis Vasquez, Shawn Phillips, Michael Huff, and as of late, Mincey. He drafted Sly Williams, who due to Big Vick's injury, is now a starter. 2nd rnd pick Montee Ball has been ballin' and as of late, hangin' onto the ball.

Jack Del Rio & his Staff deserve a Gold Star on their respective Doors: DL Coach Rogers; LB Coach Smith; Secondary Coach Undlin. We've had Key Players out of the lineup all season & they have still managed to make it work. The Development/Coaching of Players, IMO, has been phenomenal. Malik, Danny T, Chris Harris, Sly Williams have been performing beyond my expectations...I think the biggest jump has been Sly who was thrust into the mix @ a position that is very difficult to master. He seems up to the task thus far! Our DL is good and will get better esp. if we can get Wolfe back...I pray that the young Man can get back to full health and secondarily that he can rejoin the Broncos! We can be scary good with him back on the field.

Von Miller will be missed as will his sack dances...He is a special Player & I pray for a full recovery.

Champ is Back and playin' physical covering the slot...Look for him to also snuff out screens...He's very good at it! He also had a step on Johnson on a deep ball...Still got the wheels!

Peyton & the Offense...Off day against the Bolts and something we cannot afford. It's one & done come Post- Season, so Pedal To The Metal all the way.

Speaking of Offense: Props to the OL, makeshift as it is: Clark having to fill some big shoes; Beadles; ManRam; Vasquez & Franklin. Knowshon's been a baller all season and snubbed for Pro-Bowl...I take back every bad post I ever made about him. He's got some talent and he's got alot of heart, not to mention that he's been extremely productive in both the run/pass/blocking game...I tip my hat! Decker's been playin' alot more aggressive & it's payin' off! JT, DT, Welker, Tamme, Green, Dressen...Keep it up Guys

Mistakes, Penalties & Turnovers have kept us from being 15-0 despite losing our best Players. Eliminate those & ain't nobody gonna beat us.

I'm sure I've missed some Players who deserve some Props, so feel free to add!

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